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Energy and Sustainability

Funding for RUG researchers from National Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL
Published on:15 July 2024

For research on making plastics circular, Professors Patrizio Raffa and Katja Loos together receive about 1.2 million euros from the National Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL.

Students study possibilities of self-driving car
Published on:03 June 2024

On 14 June 2024, a team of RUG and Hanze students will compete in the RDW Self Driving Challenge. This year, the students are competing in a new category where they have to provide their own car that has to perform various, complex tasks.

University of Groningen frontrunner in green labs movement
Published on:29 May 2024

Ben Feringa and colleagues argue for leadership and systemic change in laboratories.

University of Groningen chemists produce new-to-nature enzyme containing boron
Published on:08 May 2024

University of Groningen chemists created an enzyme with boronic acid at its reactive centre. This approach can produce more selective reactions with boron, and allows the use of directed evolution to improve its catalytic power. The new-to-nature enzyme was presented in the journal Nature on 8 May.

NWO-KIC grant for research into sharing and repairing
Published on:05 April 2024

Research group IREES receives NWO-KIC grant for research into sharing and repairing

Gravitation grant for electrochemical processes large-scale energy transition
Published on:25 March 2024

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a Gravitation grant to ANION, the research programme that Professor Moniek Tromp of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (Faculty of Science and Engineering, UG) is a partner in. ANION, Advanced Nano-electrochemistry Institute Of the Netherlands, will study the electrochemical processes that are important for large-scale energy transition. Tromp has been awarded 2.9 million euros for her research in ANION.

Darting around with a tiny brain
Published on:12 February 2024

Elisabetta Chicca studied how instects navigate, which can come in handy when developing energy-effecient robots.

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