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A new weapon in the battle against antibiotic resistance: temperature
Published on:14 June 2024

Scientists from the University of Groningen have shown in laboratory experiments that an increase in temperature from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius increased the resistance rate for two antimicrobials, while for a third antimicrobial, the higher temperature reduced the resistance rate. If these results can be replicated in human patients, fever control could be a new way to mitigate the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

NWO Summit grant for research into molecular basis of life
Published on:28 May 2024

RUG researchers partner in NWO Summit grant to research molecular basis of life.

Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel winners Ben Feringa Impact Award 2024
Published on:22 May 2024

Raffaella Carloni and Jonas Göbel received the Ben Feringa Impact Awards 2024 for the categories of researchers and students on Tuesday 21 May.

Master’s student Biomolecular Sciences Mink Sieders wins GUF 100 Prize
Published on:22 May 2024

At the UG Ceremony of Merits on May 21, Mink Sieders was awarded the GUF 100 Prize, making him the best student of the Faculty of Science and Engineering 2023-2024.

‘The colourful cells of petals never get boring!’
Published on:13 May 2024

Most people will enjoy colours in nature. However, the interest of evolutionary biologist Casper van der Kooi goes much further: he studies how flowers, birds, butterflies, and beetles get their colours. He also studies how these colours are used to attract pollinators and sexual partners.

University of Groningen chemists produce new-to-nature enzyme containing boron
Published on:08 May 2024

University of Groningen chemists created an enzyme with boronic acid at its reactive centre. This approach can produce more selective reactions with boron, and allows the use of directed evolution to improve its catalytic power. The new-to-nature enzyme was presented in the journal Nature on 8 May.

Royal Decoration for Erik Frijlink
Published on:27 April 2024

Prof. Henderik Willem Frijlink was nominated by the UG to receive a royal decoration on Friday 26 April

Charissa Roossien secures JTF subsidy to develop Health Tracker
Published on:22 April 2024

Dr. Charissa Roossien (ENTEG) has successfully secured a Just Transition Fund (JTF) subsidy of 1.8 million euros to develop a Health Tracker for reliable respiratory and metabolic analysis.

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