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News archive 2024

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Bayu Jayawardhana is a pioneer in the world of control technology27 February 2024
Caspar van den Berg new president of the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)22 February 2024
Azzopardi's algorithms are inspired by the brain20 February 2024
Board game Streektaalstrijd: Conquer the Netherlands and Flanders with regional languages19 February 2024
ERC Consolidator Grant for Professor of nephrology Martin de Borst16 February 2024
Impact in Focus – Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma on resilience and well-being of prospective teachers15 February 2024
Growth Fund Project for Green Steel launched14 February 2024
The puzzle pieces of a depression13 February 2024
UG-spin-off CoRe Pro B.V. develops sustainable solutions to convert renewable materials usefully12 February 2024
Universities take steps to manage influx of international students08 February 2024
NWO Impact Explorer for Van den Bogaart’s research into the early detection of small amounts of dividing cancer cells in blood08 February 2024
Gaming: only the benefits of religion but not the drawbacks06 February 2024
Liekuut | Not the farmer but the system is the problem05 February 2024
Professor Ben Feringa gives first lecture in brand new Feringa Building05 February 2024
Knowledge institutions from the Northern Netherlands present their joint Life-Long Learning action agenda31 January 2024
Laura Batstra is fighting against disorder-thinking on social media31 January 2024
Vijf wetenschapsmusea lanceren website 'Vind het uit!'31 January 2024
Recap: Energy, Tech & Tunes: the Power of Events29 January 2024
National Measuring Campaign  | Counting Stars25 January 2024
Europese Unie financiert baanbrekend onderzoek naar therapie met psychedelica24 January 2024
Doing something good for the landscape23 January 2024
Promising UG researcher goes to US on Rubicon grant22 January 2024
The UG nominates two academics for the Klokhuis Science Prize22 January 2024
Art work Silent Struggle at Akerkhof calls attention to suicide15 January 2024
Autonomous weapons lower threshold to war15 January 2024
Leon Verstappen awarded a royal decoration during anniversary conference12 January 2024
UG unveils eight new professor portraits12 January 2024
Erica Schaper (NHL Stenden) to be the new Chair of the Steering Committee of the University of the North11 January 2024
NWO grant for Anastasiia Krushynska's MetaFlow project09 January 2024
State of the University: ‘The crisis after the crisis is usually worse’09 January 2024
Levertransplantatie wordt 9-tot-5 operatie dankzij perfusiemachine09 January 2024
Liekuut | Study choice must be a priority in preventing school dropout08 January 2024
Building life without DNA08 January 2024
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