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News Archive 2024

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Hydrogen as an indirect greenhouse gas18 June 2024
UG wins two out of six ENLIGHT Impact Awards17 June 2024
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members17 June 2024
A new weapon in the battle against antibiotic resistance: temperature14 June 2024
Azzopardi wins ENLIGHT Impact Award12 June 2024
Hydrogen seeps into nooks and crannies11 June 2024
Swarming around a skyscraper10 June 2024
‘We could not have dreamed of this’06 June 2024
Comenius Teaching Fellow grant for Lerch and Bianchi06 June 2024
Applying hydrogen in cars or toilets04 June 2024
Students study possibilities of self-driving car03 June 2024
Making green hydrogen cheaper30 May 2024
Ben Feringa elected member American Philosophical Society30 May 2024
European joint Master’s degree programmes are among the top programmes29 May 2024
University of Groningen frontrunner in green labs movement29 May 2024
NWO Summit grant for research into molecular basis of life28 May 2024
Four honorary doctorates awarded by the UG27 May 2024
Human-centred robotics27 May 2024
2.9 million for sustainable management salt marshes Wadden Sea22 May 2024
Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel winners Ben Feringa Impact Award 202422 May 2024
Master’s student Biomolecular Sciences Mink Sieders wins GUF 100 Prize22 May 2024
Impact In Focus - Klaus Hubacek on conceptualizing and modeling the interactions between human and environmental systems21 May 2024
We are betting the bank on hydrogen. But are we ready for it?21 May 2024
NWO M-2 grant for Loredana Protesescu16 May 2024
Three FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant13 May 2024
‘The colourful cells of petals never get boring!’13 May 2024
Trapping molecules13 May 2024
University of Groningen chemists produce new-to-nature enzyme containing boron08 May 2024
Lecture with soon to be Honorary Doctor Gerrit Hiemstra on May 2407 May 2024
More efficient molecular motor widens potential applications01 May 2024
Behind the scenes: how UG and Hanze UAS students are jointly developing a Mars rover29 April 2024
Tactile sensors29 April 2024
Royal Decoration for Erik Frijlink27 April 2024
Jouke de Vries: ‘Involvement in national plan to boost microchip talent is great recognition for UG’23 April 2024
Nine MSCA Doctoral Network grants for FSE researchers23 April 2024
Charissa Roossien secures JTF subsidy to develop Health Tracker22 April 2024
Scientists discover the largest stellar black hole of the Milky Way16 April 2024
Single-molecule engineering niche in Gravitation research15 April 2024
Night vision with artificial atoms15 April 2024
University of Groningen to become member of the 4TU Stan Ackermans Institute09 April 2024
Video | Hybrid research on biodegradable and recyclable plastics08 April 2024
NWO-KIC grant for research into sharing and repairing05 April 2024
Seals’ whiskers are an example of perfect technology04 April 2024
UG involved in technology education for cabinet plan to boost chip sector02 April 2024
Flying on wood dust02 April 2024
UG/UMCG researchers receive prestigious research grant27 March 2024
Gravitation grant on plant mechanical properties for better crops25 March 2024
Gravitation grant for electrochemical processes large-scale energy transition25 March 2024
Twinning partner in three EU collaborative projects20 March 2024
NWO M-1 grants for Roos and Poolman20 March 2024
NWO M2-grant for better treatment of blood coagulation diseases18 March 2024
University of Groningen hosts EURODARK11 March 2024
Businesses and knowledge institutions join forces on development of smart agricultural robots06 March 2024
NWO funding for improved image sensors06 March 2024
Ammodo Science Award for tuberculosis vaccine05 March 2024
A plant-based sensor04 March 2024
Vici grants for four UG/UMCG scientists29 February 2024
Bayu Jayawardhana is a pioneer in the world of control technology27 February 2024
FSE professor joins Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities23 February 2024
Azzopardi's algorithms are inspired by the brain20 February 2024
Growth Fund Project for Green Steel launched14 February 2024
UG-spin-off CoRe Pro B.V. develops sustainable solutions to convert renewable materials usefully12 February 2024
Darting around with a tiny brain12 February 2024
UG contributes to circular Dutch solar panels09 February 2024
NWO Impact Explorer for Van den Bogaart’s research into the early detection of small amounts of dividing cancer cells in blood08 February 2024
Major project to improve remote-controlled vehicles05 February 2024
National Measuring Campaign  | Counting Stars25 January 2024
Promising UG researcher goes to US on Rubicon grant22 January 2024
The UG nominates two academics for the Klokhuis Science Prize22 January 2024
ERC Proof of Concept Grant to improve monitoring heart failure patients18 January 2024
UG and Nobian renew their partnership18 January 2024
Large NWO grant for research into origin of the universe16 January 2024
Large NWO grant for research into unraveling logical complexity16 January 2024
NWO grant for improvement solar energy materials11 January 2024
NWO grant for Anastasiia Krushynska's MetaFlow project09 January 2024
Prof. Raffaella Carloni wins FSE Impact Award 202309 January 2024
Aquaculture blessing in disguise for migratory waders fueling up in China09 January 2024
New project will take a step towards answering whether gravity is quantum08 January 2024
Building life without DNA08 January 2024
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