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Walking in the footsteps of Aletta Jacobs, Ben Feringa, and Ubbo Emmius

24 May 2024

What would it be like to walk through Groningen with Aletta Jacobs, Ben Feringa and Ubbo Emmius? Starting Saturday 25 May, a walking route will become available along interesting places in the centre of Groningen. These places tell a story that is intimately linked to the present and the past of the University and the city of Groningen. It is the story of buildings, but also of people, and events. The route information can be downloaded for free as a podwalk (‘audio tour’), but is also available as a book (in Dutch only). Rector Magnificus Jacquelien Scherpen will be first user to install the podwalk on her smartphone, and she will be handed the first copy of the book.


The podwalk is available in two variants: a western and an eastern route, each about 4 km long. Both variants run through the city centre and start and end at the Academy Building on Broerstraat. As you walk, you will receive directions about the route and background information about your current location. The audio information was recorded by two experienced speakers whose voices are activated whenever the app picks up a signal from nearby GPS points. The podwalk is available in Dutch and in English. You can download your chosen podwalk variant for free from the app store. ‘In het spoor van de Academie’/’In the footsteps of the Academy’ is part of a series that also includes the ‘Out with Aletta!’ podwalk.

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For lovers of the written word, the walking route is also available more ‘traditionally’ as a book that contains both the western and the eastern route. The 80-pages book is richly illustrated with photographs, and also includes maps and texts that elaborate on selected topics, such as the Siege of Groningen in 1672, the artists’ collective De Ploeg, and the UG during World War II.

‘Making Connections’ Lustrum

The book will be published on the last day of the Lustrum festival ‘Making Connections’ in honour of the 410th Anniversary of the University of Groningen. The book and podwalk, which contain the same information, look back on the eventful history of a university that has left its mark on a city, and vice versa. Buildings, events, and great personalities continue to testify to this up to this day.



‘In the footsteps of the Academy’ is on sale for € 9.95 or can be ordered from the I-shop, Oude Kijk on ‘t Jatstraat 19, telephone 050-363 2700, universiteitswinkel of Text, editing, and composition: Martin Althof, Gert Gritter


The ‘In the footsteps of the Academy’ app is available for free from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android), titled 'On a walk with Aletta!'. Production: Myrthe Courtz; Voices: Hans Veenkamp, Marrit Faber; Text, editing and composition: Martin Althof, Gert Gritter 

On a walk with Aletta was created in collaboration with Elements Digital Agency.

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