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Podcast series: The Student Journey

03 October 2023

In the three-part podcast series 'The Student Journey', students from the UG, Hanzehogeschool and NHL/Stenden discuss why they chose to study at an international university/college and what it means to be an international student. Each episode, moderated bij Isidora Jurisic, contains excerpts from interviews with lecturers and experts from one of the three participating institutions. What do students need and what can they expect from their lecturers? And is a diverse learning environment the same as inclusion? The entire series is available below and in your favourite podcast app.

Episode 1: From home to the unknown 

Episode 1: From home to the unknown 

In the first episode, first- and second-year students talk about their experiences at the start of their international study programme. What were their expectations before they started, what is the importance of the wider study environment and when does a new city start to feel one's own? 

With: Nicoleta Fulina (UG), Dennis Veldsink (NHL stenden) and Britta Regling (Hanzehogeschool).

Teacher and experts: Marcel van der Poel (Hanzehogeschool) and Carole Fuller (UG).

Listen via Spotify or Apple podcast

Episode 2: Make the unknown your own

Episode 2: Make the unknown your own

The second episode zooms in on inclusive learning. The discussion focuses on feeling safe and inclusive, different aspects of diversity, such as culture, language or having a disability, and the support needed to help students develop both personally and professionally. This episode uses extracts from interviews with teachers and experts to stimulate discussion. 

With: Ariel Haitsma-Zomerdijk (UG), Azzah Uwineezah (NHL stenden), Anouska Messie  (Hanzehogeschool)

Teacher and Experts: Jan Riezebos (UG) and Pei Pei Vong (NHL Stenden)

Listen via Spotify or Apple podcast

Episode 3: Once again into the unknown

Episode 3: Once again into the unknown

In the third and final part, students and alumni reflect on the benefits of an international study experience and what they take with them after graduation. How does studying in a diverse environment contribute to personal growth, what can teachers do to promote an inclusive and globalized perspective, and what is the importance of the international experience for employability? This episode uses excerpts from interviews with teachers and experts to stimulate discussion.

With: Emi Howard (UG), Anna Beliantchikov (NHL Stenden), Elizaveta [Lisa] Pliska (Hanzehogeschool).

Teachers and experts: Robert Coelen (NHL Stenden) and Sanne Bosma (Hanzehogeschool)

Listen via Spotify or Apple podcast

This podcast was produced in collaboration with the three higher education institutions mentioned above; the project group was led by Catherine Meissner (UG: TAG, Equipping) and Rina Fokel de Vries (UG: FEB, the Inclusive Teacher).

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