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Professors Faculty of Law


Boschma, prof. mr. dr. H.E.Company Law, i.p the Legal Form of the Enterprise
Bouwman, prof. dr. J.N.Tax Law
Brandsma, prof. mr. F.Roman Law and its History
Broring, prof. mr. dr. H.E.Bestuursrecht
Brouwer, prof. mr. dr. J.G. (honorary)Law in Society
Brus, prof. dr. M.M.T.A.International Public Law
Burgers, prof. dr. I.J.J.International and European Tax Law
Cannataci, prof. dr. J.A.European Information Policy and Technology Law
Cherednychenko, prof. dr. O.O.European Private Law and Comparative Law
Colombi Ciacchi, prof. dr. A.L.B.Endowed Chair in Law and Governance
Elzinga, prof. mr. dr. H.K.Development and Differentiation in University Education, in particular Excellence programs in an Interdisciplinary context
Fournet, prof. dr. C.I.Comparative Criminal Law and International Justice
Freudenthal, prof. mr. dr. R.M.Tax Law
Graaf, prof. mr. dr. K.J. dePublic Law and Sustainability
Hertogh, prof. dr. M.L.M.Sociology of Law
Jans, prof. mr. dr. J.H.Administrative Law
Jansen, prof. mr. J.E.Ius Commune
Keulen, prof. mr. dr. B.F. (honorary)Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
Knigge, prof. mr. dr. G. (honorary)Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
Kochenov, prof. dr. D.European Constitutional Law and Citizenship
Kolkman, prof. mr. dr. W.D.Legal Science and Family Property Law
Lennarts, prof. mr. M.L.Comparative Company Law
Lindenberg, prof. mr. dr. K.K.Criminal Law
Mackor, prof. mr. dr. A.R.Professional Ethics
Marseille, prof. mr. dr. A.T.Public Administration, in particular the Empirical Study of Administrative Law
Mierlo, prof. mr. A.I.M. vanCivil Procedure Law
Mifsud Bonnici, prof. dr. G.P.European Technology Law and Fundamental Human Rights
Munneke, prof. mr. dr. S.A.J.Constitutional Law
Oldenhuis, prof. mr. dr. F.T. (honorary)Religion and Law
Pavillon, prof. mr. dr. C.M.D.S.Civil Law, esp. Consumer Law
Peters, prof. mr. dr. S.S.M.Labour Law
Prakken, prof. mr. dr. H.Legal Informatics and Legal Argumentation
Reehuis, prof. mr. dr. W.H.M.Private Law
Roggenkamp, prof. mr. dr. M.M.Energy Law
Schutte-Veenstra, prof. mr. dr. J.N.Corporate Law
Smeulers, prof. dr. A.L.Criminal Law and Criminology of International Crimes
Toebes, prof. mr. dr. B.C.A.Health Law in a Global Context
Vedder, prof. mr. dr. H.H.B.Economic Law
Verheij, prof. mr. dr. A.J.Private Law, in particular Contract Law
Verstappen, prof. mr. dr. L.C.A.Private Law
Verstijlen, prof. mr. dr. F.M.J.Private Law, in particular Property Law
Voerman, prof. dr. G.Development and Functioning of the Dutch and European Party System
Vols, prof. mr. dr. M.Public Order Law
Vonk, prof. dr. G.J.Social Security Law
Weishaar, prof. dr. S.E., LLMLaw and Economics
Westerman, prof. dr. P.C.Philosophy of Law
Wezeman, prof. mr. dr. J.B.Trade Law and Company Law
Winter, prof. dr. H.B.Public Administration, in particular the Functioning of Government
Wissink, prof. mr. dr. M.H.Private Law, in particular Law of Obligations
Woerdman, prof. dr. E.Markets and Regulation
Wolde, prof. mr. dr. M.H. tenPrivate Law, including International Private Law
Wolf, prof. mr. dr. R.A.General Tax Law (sales tax
Wolswijk, prof. mr. dr. H.D.Criminal Law

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Hoops, prof. mr. dr. B., LLMPrivate Law and Sustainability
Merkouris, prof. dr. P.Interpretation and Dispute Settlement in International Law
Ranchordás, prof. mr. dr. S.H.European Comparative Public Law

Professors by special appointment

Bregman, prof. dr. ir. A.G.Constructional Law, endowed by
Bruil, prof. mr. D.W.Agricultural Law, endowed by Stichting voor Hoger Landbouwonderwijs
Burgerhart, prof. mr. dr. W.Fiscal Aspects of Notarial Practice Law, endowed by Stichting tot bevordering der Notariële Wetenschap
Franx, prof. dr. J.P.Effectenrecht, endowed by Stichting Effectenrecht
Glerum, mr. dr. V.H.nternational and European Criminal Law¿, endowed by Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
Houwerzijl, prof. mr. dr. M.S.European and Comparative Labour Law, endowed by Stichting Versym
Langer, prof. mr. dr. J. , endowed by Stichting Bevordering Europees en Economisch Recht
Morijn, prof. dr. J.Law and politics in International Relations, endowed by Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken
Nelissen, prof. mr. dr. F.A.International Environmental Law, endowed by Stichting Rölingleerstoel
Otte, prof. dr. mr. M.Organization of Law, endowed by Stichting tot bevordering onderwijs en onderzoek in de strafrechtwetenschappen
Peters, prof. mr. dr. N.International Commercial Arbitration, endowed by Stichting ter bevordering van onderwijs en onderzoek op het gebeid van internationale commerciële arbitrage
Romburgh, prof. mr. dr. H.D. vanPublic Procurement Law, endowed by Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht
Struijk, prof. mr. S.Penology and Penitentiary Law, endowed by Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
Veen, prof. mr. dr. G.A. van derEnvironmental Law, endowed by Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
Voorde, prof. mr. dr. J.M. tenPhilosophy of Criminal Law, endowed by Stichting Bijzondere Leerstoel Leo Polak
Vries, prof. mr. dr. F. deRegulary Enforcement, endowed by Beroepsvereniging VIDE
Woude, prof. mr. dr. W. van derLaw local authorities, endowed by Stichting Oppenheimleerstoel
Zanten, prof. mr. dr. T.T. vanContract and Security
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