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UG Explores – your questions answered

05 October 2022

Have you ever had a burning question? In our new series, UG Explores, we ask our researchers to give a quick, simple answer to your scientific question! The videos last 1 minute, so within 60 seconds you get an answer to your question!

Science and research can often seem intimidating so with UG Explores we aim to make science accessible and approachable to everyone. For this project, we joined forces with faculties to make young people enthusiastic about the fields they could later work in themselves. Curious about the questions? We’ll release a new video every week!

UG Explores - Why do we have a fascination for scary things?

In this video, Thomas is curious about why we, as humans, have a fascination for scary things such as frightening Netflix shows. In order to learn more about this, we spoke to Associate Professor of Film Studies Julian Hanich who works at the Faculty of Arts.

Researcher: prof. dr. Julian Hanich, Faculty of Arts

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