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Student for a Day

Orientation at the UG: Student for a Day

Are you considering doing a Bachelor’s degree programme at our University but you’re not sure yet which one? Or do you want to be prepared to the fullest before you get started? Then, ‘Student for a Day’ is just the thing for you!

Who is the ‘Student for a Day’ event aimed at?

Our orientation programme is a nice addition to visiting a UG open day and is especially suited for prospective students who are hesitant to choose a degree programme or who are having trouble deciding between the different Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Student for a Day

Most Bachelor’s degree programmes offer an orientation day. Exactly what that day looks like differs per programme, but you will definitely gain more insight into what the programme will bring.

For example, you might:

  • attend a lecture
  • discuss the degree programme with students and staff members
  • attend a practical or seminar

The orientation day is organized twice a year: in the spring and in the autumn. However, some programmes offer multiple Student for a Days!

Participant Business Administration

'I had been looking forward to a day as 'student for a day', because I was still facing a difficult choice. I was hesitating between two studies: Law and Business Administration. I had already looked at Law, so I decided to attend One Day Student for the study Business Administration.

First we went to a lecture room, where we got an interesting lecture about a certain aspect of business administration.This gave us a good idea of what the study is really about and what exactly you learn. We also went to work on a specific case. Here we were given a different assignment each time. Attention was paid to the three different tracks of Business Administration, so that we could see the difference between the tracks. This allowed you to ask yourself if the study was suitable for you and which track you prefer. The day was almost completely taken care of by students of the university itself. This was very pleasant because it allowed you to hear the students' own story. Moreover, we were able to ask them all about their own experiences with the study and about student life.

With this day I got a very good impression of the study. I came to the conclusion that this is the study I want to follow next year at the UG. It was a nice day which was also an important part of my choice'.

Impression Business Administration

10.30 am: All students gather in the Kapteynborg restaurant and everyone can get settled in while enjoying coffee/tea and cake.

11.00 am: In a large lecture hall the students are welcomed and Dr. Marijke Leliveld gives a lecture on Organisational Management. After this the students are divided into groups and led to different rooms. Under the guidance of students we work on the case 'Casino', for the track Accountancy & Controlling and the track Technology Management (within Business Administration there are three tracks / directions). For Accountancy & Controlling the students look at fraud risks, control measures and employee performance. Technology Management looks at the way money and chips travel in the casino.


1.30 pm: Lunch together in the Kapteynborg restaurant. After lunch there will be a short tour through the different buildings.

2.30 pm: The students gather again after which they are divided into groups of 5 to 8 people. Accompanied by a student, the 'Casino' case is now being worked out for the Business Administration track. First a introduction round to get to know each other, after which there is room for questions about the choice of study. After that we will work on the case. In an attempt to increase the profit of an organization, it is necessary to investigate how this is influenced. Together a Balanced Scorecard is made and the possibilities are discussed.

4.00 pm: Time for a short break. In the canteen, drinks and refreshments are provided so everyone can regain some energy.

4.15 pm: As a last part of this day, the students have a conversation with a student mentor per group. What does this day bring you? Questions about the day will be answered by means of a proposition game. Finally, the question 'What did you like most about this day?', which everyone answers. It turns out: everyone got a clear picture of the different tracks and the case was very nice!

5.00 pm: The serious part of today is over, time to have a bite to eat together. Elderly students also participate so students can ask their remaining questions. After dinner follows a nice pub quiz and the day ends with a nice drink!

Impression Biology and Life Science & Technolgy

9.30 am: After entering the Bernoulliborg, pupils report and enroll for the practical session which will take place in the afternoon. Coffee and cake will be available in the canteen so that participants can recover from the (sometimes) long journey and get to know their future fellow students.

10.00 am: The official start of this day. In the morning there will be a joint program for Biology and Life Science & Technology, in the afternoon the group will be divided over different practicals. Study advisor Karin Weel will talk about the two studies, explain the year, subjects and timetable, show which masters you can do and what kind of jobs you will end up in: often one half will do research while the other half will be very diverse.

10.30 am: PhD student Wimke Fokkema talks about her research "Connecting ecosystems by migrating". She follows a year from the life of a goose by means of GPS. And it turns out: food plays the key role!

11.15 am: Time for a real lecture on cell biology, given by Prof. Ida van der Klei. For many students a first introduction to the way of lecturing at the university. DNA, RNA, membranes and finally microscopy. Luckily everyone found this way of teaching very easy.

00.15 pm: Study association GLV Idun also comes by to have a chat. Besides the serious things, it is of course also important to have fun, which causes laughter in the lecture hall! GLV Idun is study related, career related and of course relaxing!

00.30 pm: Everyone walks to the Linnaeusborg to have lunch together. Packed lunches are handed out after which everyone finds a place at the big tables, eats a sandwich and discusses the morning.

A Student for a Day - Life Science & Technology
A Student for a Day - Life Science & Technology

1.15 pm: After a theoretical morning, it is now time to roll up our sleeves at the various practicals. In the morning, students could sign up for a lab, such as isolating DNA from your cheek mucosa. Did you know that chimpanzee DNA is only 2% different from ours?

In pairs, students go to isolate the DNA. Everyone has an assignment that clearly explains what needs to be done. First chew on your cheek for 30 seconds, spit the mucus into a tube and add some fluids. After 10 minutes in a warm water bath, alcohol is carefully added to the tube. Then gently turn the tube around a number of times and the DNA appears as a kind of ice crystal!

3.00 pm: Back in the lecture hall, students talk about their experiences with the major (= main direction) Biomedical Sciences, studying and student life. Students still have time to ask questions after which one day of study is already over. Bygone!

4.00 pm: Of course this day will be closed with a festive drink!

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