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Groningen’s solar team on the grid once again05 October 2022
What environment created life on earth? Dr. Tim Lichtenberg receives prestigious fellowship03 October 2022
European award for education project coordinated by Science LinX22 September 2022
Open Competition Science-M grants for Krushynska and Dekker22 September 2022
Erasmus+ funding for Avraamidou and Azevedo21 September 2022
Board of the University proud of national coverage of Feringa’s ‘Everyday Molecules’21 September 2022
Virtual job interview maps stress19 September 2022
PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2022 for Sancia van der Meij06 September 2022
A robot to do your cleaning? A very realistic scenario!06 September 2022
Yfke Bethlehem new UG poet-in-residence05 September 2022
UG opens ‘Answers Shop’ for questions from children05 September 2022
Heeres partner in HORIZON EUROPE-RIA consortium NewWave05 September 2022
Professor Sabeth Verpoorte awarded Honorary Doctorate from Tampere University01 September 2022
Launch of BirdEyes, an international center for research and education in the field of climate change01 September 2022
NWO Demonstrator funding for Van den Bogaart and Bianchi30 August 2022
Festive opening of new UG research station 'De Herdershut' on Schiermonnikoog29 August 2022
NWO ENW–XL grants worth millions awarded to UG research consortia27 July 2022
Six young UG researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants25 July 2022
Two FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant25 July 2022
FSE Learning Analytics team wins national prize in field of data science and AI in education18 July 2022
Open Competition Science-M grant for three FSE researchers06 July 2022
George Palasantzas receives funding from NWO Open Technology Programme05 July 2022
NWO Take-off grants for Davide Grossi, Yori Ong and Oscar Kuipers05 July 2022
Hamidreza Kasaei receives Gratama Science Award 202204 July 2022
Master’s student BCN Noa Schwensfeier wins GUF 100 Prize04 July 2022
Koester de duisternis04 July 2022
Finals of the Dutch Astronomy Olympiad 2022 at the University of Groningen01 July 2022
Vidi grant for Dr. Schmidt: enzyms that can make chemical reactions less polluting01 July 2022
Subsidy for innovative concept to process rubber waste into new products30 June 2022
Newly established Dutch Biology Council23 June 2022
Mural of J.C. Kapteyn revealed17 June 2022
Fulbright grant for Kathinka Frieswijk17 June 2022
Amina Helmi and her team involved again in most recent Data Release from Gaia-mission13 June 2022
Professor Aravind and Dr. Mokhov partner in NWO Perspectief consortium: research into ammonia as a fuel09 June 2022
Recreation decreases density of ticks near paths07 June 2022
Nominations 2022 Gratama Science Award (UG) announced23 May 2022
Team Albatrozz builds revolutionary wind turbine after ‘Wallace & Gromit’ discovery by Stamhuis23 May 2022
University of Groningen and local nature organization tag first critically endangered sharks and rays in West Africa16 May 2022
PhD awarded to Chongnan Ye is the first to be awarded to someone from the hybrid research group led by Katja Loos (University of the North)16 May 2022
Ecologist Loonen to travel to ever-changing Spitsbergen for the thirty-fifth summer16 May 2022
Comenius Teaching Fellow grant for Dr. May Lee12 May 2022
KNAW appoints two UG professors as members12 May 2022
Working towards personalized intelligent computers09 May 2022
21.5 million euro for QuMAT: Materials for the Quantum Age03 May 2022
New Lifelines study on mental health and social behaviour02 May 2022
Startup Albatrozz finalist Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 202202 May 2022
Royal Decorations awarded to four UG staff members26 April 2022
ERC Advanced Grants for three UG researchers26 April 2022
For Women in Science Fellowship for Marjon de Vos22 April 2022
Four FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant21 April 2022
MAVA Doñana fellowship for Dr. Vansteelant20 April 2022
Three Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Network grants for the Faculty of Science and Engineering14 April 2022
Three young researchers from UG to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants14 April 2022
The Dutch Microbiome Project: using large-scale population research to identify what shapes a healthy gut microbiome14 April 2022
Veni grant for Dr. Frank Klont12 April 2022
Seagrass plants collected in Denmark08 April 2022
Lorenzo Squintani and Ming Cao Academic Directors of Schools06 April 2022
Grant for research into sustainable orange cultivation – in collaboration with Brazil06 April 2022
Invitation: ARC CBBC Conference and lab opening in Groningen05 April 2022
Arnold Driessen partner in EIC Pathfinder project04 April 2022
TKI Top sector HTSM grant for Mónica Acuautla Meneses04 April 2022
HTSM topsectorproject Ultra-most of Prof. dr. Pei granted02 April 2022
Joost Frenken new Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering30 March 2022
Noorderlab: The new science podcast for curious Northerners29 March 2022
Medicine to restore alveoli29 March 2022
Two FSE researchers involved in Dutch Research Agenda projects28 March 2022
Lucy Avraamidou partner in H2020 project MAMMOth24 March 2022
Prof. Amalia Dolga receives grant from Stichting Parkinson Fonds22 March 2022
Human Frontier Science Program fellowship for Dr. Joanna Whittaker21 March 2022
Name revealed and construction started: Anda Kerkhoven Centre on Healthy Ageing Campus18 March 2022
Major European grant for Michael Dee17 March 2022
Alumnus Marijn van Rooij wins Prince Friso Engineering Award 202217 March 2022
Professor Caputi and Professor Hoekstra receive Vici grant15 March 2022
Vici grants for three UG researchers15 March 2022
The single-celled microworld of Tessa Quax15 March 2022
Dr. Helmer Koppelman receives MERAC prize for Best Early Career Researcher11 March 2022
ERC Starting Grant for Ajay Kottapalli09 March 2022
Prof. Jasper Knoester Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion03 March 2022
Katja Loos elected President of the European Polymer Federation28 February 2022
Underwater wonderland21 February 2022
Pacific Ocean as the extreme theater of bird migration08 February 2022
Genetic testing for better health07 February 2022
Current global warming may affect the Earth’s oceans for many millennia to come02 February 2022
Four more FSE researchers receive Open Competition Science-M grant26 January 2022
Recreation stimulates forest regeneration in nature reserves26 January 2022
Open Competition Science-M grant for Dr. Sonja Billerbeck25 January 2022
Tessa Quax receives Beijerinck Premium25 January 2022
Kristina Haslinger receives FEBS Excellence Award 202125 January 2022
ERC Starting Grant for Tessa Quax10 January 2022
Departing dean Knoester on Recognition and Rewards20 December 2021
Veni grant for Dr. Max Fürst16 December 2021
Veni grants for seven Groningen researchers16 December 2021
S-DISCO, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master connecting The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Poland14 December 2021
Marta Schulte-Fischedick and Dr. Yuli Shan win FSE Impact Awards10 December 2021
Two UG researchers join The Young Academy09 December 2021
Else Starkenburg new member of The Young Academy 202209 December 2021
Dr Marie-José van Tol new chair of De Jonge Akademie06 December 2021
Marthe Walvoort receives NWO Athena Award03 December 2021
Stratingh: A ‘chemistry artist’ ahead of his time01 December 2021
Twelve Groningen science and engineering students win national Young Talent Award30 November 2021
Dr. Yuli Shan wins FSE Postdoc Prize30 November 2021
Student Annemarie Doze wins Unilever Research Prize 202126 November 2021
Professor Reinoud Gosens receives Open Competition Science-M grant24 November 2021
Ming Cao awarded IEEE Fellow24 November 2021
Open Technology Programme Grant for Wouter Roos and Ben Feringa23 November 2021
KNAW Early Career Award for two young UG researchers18 November 2021
Team iGEM Groningen 2021 wins gold medal and 'best environment project'18 November 2021
Pharmacy student Julia Alberts awarded third prize in Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg Prize15 November 2021
Green hydrogen: indispensable and unifying09 November 2021
First Mechanical Engineering graduates at UG receive their diplomas09 November 2021
Powering AgriFood Grant for Prof. PV Aravind08 November 2021
NWO grant for project of Dr. Viktoriya Degeler28 October 2021
National Forest Service and University of Groningen launch Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer Telescope26 October 2021
Student Carlijn van Beek wins KNCV Golden Master Award21 October 2021
Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago20 October 2021
Bye-monia: iGEM Groningen 202114 October 2021
Heeres partner in EU Horizon 2020 consortium Circular Foam12 October 2021
Greenification of the chemical industry one step closer by the extension of ARC CBBC12 October 2021
Biomembrane to clear up oil spills wins KIJK People’s Choice Award06 October 2021
UG researchers join European call for sustainable drug discovery04 October 2021
What’s the difference between urban spiders and rural spiders?27 September 2021
Zpannend Zernike Limited: get on your bike on 3 October for a tour of science and technology27 September 2021
Sijbren Otto receives James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry27 September 2021
International network of the Pharmacy Game users expands to Scandinavia21 September 2021
Keep calm and carry on: the solar-powered car is on its way20 September 2021
A different perspective on sugar20 September 2021
Vote for Biomembrane SAVER as KIJK best tech idea 202114 September 2021
Dr. Nagelkerke receives NWO XS grant13 September 2021
SIBES and Wadden Mosaic show powerline Wadden Sea planned straight through biodiversity hotspots13 September 2021
Dean Knoester leaves Groningen science faculty08 September 2021
PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2021 for Prof. Avraamidou07 September 2021
Building strong foundations for a sustainable Northern Netherlands06 September 2021
NWO grant for Francesco Maresca in Open Technology Programme06 September 2021
UMCG and UG to take part in European project on accelerating vaccine development01 September 2021
Prof. Noheda and Prof. Kooi received NWO Open grant31 August 2021
Beste sportresultaten rond de late middag06 August 2021
Vidi grant for FSE researchers Dr. Kamenz and Dr. Vedantham15 July 2021
Plans for Smart & Circular Hub on Zernike Campus14 July 2021
Top Dutch Solar Racing wants to win in Morocco with Green Spirit13 July 2021
Ingenious ‘woven’ spectrometer almost ready for use12 July 2021
Physics student Shruti Giri wins GUF 100 Prize05 July 2021
Vakis and Jayawardhana (Ocean Grazer) nominated for Huibregtsen Prize02 July 2021
NWO ESI-far grant for UG researchers Steg, Bouman and Scherpen01 July 2021
Prof. Havekes receives grant from American Airforce01 July 2021
Inspired by birds28 June 2021
Dutch Universities shine a light on essential Design Engineering Sciences sector24 June 2021
Prof. Kas coordinator of PRISM2 project with grant of EUR 7.9 million22 June 2021
Dark matter: ‘real stuff’ or gravity misunderstood?22 June 2021
Rubicon grants for three researchers from the UG21 June 2021
How Darwin offers an alternative for pesticides21 June 2021
Pieter Langerhuizen Stipendium awarded to Dr. Lequime17 June 2021
Prof. Slotboom co-applicant in awarded ZonMw project application11 June 2021
Partial solar eclipse on 10 June can be seen with free eclipse glasses02 June 2021
Aletta Jacobs professor Ghandchi Tehrani starts at FSE01 June 2021
Nederlandse zonneauto teams: samen tegen klimaatverandering31 May 2021
Solène Lefebvre starts as FEBS fellow at the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute27 May 2021
Dirk Brouwer Career Award awarded to Amina Helmi25 May 2021
Onderzoek herstel Waddeneiland Griend afgerond25 May 2021
Grazing management of salt marshes contributes to coastal defense18 May 2021
‘Encouraging young people, that’s my most important job’17 May 2021
Dr. Cherukuri and Prof. Jayawardhana partners in MOOI consortium The Heat is On12 May 2021
New model can predict carbon cycle presence on exoplanets03 May 2021
Rineke Verbrugge elected as member of the KNAW29 April 2021
Prof. Heeres partner in consortium that receives MOOI grant for circular plastic28 April 2021
Amina Helmi appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion26 April 2021
Bert Poolman appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion26 April 2021
Joining forces to work towards cleaner, smarter, circular chemical products22 April 2021
Cracking the code of the Dead Sea Scrolls21 April 2021
Popular book on the life of one spoonbill called Sinagote14 April 2021
Black holes like to eat, but have a variety of table manners13 April 2021
Two ENW-KLEIN grants at GELIFES12 April 2021
Three new dedicated PhD programmes granted by China Scholarship Council08 April 2021
Prof. Hildner receives ENW-KLEIN grant06 April 2021
Tamalika Banerjee Associate Investigator in FLEET06 April 2021
Facing up to Parkinson’s disease: is there any hope of a cure?30 March 2021
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members25 March 2021
Loredana Protesescu wins Nanomaterials 2020 Young Investigator Award25 March 2021
Two EU-Erasmus+ partnerships within FSE25 March 2021
Prof. Avraamidou partner in EU-Horizon 2020 project25 March 2021
Dr. Paulino and Prof. Poolman receive ENW-KLEIN grant24 March 2021
Prof. Kas partner in EU project on personalizing medication in psychiatry24 March 2021
Symposium: ‘Reinventing Chemistry Together’ with Ben Feringa and others21 March 2021
DeepNL grant for Dr. Miocic05 March 2021
Astronomer Amina Helmi receives Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture Award02 March 2021
Consortium with Prof. Fraaije receives grant of Cariplo Foundation19 February 2021
Prof. Katsonis KHMW member and member of KNAW Advisory Council19 February 2021
Ten Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowships awarded at FSE15 February 2021
ENW-KLEIN grant for Dr. Monshizadeh10 February 2021
EU infrastructure grant awarded to Molecular Biophysics consortium08 February 2021
Prof. Loos wins IUPAC 2021 Distinguished Women in Chemistry award08 February 2021
Molecule from nature provides fully recyclable polymers04 February 2021
Thighbone in church not from James the Apostle01 February 2021
UG, Forum Groningen and northern residents to measure darkness together28 January 2021
Prof. Marrink partner in BOUNDLESS consortium28 January 2021
Dr. Lequime receives Beijerinck Premium26 January 2021
Prof. Melgert receives grant to investigate how microfibres affect lung cells25 January 2021
Prof. Taxis partner in European Happy Patient project25 January 2021
IEEE Paper award for Dr. Cucuzzella, Prof. De Persis and Prof. Van der Schaft22 January 2021
NWO ENW-KLEIN-1 grant for Dr. Vecchi05 January 2021
Video lecture on sugar by Marthe Walvoort (as part of the Universiteit van Nederland)05 January 2021
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