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News archive 2022

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New podcast episode with Robert Prey on music streaming platforms20 December 2022
Music tourism: from Abbey Road to Zoutelande19 December 2022
UMCG behandelt eerste kankerpatiënt met stamcellen uit eigen speekselklier19 December 2022
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - Funny titles in academic publications are counter-productive16 December 2022
Groningen contributes to major research initiative into energy-efficient information technology15 December 2022
UG and UMCG projects to receive millions in NWO Perspective programmes15 December 2022
Christiaan Boerma appointed Endowed Professor of Meaningful Preventive Care14 December 2022
Léonie de Jonge appointed member of the KNAW Young Academy13 December 2022
Why brain doping is mainly hot air13 December 2022
UG is fourth on world list of sustainable universities13 December 2022
Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest: reading project helps with LGB acceptance09 December 2022
Lisa Herzog appointed as new dean of the Faculty of Philosophy07 December 2022
Glue for the lungs06 December 2022
Frans J. Sijtsma new Director Agricola School05 December 2022
UG delegation to visit South Africa30 November 2022
Science Shops: bridging the gap between university and society29 November 2022
Constructief gesprek RUG en DINGtiid over toekomst Fries aan de universiteit28 November 2022
Voters punish local politicians for their corruption, private scandals, and professional failures28 November 2022
Slimme 5G watermeter winnende idee 5G Student Battle28 November 2022
Katja Loos wins NWO Team Science Award with HyBRit research group28 November 2022
Indonesian Director General visits UG28 November 2022
Academy building will turn orange for Orange the World25 November 2022
Education Guide: Six UG top degree programmes, one of them best of the Netherlands24 November 2022
Well-attended third University of the North roadshow24 November 2022
UG study sheds new light on extremism in Northern Netherlands23 November 2022
European grant worth millions awarded to UG academics22 November 2022
How human prejudices sneak their way into computer programmes21 November 2022
Strong interest in the first round of the University of the North Booster Fund15 November 2022
Rector Magnificus Cisca Wijmenga not available for second term14 November 2022
Polarization: from resistance to connection14 November 2022
Nine new professor portraits14 November 2022
Successful inaugural Aletta Dialogue in Jakarta10 November 2022
Unveiling of professor portraits 202209 November 2022
Trying to master a language? Practising works better than studying a lot08 November 2022
The G20 and the Netherlands: Towards Longer-Term Thinking08 November 2022
Number of enrolments at the UG has slightly decreased07 November 2022
Kinderburgemeester Fatoumata ambassadrice van Beatrix Kinderziekenhuis UMCG02 November 2022
Gadjah Mada University and University of Groningen invest in a joint future02 November 2022
Team iGEM Groningen 2022 wins gold medal01 November 2022
Kan mindfulness en positief fantaseren terugval depressie voorkomen?01 November 2022
UG supports agricultural transition with funding for new research01 November 2022
@UG_Spotlight: A unique glimpse of the University31 October 2022
Wiro Niessen new dean and member of the UMCG Board of Directors27 October 2022
PhD grants to increase by 9.6% as from 1 January 202327 October 2022
University of the North ends roadshow series with a visit to Drachten Innovation Cluster19 October 2022
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes eight new members18 October 2022
MSCA4Ukraine Fellowship Scheme17 October 2022
Telescoop voor Waddenbibliotheken14 October 2022
UG's response to violence against protests Iran14 October 2022
UG rises to place 75 in THE rankings12 October 2022
Kan hypnotherapie kinderen met langdurige buikpijn helpen?12 October 2022
How your neighbourhood determines your opportunities11 October 2022
Coming Out Day at the UG11 October 2022
Iris Sommer wins Huibregtsen Prize11 October 2022
Groningen’s solar team on the grid once again05 October 2022
UG Explores – your questions answered05 October 2022
The use of artificial intelligence in war04 October 2022
Diversity and Inclusion week at the UG03 October 2022
UG Explores – your questions answered28 September 2022
Medieval animal trials: like animals?27 September 2022
Margrite Kalverboer en Micha de Winter lid van verdienste van beroepsvereniging NVO23 September 2022
Ombudsperson Carolijn Winnubst and confidential advisor Marjolein Renker: ‘We are here for you’22 September 2022
Podcast: migratory birds in a changing landscape21 September 2022
Board of the University proud of national coverage of Feringa’s ‘Everyday Molecules’21 September 2022
Registration open for National Growth Fund meeting 'On the road to groundbreaking proposals'21 September 2022
UG Explores – your questions answered21 September 2022
Jochen Mierau says farewell during AJSPH Impact Event19 September 2022
Jouke van Dijk awarded Royal Decoration during farewell lecture15 September 2022
UMCG opent ‘scan-straat’ voor kleine dieren15 September 2022
UG Explores – your questions answered14 September 2022
Warm welcome for IT Hub students14 September 2022
Zpannend Zernike: The Groningen science festival for young and old!13 September 2022
University of the North launches its own booster fund08 September 2022
Drie miljoen voor hulp voor mensen met dementie07 September 2022
A robot to do your cleaning? A very realistic scenario!06 September 2022
Recap: Opening Academic Year 2022 - 2023 'Resilience'06 September 2022
Diaries offer unique insight into life and work of Ted Kennedy05 September 2022
Looking back: 50 years of the University Council and Board of the University05 September 2022
UMCG staat een jaar lang stil bij 225-jarig bestaan02 September 2022
350 jaar Groningens Ontzet ook bij RUG groots gevierd30 August 2022
Start nieuw fonds voor IT educatie in Noord-Nederland29 August 2022
50th anniversary of the Executive Board and University Council in Groningen22 August 2022
Videocollege Hedderik van Rijn: waarom zijn mensen in de zomer agressiever?03 August 2022
Threats03 August 2022
NWO ENW–XL grants worth millions awarded to UG research consortia27 July 2022
A rude awakening26 July 2022
Six young UG researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants25 July 2022
Towards a ‘weather forecast’ for permafrost22 July 2022
Expedition set to begin, weather and polar bears permitting18 July 2022
Nederlandse wetenschappelijke poolexpeditie onder leiding RUG klaar voor vertrek13 July 2022
BirdEyes first tenant for Friesland Bank after ten years of vacancy13 July 2022
Bettina Reitz-Joosse receives ERC Starting Grant13 July 2022
Brigit Toebes new scientific director of Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health12 July 2022
KWF Dutch Cancer Society – Research grants for the UG12 July 2022
Kees Hummelen appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion07 July 2022
De winnaar van de Nederlandse Sterrenkunde Olympiade 2022 is bekend!07 July 2022
Cisca Wijmenga appointed as EMBO member06 July 2022
Publication of the UG Annual Report 202106 July 2022
Joost Keizer new vice-dean Faculty of Arts05 July 2022
Iris de Graaf UG-Alumnus of the Year 202205 July 2022
Researchers pitch at inspiration meeting at Jantina Tammes school05 July 2022
Successfully sharing knowledge through the public academies04 July 2022
Three prizes awarded during UG Ceremony of Merits04 July 2022
Ambities Nederland voor waterstof en groene chemie komen in versnelling04 July 2022
Koester de duisternis04 July 2022
Research on how tourists become Antarctic ambassadors04 July 2022
Seven UG/UMCG researchers awarded Vidi grants01 July 2022
Finals of the Dutch Astronomy Olympiad 2022 at the University of Groningen01 July 2022
Universiteit van het Noorden trapt 6 juli af met Roadshow #1 in Emmen30 June 2022
Dr Ryan Wittingslow has been awarded a Humboldt Fellowship29 June 2022
First of Groningen’s academic murals unveiled28 June 2022
Official start of Siege of Groningen celebrations21 June 2022
Nine Olympic Athletes added to Olympic Wall at Sportcentrum Zernike20 June 2022
Mural of J.C. Kapteyn revealed17 June 2022
Early modern Bible readers were critical and created their own ideal Bible16 June 2022
Everyone has a right to energy07 June 2022
Results of National Worm Count03 June 2022
'The PhD scholarship experiment has helped us immensely'02 June 2022
First results of the 2022 NSE released31 May 2022
In the spotlight: Aletta Jacobs professors - Prof. Louise Meijering30 May 2022
A happy life with a mental illness30 May 2022
Second Groningen Science Quiz at Forum Groningen25 May 2022
Jortcast Grand Tour (Jort Kelder) op 4 juni in Groningen24 May 2022
Teaching innovation: Hans Beldhuis on active learning classrooms24 May 2022
Nominations 2022 Gratama Science Award (UG) announced23 May 2022
Team Albatrozz builds revolutionary wind turbine after ‘Wallace & Gromit’ discovery by Stamhuis23 May 2022
Wim van Saarloos to receive honorary doctorate from University of Twente20 May 2022
Five UG lecturers receive Comenius grants20 May 2022
Poolonderzoeker Loonen (RUG) vertrekt naar Spitsbergen in aanloop grote Nederlandse poolexpeditie18 May 2022
Nominaties Ben Feringa Impact Award bekend16 May 2022
Groningen Science Quiz13 May 2022
Agenda 2022-2024 of the Akkoord van Groningen launched13 May 2022
KNAW appoints two UG professors as members12 May 2022
Teaching Innovations: How podcasts help engage students03 May 2022
New Lifelines study on mental health and social behaviour02 May 2022
UG academics involved in academic consortia that will receive over €140 million02 May 2022
Royal Decorations awarded to four UG staff members26 April 2022
ERC Advanced Grants for three UG researchers26 April 2022
4 May 2022: wreath laying and unveiling the stumbling stones on behalf of the UG25 April 2022
Opening Noorderlicht-expositie van Nick Hannes25 April 2022
Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf to visit the UG and other educational institutions on 25 April20 April 2022
Bachelor Open Dag Rijksuniversiteit Groningen zaterdag 23 april19 April 2022
Celebrating five years of the Young Academy Groningen19 April 2022
Video lecture Iris Sommer: are women's brains different from men's?14 April 2022
The Dutch Microbiome Project: using large-scale population research to identify what shapes a healthy gut microbiome14 April 2022
How can European University Alliances help address Global Challenges?14 April 2022
The vulnerability of LGBT people12 April 2022
Veni grants for five UG researchers11 April 2022
Parkinson’s: the search for a cure (video)11 April 2022
Best Practice in Teaching & Learning Award Presented08 April 2022
Discover your biological clock at the University Museum07 April 2022
FC Groningen en Rijksuniversiteit Groningen tekenen intentieverklaring01 April 2022
How healthy is your soil? Measuring activity on soil quality, biodiversity, and the importance of earthworms01 April 2022
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members31 March 2022
Seven Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships granted31 March 2022
Call for proposals M20 PhD Scholarship Programme 202230 March 2022
‘Teaching is a core activity’29 March 2022
Specific tests and more intensive rehabilitation needed for return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament injury24 March 2022
College Carrousel Rijksuniversiteit Groningen draait weer24 March 2022
Research into language disorders in children with brain tumours21 March 2022
Opening words by Jouke de Vries - Event about War in Ukraine21 March 2022
Major European grant for Michael Dee17 March 2022
Alumnus Marijn van Rooij wins Prince Friso Engineering Award 202217 March 2022
Video lecture Jan Willem Bolderdijk: can you save the world on your own?17 March 2022
Major European grant for Peter van der Meer (UMCG)17 March 2022
Registration of additional activities16 March 2022
Vici grants for three UG researchers15 March 2022
Green light for BSc Data Science & Society11 March 2022
ERC Starting Grant for Ajay Kottapalli09 March 2022
'The impact of bombs lasts a long time'08 March 2022
Prof. Jasper Knoester Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion03 March 2022
Threats03 March 2022
General agreement on the Biotoop and Hortus takeover02 March 2022
New polar expedition to Spitsbergen headed by UG researchers02 March 2022
Rebecca Gomperts: ‘Abortion is a human right’01 March 2022
Statement UG on freezing Russia relations01 March 2022
Vici grants for two Groningen-based researchers28 February 2022
Statement UNL and UG about the invasion of Ukraine25 February 2022
Business Generator Groningen bestaat vijftien jaar en reikt de hand aan de ondernemende onderzoeker23 February 2022
Underwater wonderland21 February 2022
Working on health and talent together with FC Groningen15 February 2022
Ubbo Emmius Fund finances over 50 extra University of Groningen PhD scholarship positions08 February 2022
Pacific Ocean as the extreme theater of bird migration08 February 2022
Genetic testing for better health07 February 2022
Current global warming may affect the Earth’s oceans for many millennia to come02 February 2022
New Gronings Perspectief study: increased stress due to damage and reinforcement in gas extraction area25 January 2022
Pharmaceutical companies still paint too rosy a picture of antidepressant effectiveness25 January 2022
Deafblind individuals enjoy ‘sense stories’24 January 2022
Na bijna twee eeuwen weer oratie in Franeker19 January 2022
Watch State of the University now17 January 2022
UG study: Residential taxes increase by 2.9% for owner-occupied households and by 1.5% for tenants14 January 2022
ERC Grants awarded to five UG scientists10 January 2022
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