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Awards and Grants

Azzopardi wins ENLIGHT Impact Award
Published on:12 June 2024

During the 2nd edition of the ENLIGHT Impact Awards, George Azzopardi won one of six Impact Awards for his project ‘Enhancing National and Cross-Border Security: Automatic detection of Face Morphing Attacks’. The ENLIGHT Impact Awards recognize research projects with significant societal impact. 

Comenius Teaching Fellow grant for Lerch and Bianchi
Published on:06 June 2024

Dr. Michael Lerch and Dr. Frans Bianchi have received a EUR 50,000 Comenius Teaching Fellow grant from the NRO.

Ben Feringa elected member American Philosophical Society
Published on:30 May 2024

Prof. Ben Feringa has been elected member of the American Philosophical Society (APS)

NWO Summit grant for research into molecular basis of life
Published on:28 May 2024

RUG researchers partner in NWO Summit grant to research molecular basis of life.

Four honorary doctorates awarded by the UG
Published on:27 May 2024

On Friday, 24 May, the UG awarded four honorary doctorates to Dr Kate Crawford, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Gerrit Hiemstra and Prof. Mariana Mazzucato. The presentation took place in the Aula of the Academy Building and was part of the university's anniversary celebrations.

2.9 million for sustainable management salt marshes Wadden Sea
Published on:22 May 2024

Prof. Chris Smit (GELIFES) and Prof. Kai Jensen (University of Hamburg) will receive an NWA grant of 2.9 million euros for research that will contribute to sustainable managemnt of the salt marshes of the Wadden Sea.

Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel winners Ben Feringa Impact Award 2024
Published on:22 May 2024

Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel received the Ben Feringa Impact Awards 2024 for the categories of researchers and students on Tuesday 21 May.

Master’s student Biomolecular Sciences Mink Sieders wins GUF 100 Prize
Published on:22 May 2024

At the UG Ceremony of Merits on May 21, Mink Sieders was awarded the GUF 100 Prize, making him the best student of the Faculty of Science and Engineering 2023-2024.

NWO M-2 grant for Loredana Protesescu
Published on:16 May 2024

Dr. Loredana Protesescu has been awarded an Science-M grant by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) for research into antiperovskites and how they can be used for technological applications.

Royal Decoration for Erik Frijlink
Published on:27 April 2024

Prof. Henderik Willem Frijlink was nominated by the UG to receive a royal decoration on Friday 26 April

Nine MSCA Doctoral Network grants for FSE researchers
Published on:23 April 2024

Nine researchers of the Faculty of Science and Engineering have received a Horizon Europe Marie Sklodowska Curie Doctoral Network grant.

Charissa Roossien secures JTF subsidy to develop Health Tracker
Published on:22 April 2024

Dr. Charissa Roossien (ENTEG) has successfully secured a Just Transition Fund (JTF) subsidy of 1.8 million euros to develop a Health Tracker for reliable respiratory and metabolic analysis.

Single-molecule engineering niche in Gravitation research
Published on:15 April 2024

With her expertise in single-molecule techniques, Dr. Kasia Tych (GBB) will contribute to a big Grvitation-research programme

NWO-KIC grant for research into sharing and repairing
Published on:05 April 2024

Research group IREES receives NWO-KIC grant for research into sharing and repairing

Gravitation grant on plant mechanical properties for better crops
Published on:25 March 2024

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a Gravitation grant to the Green Tissue Engineering research programme, of which professor Marleen Kamperman, from the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials

Gravitation grant for electrochemical processes large-scale energy transition
Published on:25 March 2024

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a Gravitation grant to ANION, the research programme that Professor Moniek Tromp of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (Faculty of Science and Engineering, UG) is a partner in. ANION, Advanced Nano-electrochemistry Institute Of the Netherlands, will study the electrochemical processes that are important for large-scale energy transition. Tromp has been awarded 2.9 million euros for her research in ANION.

Twinning partner in three EU collaborative projects
Published on:20 March 2024

Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (RUG) will participate as Twinning-partners in research projects in the Czech Republic, Spain, and Estonia.

NWO M-1 grants for Roos and Poolman
Published on:20 March 2024

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded M-1 grants in the Exact and Natural Sciences domain to Prof. Wouter Roos and Prof. Bert Poolman of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (RUG).

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