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Pharmacy student Luke van der Koog wins KNMP Student Award22 October 2020
Dr. Schmidt partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie-Curie EJD grant19 October 2020
Prof. Poelarends partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ETN grant19 October 2020
Grote, donkere sterrenstelsels bestaan waarschijnlijk toch niet13 October 2020
Dr. Bose, Dr. Raffa and Prof. Picchioni partners in EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program consortium13 October 2020
Godman Salvin Prize for 'Bird-Professor' Theunis Piersma13 October 2020
Olympic athletes should be mindful of their biological clocks08 October 2020
Bij CurioUs? meten Noorderlingen zelf hoe schoon hun lucht is06 October 2020
Prof. Maria Antonietta Loi elected Fellow of American Physical Society02 October 2020
Two Rubicon grants for UG researchers30 September 2020
RootPatch: team iGEM Groningen 202028 September 2020
Feringa Building rises above ground25 September 2020
Top Dutch Solar Racing third at European Solar Challenge23 September 2020
Prof. Avraamidou and Dr. Van Vugt receive ERASMUS+ grant18 September 2020
ENW-KLEIN grant for Prof. Pchenitchnikov and Dr. Jansen18 September 2020
The University of Groningen nominations for the Klokhuis Science Prize15 September 2020
New building for the UG field station ‘De Herdershut’ on Schiermonnikoog14 September 2020
NWO XS grant for Dr. Wlodarczyk-Biegun09 September 2020
Prof. Rudolf partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant08 September 2020
Agroecology, following the example of smallholders31 August 2020
PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2020 for Prof. Fraternali27 August 2020
Building energy plants that remove greenhouse gases20 August 2020
ALMA sees most distant Milky Way look-alike13 August 2020
Virus assembly has been filmed07 August 2020
Restanten van een vergeten bolhoop ontdekt rond de Melkweg30 July 2020
IEEE Robert E. Newnham Ferroelectrics Award for Prof. Beatriz Noheda29 July 2020
Populaties trekvissen wereldwijd met driekwart geslonken28 July 2020
Resilience and Adaptability: New pathways with Skyrmion bubbles28 July 2020
Pionier RAVE geeft gegevens van half miljoen sterren vrij27 July 2020
Special proteins regulate the fluidity of bacterial membranes17 July 2020
Prof. Koster partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant13 July 2020
PhD student Haigen Fu is a finalist of the prestigious Reaxys PhD Prize 202013 July 2020
Dutch universities strengthen ties with Wetsus10 July 2020
Nano-Crystal Schroedinger Cats for Detecting Gravitational Waves08 July 2020
Green Industry Innovation Agenda: an invite to extend cooperation and societal impact06 July 2020
NWA- Idea Generator project; can cheap “smart” shoes check the gait of Parkinson's patients?03 July 2020
NWA Idea Generator Grant for three researchers03 July 2020
Dr. Haslinger receives Marie Curie Individual Fellowship02 July 2020
Prof. Groves partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ETN grant02 July 2020
Northern Netherlands Region grant for Prof. Quax01 July 2020
Prof. Poolman partner in Marie Curie ITN project of EUR 2.8 million01 July 2020
Life-emulating molecules show basic metabolism26 June 2020
NWO-take off grant for feasibility study on fish-inspired biomedical flowsensors26 June 2020
Celebratory opening: ‘Donkerte van het Waddengebied’ programme25 June 2020
Scientists identify potential drug target in the new coronavirus22 June 2020
Anastasia Borschevsky appointed Associate Professor of Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics19 June 2020
Top of the range C-trap optical tweezers setup installed19 June 2020
Slow easing of covid-19 lockdowns might benefit the global economy16 June 2020
Radiocarbon dating pins date for construction of Uyghur complex to the year 77708 June 2020
Alumna Monique Schoondorp has developed a sustainable method of algae cultivation02 June 2020
Prof. Lucy Avraamidou partner in consortium that receives H2020 grant27 May 2020
Prof. El Aidy wins Gut Microbiome Therapeutic Innovation challenge27 May 2020
Groningen residents roll up their sleeves for climate adaptation26 May 2020
Dr. Billerbeck and Dr. Incarnato receive NWO XS grant26 May 2020
Research Award of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for Prof. Filippo Fraternali26 May 2020
Climate change, the coronavirus, and the economy25 May 2020
Research into higher efficiency wind turbine at low wind speed19 May 2020
NWO Smart Industry grant for SMART-AGENTS project13 May 2020
Prof. Ben Feringa Foreign Member of the Royal Society13 May 2020
Prof. Onck partner in ENW-GROOT project of EUR 2.7 million12 May 2020
Chameleon materials: the origin of colour variation in low-dimensional perovskites11 May 2020
Prof. Sijbren Otto elected KNAW member30 April 2020
Prime Minister Rutte’s digital working visit to Groningen and Maastricht29 April 2020
Piersma and Hooijmeijer receive grant for research on godwits and agricultural biodiversity29 April 2020
Prof. Van den Bogaart partner in ZonMw Open project24 April 2020
Wim Quax appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Four ENW-KLEIN grants awarded to FSE researchers21 April 2020
Prof. Marrink and Dr. Jansen partners in ENW-GROOT project of EUR 2.7 million21 April 2020
Prof. Jaeger receives EUR 531.000 for research in ITN ‘POST-DIGITAL’ programme20 April 2020
Connecting experts from around the world online15 April 2020
1.5 million euros for "The Darkness of the Wadden Region"01 April 2020
Three UG top researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant31 March 2020
Professor Jacquelien Scherpen new ‘Captain of Science’ in High-Tech Systems and Materials top sector26 March 2020
UG and UMCG researchers investigate corona inhaler20 March 2020
UG students throw high light on World Skating Championships for students16 March 2020
Students explain Artificial Intelligence in the new Forum Groningen10 March 2020
European Patent further accelerates wind energy research at the UG06 March 2020
Better understanding of the human brain03 March 2020
2020 NVBMB prize awarded to Dr. Paulino27 February 2020
Five experienced researchers from Groningen awarded Vici grants20 February 2020
Safe method for identifying polar bears tested20 February 2020
Spin-off to develop new antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria17 February 2020
New Chair at the University of Groningen for Professor Pablo Tittonell17 February 2020
Piezo testing ground in Zuidhorn generates energy14 February 2020
Female bird falls victim to her Valentine13 February 2020
Strong increase in year-to-year variation in Arctic precipitation13 February 2020
Startup competition Beta Business Days & FSE great success10 February 2020
Province of Groningen supports knowledge development of green process technology04 February 2020
New dedicated programme on Smart Energy System in collaboration with North China Electric Power University03 February 2020
First view of hydrogen at the metal-to-metal hydride interface31 January 2020
Prof. Heinemann receives EUR 500,000 for EU project on energy dissipation31 January 2020
Two top professors appointed at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry23 January 2020
Carcasses important for plants and insects in the Oostvaardersplassen22 January 2020
ELT MICADO Instrument Passes Preliminary Design Review21 January 2020
UPB awards honorary doctorate to Professor Siewert Jan Marrink17 January 2020
PhD project granted for Vakis and Jayawardhana in PhD@sea programme15 January 2020
Cum laude for PhD student Herib Blanco Reaño15 January 2020
MPS student Fabiola Puertolas-Balint wins Avril McDonald Prize for excellent Master research07 January 2020
Topsector NWO HTSM grant of EUR 600.000 for dr. Francesco Maresca19 December 2019
Prof Heeres receives Topsector Bio-Based Economy grant of EUR 500.00017 December 2019
Molecular motors and switches16 December 2019
Chemistry student Daan Bunt wins Unilever Prize16 December 2019
Prof. Roelfes receives NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 304,00013 December 2019
NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 350,000 for Dr. Guskov13 December 2019
Lemke Kraan wins FSE Teaching Award 201811 December 2019
ERC grants help two UG scientists to aim for the top10 December 2019
Stefany Moreno Gamez wins third prize in ‘For Women in Science’ Rising Talents09 December 2019
EU ITN granted to MANIC06 December 2019
Materials NL Challenges grant awarded to Professor Loi05 December 2019
Materials NL Challenges grant for Dr. Maresca05 December 2019
Pharmacy student Lisa Marie Smale awarded Dr Saal van Zwanenberg Prize03 December 2019
Professor Katja Loos wins Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation29 November 2019
Red deer hardly react to wolf urine in the Netherlands and Poland28 November 2019
Master's student Energy and Environmental Sciences Sándor Kruse wins Rachel Carson Graduation Award 201927 November 2019
Master’s student Remi Brandt wins KNVI Thesis Prize for Computing Science and Engineering26 November 2019
Master's student Hans Beukers wins Shell Graduation Award for Physics26 November 2019
Nine Groningen science and engineering students win national Young Talent Award26 November 2019
Molecular Biophysics post-doc Adéla Melcrova wins prestigious Czech Prize13 November 2019
Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the Universe07 November 2019
NWO awards € 4 million to DIGITAL TWIN programme07 November 2019
iGEM 2019: team UG wins gold medal06 November 2019
NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 304,000 for Prof. Fraternali05 November 2019
Prof. Faraji elected to Q-Chem board of directors05 November 2019
Ramping up to divide: An unstable protein is master switch for cell division04 November 2019
Migratory birds are worse off in West Africa29 October 2019
Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds24 October 2019
Zoology 2019: International meeting on Zoology and Behavioral Biology in Groningen23 October 2019
iGEM 2019: Team Groningen develops a biological QR-code17 October 2019
Debuting Groningen team finishes 4th in Bridgestone Solar race17 October 2019
Demonstrating that it can be done14 October 2019
Down Under with Top Dutch (update)11 October 2019
Kick-off Young Science and Engineering Network (YSEN)11 October 2019
Making a splash in whale research08 October 2019
Groningen Solar Racing team is preparing for solar-powered car competition in Australia04 October 2019
Can microbes save our salt marshes?03 October 2019
Lecture by Nobel Laureate Christopher Pissarides03 October 2019
Amina Helmi presents plans for Spinoza prize02 October 2019
International project SeaChanges receives four million Euros in funding01 October 2019
Prof. Daniël Boer elected Fellow of American Physical Society26 September 2019
UMCG and UG aim to functionally accommodate particle accelerator at UMCG26 September 2019
Groningen Life Sciences Association Idun receives Royal Medal of Honour25 September 2019
Start of MOSAiC – the Greatest Arctic Research Expedition of All Time20 September 2019
Imagining Science20 September 2019
Festive start to construction of the Feringa Building: ‘A historic moment’18 September 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
Groningen to offer Bachelor’s degree programme in Biomedical Engineering17 September 2019
When the wind blows from the wrong direction17 September 2019
Getting to the roots of Parkinson’s disease17 September 2019
High value for Hubble constant from two gravitational lenses13 September 2019
1.5 million euros for imaging functionality of nanomaterials04 September 2019
1.5 million euros for computational modeling from super-fast MRI03 September 2019
New book release: Local Consumption and Global Environmental Impacts | by Kuishuang Feng, Klaus Hubacek, Yang Yu03 September 2019
Gravitation Grant for designing Hybrid Intelligence30 August 2019
University of Groningen in two of the six Gravitation grants for groundbreaking research30 August 2019
Data Science: a breath of fresh air for physics, genetics and history19 August 2019
Two FSE programmes receive Erasmus Mundus label13 August 2019
Cold winters not caused by Arctic climate change12 August 2019
Amina Helmi appointed as Deputy Scientific Director NOVA07 August 2019
New Zealand’s biodiversity will take millions of years to recover05 August 2019
NWO START-UP Grant Marcos Guimarães02 August 2019
Closing the door: breaking new ground related to a potential anticancer drug target31 July 2019
The University of Noorderzon30 July 2019
One million euros for Parkinson’s researcher Arjan Kortholt30 July 2019
Migrating Great Knots top up at different ‘service stations’ than previously thought18 July 2019
Wageningen and Groningen scientists research nature-inclusive agriculture in Northern Netherlands17 July 2019
Thirteen Veni grants for young Groningen researchers16 July 2019
UG to build new observatory in dark Lauwersmeer Region11 July 2019
Wierenga-Rengerink Prize for dr. Michael Lerch09 July 2019
Zeven RUG-projecten krijgen financiering via de NWA Ideeëngenerator08 July 2019
Jacquelien Scherpen next EUCA President28 June 2019
Initial construction phase of Feringa Building on Zernike Campus to start on 1 July26 June 2019
Spinoza Prize 2019 for astronomer Amina Helmi21 June 2019
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