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Why are Dutch people so tall?

06 June 2024

200 years ago, the Dutch were still one of the shortest peoples in Europe. Now, we are the tallest people on earth. How is it that we have had such a growth spurt? Gert Stulp, a sociologist at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, has made a video about this together with de Universiteit van Nederland. De Universiteit van Nederland posts podcasts, videos, and social media posts on scientific topics every week. This week, the video is about why the Dutch are so tall.

In this video, various factors that have contributed to the height of the Dutch are discussed. Think, for example, of better food, fewer diseases, or smaller families. A more equal society can also lead to taller people. The influence of wealth or religion is also discussed. Are you curious about the details and want to know how these and more factors precisely contribute to our height? Then watch the video below (in Dutch).

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