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European joint Master’s degree programmes are among the top programmes

29 May 2024

On 27 May, the EACEA in Brussels celebrated the fact that the first Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree programmes were launched twenty years ago. During this event, the UG was decorated for its active and successful contribution to the Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree programmes. The degree programmes Clinical Linguistics and NOHA were decorated in the category Successful Master’s degree programmes. This prestigious acknowledgement emphasizes our dedication to international education and academic collaboration. By participating in these programmes, we promote the worldwide mobility of students and reinforce our position as a centre of academic excellence.

In total, thirty-one applications or reapplications submitted by the UG were approved, which puts us in third place, ranking after the universities of Ghent and Padova, and level with Universidad Autonoma Barcelona and the universities of Barcelona and Bologna. Thanks to our good relations with Ghent and with our partners in the Coimbra Group network, including Padova, Barcelona, Bologna, and Uppsala, this collaboration form received a huge boost.

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Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree programmes

Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree programmes are two-year Research or regular Master’s degree programmes that involve at least three higher education institutions in three different countries. In addition, there are widespread networks with prestigious universities on other continents or with institutions that are an associated member of the consortia, such as the University of Bern in the ReD Global Master’s degree programme. Learn more about 20 years of Erasmus Mundus here.

At the moment, the UG is involved in ten Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees and coordinator of six of these.

Faculty of Arts

  • EMCL – European Master’s in Clinical Linguistics
  • Euroculture – Master’s in Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • MEME – Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Evolutionary Biology

Faculty of Medical Sciences/UMCG

  • IMIM – International Master’s in Innovative Medicine

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

  • ISLANDS – Erasmus Mundus Research Master’s

Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society

  • ReD Global – Master’s in Religious Diversity in a Globalized World

For years, the UG has also been a partner in Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees coordinated by other universities.

Faculty of Arts

  • NOHA – Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s in International Humanitarian Action
  • LCT – Language & Communication Technologies

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • TCCM – International Master’s in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling
  • S-DISCO – International Master’s in Sustainable Drug Discovery

Commitment behind the scenes

The design and coordination of an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree calls for a great amount of enthusiasm, energy, and decisiveness from the academics and board members involved. We also acknowledge the commitment of all support staff of the consortia: policy officers, international offices, student administration and support, quality assurance and legal affairs, and the financial experts that supervise and audit these European projects.

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