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News archive 2023

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New sports centre for the UG, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and ACLO will be designed by AGS Architects21 December 2023
We wish you happy holidays!21 December 2023
No life without liver: how can we create systems that more closely resemble the human liver?18 December 2023
UG response to vandalism at University Library13 December 2023
Prof. Marco Fraaije receives NWO Perspectief funding for biotech research13 December 2023
Prof. Katja Loos secures more than EUR 6 million funding for creating sustainable plastic13 December 2023
‘Criminal families’: Is it possible to escape?12 December 2023
Purple Friday 202308 December 2023
UG extends support for chair by special appointment in Lower Saxon/Groningen Language and Culture07 December 2023
UG 4th most sustainable university on worldwide ranking06 December 2023
UMCG Centrum voor Revalidatie bouwt nieuwe vleugel voor Neurorevalidatie06 December 2023
Clashing human rights: how far can demonstrators go?05 December 2023
UG students put themselves on the map with homemade Mars Yard05 December 2023
Samenwerking in deeltijd afstudeerrichting Werk en Zingeving met Emmius School stopt05 December 2023
Liekuut | Abolishing fossil subsidies offers opportunities04 December 2023
Verkorting opleiding tandheelkunde: ministers negeren negatief advies01 December 2023
Dutch Higher Education Guide: The UG offers the best Bachelor’s degree programme in the Netherlands30 November 2023
Religion, Diversity and Identity: exploring religion in the city yourself.30 November 2023
Northwest German knowledge institutions join forces in Northwest Innovation Area and strengthen their partnership with the University of the North29 November 2023
UMCG opent nieuwe faciliteit voor microbioomonderzoek 29 November 2023
Science: more exciting than showbiz28 November 2023
UMCG start eerste onderzoek in Nederland naar toepassing van bacteriofagen28 November 2023
Two Major European grants for Groningen researchers23 November 2023
(W)elke regio telt?21 November 2023
KNAW Early Career Award for Charlotte Knowles21 November 2023
Impact in Focus: ‘Fit en Vaardig’ at the elementary school with Esther Hartman21 November 2023
Only together can we create child-friendly cities20 November 2023
Ten grants for interdisciplinary PhD research at UG Schools15 November 2023
Liekuut | Not livelihood security but nitrogen should be the major theme13 November 2023
One mussel doesn't make a reef13 November 2023
This was the National Spatial Election Debate 202309 November 2023
University of the North’s third roadshow to be held at Groningen Airport Eelde08 November 2023
Meetactie: Waar beweeg jij?08 November 2023
Space to grow old happily07 November 2023
New YAG members present research in video series07 November 2023
Jouke de Vries interim president of UNL06 November 2023
Liekuut | ‘Free beer’ won't solve any crises06 November 2023
Migration too complex for a political one-liner06 November 2023
Rector magnificus Jacquelien Scherpen and three UG professors appointed NAE Fellows02 November 2023
HAICu wants to act as a reliable guide within the realms of Dutch heritage31 October 2023
Horrifying images also present in people who have not experienced war31 October 2023
GIMMICS - Teaching Pharmacy Students with a Simulation Game30 October 2023
70 microscopes at celebration marking 70 years of the Nobel Prize23 October 2023
Election posters through the years20 October 2023
Mare Riemersma to join University of Groningen Supervisory Board18 October 2023
University of Groningen awards microcredentials to professionals for the first time18 October 2023
No more DigiD frustrations17 October 2023
Blaauw Observatory open during Night of the Night17 October 2023
Moniek Tromp appointed Captain of Science of the Top Sector Chemistry13 October 2023
UG heritage to be admired and studied digitally13 October 2023
GUF Lustrum Symposium - Academische Vrijheid: ideaal of illusie?10 October 2023
Liekuut | Politics and media feed concerns about social divisions09 October 2023
UG alumni evening in Nieuwspoort The Hague well attended05 October 2023
Podcast series: The Student Journey03 October 2023
Green Office puts sustainability on the map with Sustainability Week03 October 2023
Journalistic innovation? 'It's mostly a case of slowly adjusting the course'03 October 2023
University Museum Groningen smashes the 2022 annual visitor record in September!03 October 2023
Liekuut |The right to good health is at least as important as individual freedom of choice02 October 2023
University of Groningen shocked after shooting incident Erasmus MC29 September 2023
AI-kennis naar de jonge generatie in Noord-Nederland27 September 2023
What your pet wants is not always what you believe it wants26 September 2023
Impact in focus - René Veenstra about bullying20 September 2023
Gas extraction in Groningen: recovering from a fiasco19 September 2023
De nieuwe huisdichter Ruth Ruijgers: “De wereld ligt aan onze voeten.”19 September 2023
Self-disgust fuels negative body image19 September 2023
Royal decoration for Jan Willem Drijvers15 September 2023
Visit the European Researchers' Night & Zpannend Zernike13 September 2023
Storm and flooding in Libya13 September 2023
MIT and UG researchers jointly work on improving impact13 September 2023
Art in times of AI12 September 2023
Vulnerable 'girls knee' cries out for preventative measures12 September 2023
Earthquake in Morocco11 September 2023
Het ontstaan van optimisme onderzocht door de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en Lifelines08 September 2023
University of Groningen and Deloitte Netherlands sign letter of intent to promote closer collaboration07 September 2023
ERC Starting Grants for three UG researchers05 September 2023
Learning from every suicide05 September 2023
The UG, Hanze UAS Groningen, and NHL Stenden UAS introduce The Change Dialogues; a series of conversations on sustainable transformation04 September 2023
UG unveils portraits of former Rectores Magnifici Doeko Bosscher and Elmer Sterken04 September 2023
‘I hope that I’ve managed to contribute in some way’28 August 2023
Liekuut | Drastically revise the disaster and emergency law before the next crisis28 August 2023
Harish Vedantham and Casper van der Kooi nominated for 'Wetenschapstalent 2023'28 August 2023
Zout in urine goede raadgever voor behandeling acuut hartfalen28 August 2023
UG to celebrate opening of the academic year on 1 September with Imagination as central theme25 August 2023
First online issue of Broerstraat 5 pops off the screen23 August 2023
Alumnus of the Year 2023: Taku Mutezo22 August 2023
Environmental lawyer Taku Mutezo elected as UG Alumnus of the Year 202322 August 2023
UG researcher develops eco-friendly pesticide based on tomato plant22 August 2023
Relief of Groningen at the UG18 August 2023
Nierschade effectief opgespoord door thuistest. Onderzoek bouwt voort op UMCG paradepaardjes PREVEND en Lifelines 17 August 2023
Uitgebreide studie weerlegt theorie dat depressie en angst het risico op kanker verhogen07 August 2023
Veni grants for fifteen Groningen researchers03 August 2023
Collaboration with the fossil fuel industry: dialogue table two31 July 2023
Five promising UG researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants26 July 2023
Picky green sea turtle has travelled to the same place to eat for generations18 July 2023
A farewell to Franck Smit: the humble hero of the University Museum13 July 2023
More than 100 female professors employed at UG for first time in history13 July 2023
Accommodation at peak arrival times: temporary sleeping places for internationals without a room12 July 2023
Open-hearted and focused on solutions: an introduction to the new Rector Magnificus Jacquelien Scherpen11 July 2023
Trickle-down effects of the women’s quota – are there any?11 July 2023
Millions for research on heritage and stress in young children11 July 2023
I Shop (University Shop) closes for summer vacation11 July 2023
Liekuut | The province: a peculiar level of government with an image problem10 July 2023
Iris Vis appointed as Captain of Science of the Top Sector Logistics10 July 2023
Awards handed out during UG Ceremony of Merits07 July 2023
Embracing uncertainty: Empowering students through specifications grading07 July 2023
University of Groningen involved in successful applications in the third round of the National Growth Fund04 July 2023
When research turns into a business04 July 2023
M20 PhD Scholarship Programme attracts great interest04 July 2023
Philosophy in pre-vocational education (VMBO)04 July 2023
EU grants ENLIGHT four more years  03 July 2023
Jacquelien Scherpen to be new Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen30 June 2023
Six UG and UMCG researchers awarded Vidi grant29 June 2023
Publication of UG Annual Report 202229 June 2023
Impact in Focus - Oscar Franken's Waddensea research28 June 2023
Social Safety campaign encourages dialogue27 June 2023
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members27 June 2023
University of Groningen to join two new Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence26 June 2023
Open House of Connections: a closer look at science for a sustainable future26 June 2023
The University of Groningen is looking for a new In-house Poet21 June 2023
UG concerned about Minister's proposal on internationalization20 June 2023
Working towards a closed cycle20 June 2023
Right to a healthy mouth20 June 2023
Programme Open House of Connections now online!20 June 2023
Leah Henderson: ‘Trust holds society together. Most successful when it is invisible’ 20 June 2023
Leah Henderson appointed Endowed Professor of Societal Trust: ‘What makes people susceptible to disinformation?’20 June 2023
Liekuut | The countryside cannot be engineered19 June 2023
RUG- en UMCG-onderzoekers op Lowlands Science 202319 June 2023
Changing food choices to increase our chances of tackling global warming15 June 2023
UG organizes ‘open’ House of Connections in the former V&D building on 24 June15 June 2023
Hanna Végh wint de Gerrit Krolprijs 202315 June 2023
Collaborating with the fossil fuel industry: report on a dialogue13 June 2023
Wholeheartedly towards a plant-based society13 June 2023
A meeting with the University of the North on Friday afternoon, 23 June13 June 2023
Home@House of Connections: the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI12 June 2023
UG connects Groningen to Europe through ENLIGHT12 June 2023
UG/ UMCG and TU Delft join forces for child-friendly button cell battery12 June 2023
Onderzoekers brengen de zieke en gezonde menselijke long voor het eerst volledig in kaart 09 June 2023
Skater’s cramp and trial and error in elite sports08 June 2023
Lars Hendrikman appointed new Director of the University Museum Groningen07 June 2023
Rehabilitation through virtual reality games05 June 2023
Home@House of Connections: the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health05 June 2023
Interdisciplinary research internships: The X-Phi Lab Group Groningen.02 June 2023
Large mural for House of Connections at the Grote Markt01 June 2023
Ombudsperson's annual report published31 May 2023
First results National Student Survey 202331 May 2023
University of the North presents seven hybrid research groups31 May 2023
Management Day 2023: Concern regarding academic freedom and social safety30 May 2023
Home@House of Connections: the University of the North30 May 2023
Groningen carbon-neutral by 203030 May 2023
Connecting imagery for Schools for Science and Society30 May 2023
Ben Feringa Impact Award 2023 awarded to George Azzopardi and Guru Swaroop Bennabhaktula26 May 2023
The inescapable advance of the gospel in Brazil23 May 2023
Home@House of Connections: de Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development22 May 2023
Impact: Streetfront, stories about an unusual Canadian school.22 May 2023
Save the date: UG anniversary celebration ‘Making Connections’22 May 2023
New audio tour on biodiversity on the Zernike Campus22 May 2023
Jouke de Vries presents Ubbo Emmius medal to Maria Jongsma17 May 2023
22 May: International Biodiversity Day17 May 2023
First University of the North roadshow dedicated to water17 May 2023
Jeanine Olsen awarded honorary doctorate from University of Gothenburg17 May 2023
CurioUs: two-way relationship between citizens and science16 May 2023
Impact: 'The Good, the Bad, and the Necessary' of sexual education15 May 2023
Home@House of Connections: Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate15 May 2023
Liekuut | Take pupils seriously and Dutch will flourish again15 May 2023
Impact: Agreements for the sake of judicial economy in criminal cases15 May 2023
‘The University is a goldmine of applicable ideas’15 May 2023
Results of 2023 University elections15 May 2023
Antistoffen in ons bloed geven informatie over ziekte en gezondheid | UMCG12 May 2023
More loneliness among elderly with a migration background10 May 2023
Ben Feringa Impact Award 202310 May 2023
Research into hereditary poverty completed: customization and long-term planning important09 May 2023
Do you have a manager from hell?09 May 2023
Liekuut | Restricted choice hampers sustainability08 May 2023
Impact: Dealing with complainants who make repeated use of the disciplinary rules for lawyers08 May 2023
Impact: Intelligent tools help with child abuse forensics08 May 2023
Board of the University lays wreath in memory of staff and students killed in WWII04 May 2023
Language for the future02 May 2023
Maria Jongsma receives Ubbo Emmius medal 202301 May 2023
Exhibition on gender and sexuality from Ghent to be shown in University Museum Groningen26 April 2023
Royal Decorations for UG staff members26 April 2023
Follow-up statement occupation UG 25 April26 April 2023
Cisca Wijmenga in Raad van Toezicht Hanzehogeschool26 April 2023
Follow-up on social safety within the UG25 April 2023
KNAW appoints Marrink and Rosmalen as members25 April 2023
Innovation Day 202325 April 2023
A geographical take on Dutch discontent25 April 2023
Impact in Focus – Lisa Herzog20 April 2023
Nardi Steverink helps older people get more grip on life18 April 2023
Gerrit Krolprijs voor beste Nederlandstalige essay18 April 2023
Marc Hertogh: ‘Educational innovation is a question of experimenting’11 April 2023
Rector Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México visits Groningen11 April 2023
How to ask and structure questions07 April 2023
UG joins recently established Circular Groningen Association06 April 2023
Start of new, unique, and ground-breaking minor, Expedition the Healthy North06 April 2023
University of the North presents first Booster Fund cheques and launches round two05 April 2023
Parkinson’s: the search for a cure (video, episode two)05 April 2023
Studying zebrafish pancreases to understand diabetes04 April 2023
Nine MSC Doctoral Networks for the University of Groningen04 April 2023
Liekuut | Regaining trust in the province of Groningen? It’s time for reliable policies03 April 2023
Grief is not unique03 April 2023
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