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News archive 2024

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Nine grants for interdisciplinary PhD research at UG Schools13 June 2024
Universiteit van het Noorden-team in de startblokken voor RDW Self Driving Challenge12 June 2024
School transitions as a fresh start11 June 2024
Swarming around a skyscraper10 June 2024
Why are Dutch people so tall?06 June 2024
Wiro Niessen Captain of Science of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health06 June 2024
Aftermovie RUG Lustrum Making Connections06 June 2024
Applying hydrogen in cars or toilets04 June 2024
Students study possibilities of self-driving car03 June 2024
Podcast 'In Science' with Ward Rauws31 May 2024
European joint Master’s degree programmes are among the top programmes29 May 2024
First results National Student Survey 202428 May 2024
‘Do not forget children's interests’28 May 2024
Symposium 'From tensions to opportunities'27 May 2024
UG Makers27 May 2024
Four honorary doctorates awarded by the UG27 May 2024
Human-centred robotics27 May 2024
Ministry of Defence sustained difficult position of women in armed forces27 May 2024
30 million euros for social cohesion research24 May 2024
Walking in the footsteps of Aletta Jacobs, Ben Feringa, and Ubbo Emmius24 May 2024
Lustrum 410 in pictures24 May 2024
First annual UG Sub-Saharan Africa Master and PhD Award announced23 May 2024
UG awards various prizes during the Ceremony of Merits22 May 2024
Mock visitation Institutional Quality Assurance Assessment22 May 2024
Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel winners Ben Feringa Impact Award 202422 May 2024
Results of 2024 University elections21 May 2024
Those who do something wrong, deserve punishment. Right?21 May 2024
Liekuut| Sideline the treaties of the European Union more often!21 May 2024
Impact in Focus| overview video series21 May 2024
Impact In Focus - Klaus Hubacek on conceptualizing and modeling the interactions between human and environmental systems21 May 2024
Groningen University Fund investment policy21 May 2024
We are betting the bank on hydrogen. But are we ready for it?21 May 2024
'We want to create an impact culture’17 May 2024
KNAW appoints Mladen Popović and René Veenstra as members16 May 2024
Work visit by president of the University of Oldenburg16 May 2024
Marja Pruis is gastschrijver 2024-2025 van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen16 May 2024
Part of the children with ADHD can stop using Ritalin sooner15 May 2024
Pro-Palestine protest at the UG14 May 2024
Nominees Ben Feringa Impact Award 202413 May 2024
Impact: Secure access to health data for research purposes13 May 2024
Impact: 'MyLeg', research on lower-limb protheses13 May 2024
Trapping molecules13 May 2024
‘The colourful cells of petals never get boring!’13 May 2024
Our collaboration with Israeli and Palestinian knowledge institutions10 May 2024
Weatherman and honorary doctor Gerrit Hiemstra has a low tolerance for nonsense07 May 2024
Tjalling Halbertsma new dean University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân07 May 2024
University of Groningen will award four honorary doctorates during anniversary celebrations07 May 2024
UG commemorates Second World War casualties06 May 2024
Impact: Utilization of geospatial data within international development cooperation06 May 2024
Impact: 'URinControl', treatment of urine loss through app06 May 2024
NWO Impact Explorer for Suzanne Manizza-Roszak's impactful postcolonial literary research03 May 2024
Johan Remkes te gast in podcast Leiderschap in Onzekere Tijden Live02 May 2024
Marie-José van Tol appointed as new director of research school BCN02 May 2024
Behavioral Scientist Carsten de Dreu Appointed as Professor at the University of Groningen01 May 2024
Learning to communicate in the operating theatre29 April 2024
Impact: The public perception and acceptability of sustainable transitions29 April 2024
Impact: The obstacles and opportunities in establishing food gardens29 April 2024
Tactile sensors29 April 2024
Behind the scenes: how UG and Hanze UAS students are jointly developing a Mars rover29 April 2024
Royal Decorations for Gerard van den Berg and Erik Frijlink26 April 2024
Finalists Ben Feringa Impact Award 2024 announced26 April 2024
Successful Science with Impact event for UG and UMCG researchers at DOT Groningen24 April 2024
Jouke de Vries: ‘Involvement in national plan to boost microchip talent is great recognition for UG’23 April 2024
From battling against the water to living with the water23 April 2024
Nine Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Networks for the University of Groningen22 April 2024
Trump or no trump, that is the question22 April 2024
PET-scan expert Jan Pruim benoemd tot Officier in Orde van Oranje Nassau18 April 2024
Largest-ever ceremony of the University Teaching Qualification reflects an evolving programme17 April 2024
Investors consider region a risk16 April 2024
Scientists discover the largest stellar black hole of the Milky Way16 April 2024
UG signs Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information16 April 2024
‘The European elections will be as boring as always’15 April 2024
Night vision with artificial atoms15 April 2024
Kirsten van den Bosch: 'Connecting students with the work field really is achievable in every programme'09 April 2024
University of Groningen to become member of the 4TU Stan Ackermans Institute09 April 2024
Impact Officer Sarah Willemsen: 'Real impact takes time and effort'08 April 2024
Video | Hybrid research on biodegradable and recyclable plastics08 April 2024
Elections in India, the world's largest democracy08 April 2024
Research: much stress among Groningers due to gas extraction issues, including among the elderly03 April 2024
UG involved in technology education for cabinet plan to boost chip sector02 April 2024
Is more data always better?02 April 2024
Tussenrapport: Ecologische inrichting van zonneparken helpt natuur, maar niet alle soorten profiteren02 April 2024
Flying on wood dust02 April 2024
Pupils learn class management with the help of VR glasses28 March 2024
UG/UMCG researchers receive prestigious research grant27 March 2024
Read the spring edition of Broerstraat 5 now!27 March 2024
Preventing the next depression26 March 2024
Dyslexia: an 'underestimated' disorder25 March 2024
Roadshow #1 of the University of the North dedicated to soil vitality and sustainable and healthy nutrition25 March 2024
Meet the winners of the Best Practice in Teaching & Learning Award 2024!25 March 2024
Liekuut | Christ or an Easter egg - nothing is as fluid as traditions24 March 2024
VentureLab North helps researchers to develop succesful startups18 March 2024
Cyclone helps patients17 March 2024
Impact in Focus – Paul Buijs on sustainable logistics11 March 2024
From red poppy to shiny beetle: how does color work?11 March 2024
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members11 March 2024
The benefit of smaller portions: less snacking, less waste11 March 2024
Demography is about everyone - Looking back on the ‘Let’s talk population studies’ conference07 March 2024
UG's response to the announced demonstration on 8 March07 March 2024
Board of the University in discussion with students and staff about the Israel-Gaza conflict06 March 2024
'Ordinary Joes can also be creative'05 March 2024
A plant-based sensor04 March 2024
‘But, is she fun then, if she studies maths?’04 March 2024
UG to extend ius promovendi to assistant professors29 February 2024
Vici grants for four UG/UMCG scientists29 February 2024
Five Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions postdoctoral fellowships granted29 February 2024
Bayu Jayawardhana is a pioneer in the world of control technology27 February 2024
Caspar van den Berg new president of the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)22 February 2024
Azzopardi's algorithms are inspired by the brain20 February 2024
Board game Streektaalstrijd: Conquer the Netherlands and Flanders with regional languages19 February 2024
ERC Consolidator Grant for Professor of nephrology Martin de Borst16 February 2024
Impact in Focus – Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma on resilience and well-being of prospective teachers15 February 2024
Growth Fund Project for Green Steel launched14 February 2024
The puzzle pieces of a depression13 February 2024
European Researchers' Night returns to Groningen13 February 2024
UG-spin-off CoRe Pro B.V. develops sustainable solutions to convert renewable materials usefully12 February 2024
Universities take steps to manage influx of international students08 February 2024
NWO Impact Explorer for Van den Bogaart’s research into the early detection of small amounts of dividing cancer cells in blood08 February 2024
Gaming: only the benefits of religion but not the drawbacks06 February 2024
Liekuut | Not the farmer but the system is the problem05 February 2024
Professor Ben Feringa gives first lecture in brand new Feringa Building05 February 2024
Knowledge institutions from the Northern Netherlands present their joint Life-Long Learning action agenda31 January 2024
Laura Batstra is fighting against disorder-thinking on social media31 January 2024
Vijf wetenschapsmusea lanceren website 'Vind het uit!'31 January 2024
Recap: Energy, Tech & Tunes: the Power of Events29 January 2024
National Measuring Campaign  | Counting Stars25 January 2024
Europese Unie financiert baanbrekend onderzoek naar therapie met psychedelica24 January 2024
Doing something good for the landscape23 January 2024
Promising UG researcher goes to US on Rubicon grant22 January 2024
The UG nominates two academics for the Klokhuis Science Prize22 January 2024
Art work Silent Struggle at Akerkhof calls attention to suicide15 January 2024
Autonomous weapons lower threshold to war15 January 2024
Leon Verstappen awarded a royal decoration during anniversary conference12 January 2024
UG unveils eight new professor portraits12 January 2024
Erica Schaper (NHL Stenden) to be the new Chair of the Steering Committee of the University of the North11 January 2024
NWO grant for Anastasiia Krushynska's MetaFlow project09 January 2024
State of the University: ‘The crisis after the crisis is usually worse’09 January 2024
Levertransplantatie wordt 9-tot-5 operatie dankzij perfusiemachine09 January 2024
Liekuut | Study choice must be a priority in preventing school dropout08 January 2024
Building life without DNA08 January 2024
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