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Professors Faculty of Medical Sciences


Absalom, prof. dr. A.R.Anesthesiology, with specific focus on Anesthetic Pharmacology, Peri-operative Medicine and Care, and Neuroscience
Aleman, prof. dr. A.Cognitive Psychiatry, in particular the Neural Basis of Emotional Plasticity and Psychopathology
Bakker, prof. dr. B.M.Pediatrics, in particular Medical Systems Biology
Bakker, prof. dr. S.J.L.Chair Internal Medicine, in particular a system medicine approach of the metabole syndrome
Bank, prof. dr. R.A.Medical Biology, in particular Matrix Biology and Tissue Repair
Baskent, prof. dr. D.Auditory Perception
Beek, prof. dr. E.M. van der
Berg, prof. dr. J.H.M. van denMolecular Pathology of Malign Lymphomas
Berg, prof. dr. M.P. van denCardiology, in particular Genetic Cardiology
Berger, prof. dr. M.Y.General Practice Medicine
Berger, prof. dr. R.M.F.Paediatrics, in particular Paediatric Cardiology
Berger, prof. dr. S.P.
Bilo, prof. dr. H.J.G.Internal Medicine, in particular Transmural (Diabetes) Care
Bock, prof. dr. G.H. deCancer Epidemiology
Boddeke, prof. dr. H.W.G.M.Vegetative Physiology
Boer, prof. dr. J.A. den
Boer, prof. dr. R.A. deTranslational Cardiology
Boezen, prof. dr. H.M.Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Respiratory Disease
Boots, prof. dr. A.M.H.Ageing of the Immune System and Chronic Disease Development
Bootsma, prof. dr. H.Rheumatology
Bos, prof. dr. A.F.Paediatrics, in particular Neonatology
Bos, prof. dr. N.A.Internationalisation of Education in the Medical Sciences
Both, prof. dr. S.Radiotherapy in particular Clinical Physics Protontherapy
Brand, prof. dr. P.L.P. (honorary)Clinical Training
Brouwer, prof. dr. O.F.Child Neurology
Bruin, prof. dr. A. de (honorary)Molecular pathology of experimental animals
Bulstra, prof. dr. S.K.Orthopaedics
Bultmann, prof. dr. U.Work and Health, in particular from a Life-course Epidemiological Perspective
Burgess, prof. dr. J.K.Extracellular Matrix in Disease Pathogenesis
Buskens, prof. dr. E.Medical Technology Assessment
Busscher, prof. dr. ir. H.J.Research into the Medical Application of Biomaterials
Coppes, prof. dr. R.P.Radiotherapy and Radiation Biology of Normal Tissue Effects
Cornelissen, prof. dr. F.W.Ophtalmology in particular Visual Neuroscienes
Croiset, prof. dr. G.Education and traing in health and life sciences
Cune, prof. dr. M.S.Oral Function Theory, in particular Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry
Daemen, prof. dr. C.A.H.H.Medical Microbiology, in particular Tumor Virology
De Deyn, prof. dr. P.P.
Denig, prof. dr. P.Drug Utilization Quality
Diercks, prof. dr. R.L.Clinical Sports Medicine
Dierckx, prof. dr. R.A.J.O.Nuclear Medicine
Dijk, prof. dr. P. vanAudiology
Dijkstra, prof. dr. P.U.Rehabilitation Medicine, in particular Research
Dijl, prof. dr. J.M. vanMedical Microbiology, in particular Molecular Bacteriology
Elsinga, prof. dr. P.H.Radiochemistry, in particular Positron Emission Tomography
Erwich, prof. J.J.H.M.
Friedrich, prof. dr. A.W.Medical Microbiology
Gans, prof. dr. R.O.B.General Internal Medicine
Gansevoort, prof. dr. R.T.
Geertzen, prof. dr. J.H.B.Rehabilitation Medicine
Gelder, prof. dr. I.C. vanCardiology
Gietema, prof. dr. J.A.Medical Oncology, in particular Impact-driven Systemic Therapy
Gilst, prof. dr. W.H. vanCardiovascular and Clinical Pharmacology
Goor, prof. dr. H. vanExperimental Renal Pathology
Graeff, prof. dr. P.A. dePharmacotherapy, in particular the Relationship between Training and Drug Therapy
Groen, prof. dr. R.J.M.Neurosurgery
Haan, prof. dr. G. deCell Biology, in particular the Molecular Biology of Stem Cells
Hadders-Algra, prof. dr. M.Developmental Neurology
Hagedoorn, prof. dr. M.
Harmsen, prof. dr. M.C.Regenerative Medicine, i.p. ageing of the Cardiovascular System
Harst, prof. dr. P. van der
Heeringa, prof. dr. P.Immunology in particular the immune mediated vasculitides
Heineman, prof. dr. E. (honorary)Surgery
Helfrich, prof. dr. W.
Henkens, prof. dr. C.J.I.M.
Henning, prof. dr. R.H.Pharmacology, in particular Experimental Pharmacology
Hillebrands, prof. dr. J.L.Vascular Biology
Hillege, prof. dr. J.L.Cardiology, in particular Cardiorenal Interactions
Hoek, prof. dr. A.
Hoekstra, prof. dr. D.Physical Chemistry
Hoekstra, prof. dr. P.J.
Hollema, prof. dr. H.Oncological Pathology
Horst, prof. dr. G.J. terNeurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders
Hortobagyi, prof. dr. T.Movement and Healthy Ageing
Hospers, prof. dr. G.A.P.Medical Oncology, in particular translational research and therapy for tumors of the gastrointestinal tract
Huckriede, prof. dr. A.L.W.Vaccinology
Huls, prof. dr. G.A.Hematology, especially Hemato-Oncology
Ijzendoorn, prof. dr. S.C.D. van
Jaarsma, prof. dr. A.D.C.
Jansonius, prof. dr. N.M.Ophtalmology, in particular in the field of Glaucoma
Joëls, prof. dr. M.Neurobiology of environmental factors
Jong, prof. dr. I.J. de
Jong, prof. dr. S. dePreclinical and Translational Oncology
Kampinga, prof. dr. H.H.Cell Biology, in particular Cell-Biological Consequences of Radiation and Stress
Kema, prof. dr. I.P.Clinical Chemistry, in particular Neuroendocrinology and Oncology
Kerstjens, prof. dr. H.A.M.Pulmonary Diseases, in particular Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Klaase, prof. dr. J.M.
Kluin-Nelemans, prof. dr. J.C. (honorary)
Knoers, prof. dr. V.V.A.M.
Kolkman, prof. dr. J.J. (honorary)Gastrointestinal liver diseases, in particular ischemic disorders of the gstrointestinal tract
Koning-Tijssen, prof. dr. M.A.J. deNeurological Movement Disorders
Koppelman, prof. dr. G.H.Pediatrics in particular pulmonology
Kosterink, prof. dr. J.G.W.Hospital Pharmacy, in particular Clinical Pharmacy
Kremer, prof. dr. H.P.H.Neurology
Kroese, prof. dr. F.G.M.Cell Biology Education and Teaching in the Medical Sciences, in particular Cell Biology Training
Kromhout, prof. dr. ir. D.
Kruyt, prof. dr. F.A.E.Experimental Oncology
Kuipers, prof. dr. F.Paediatrics, in particular the Regulation and Development of the Liver and Digestive System
Kuivenhoven, prof. dr. J.A.Development of atherosclerosis, especially the translation from molecular mechanisms in prevention and therapy
Kuks, prof. dr. J.B.M.Teaching in the Medical Sciences, in particular Neurology Teaching
Laan, prof. dr. B.F.A.M. van derOtorhinolaryngology
Laar, prof. dr. T. vanAdvances treatment of Parkinson's disease
Laman, prof. dr. J.D.Immunology of Ageing
Lambers Heerspink, prof. dr. H.J.Clinical drug trials and personalized medicine
Langen, prof. dr. I.M. vanClinical Genetics
Langendijk, prof. dr. J.A.Radiotherapy
Lansdorp, prof. dr. P.M.Biology of Ageing
Lei, prof. dr. B. van derPlastic Surgery, in particular Aesthetic Surgery
Lemmink, prof. dr. K.A.P.M.Sport, Prestation and Innovation
Leuvenink, prof. dr. H.G.D.Experimental Surgery, i.p. the Biology of Transplantation
Links, prof. dr. T.P.Endocrinology, in particular Familial Endocrine Tumor Syndromes
Lisman, prof. dr. J.A.Experimental Surgery
Maaten, prof. dr. J.C. terInternal medicine in particular internal medicine
Mariani, prof. dr. M.Cardiothoracic Surgery
Maurits, prof. dr. ir. N.M.Clinical Neuroengineering
Mei, prof. dr. H.C. van derBiomaterial-related Biofilms and Infections
Meijer, prof. dr. H.J.A.Implantology and Preprosthetic Dentistry
Meijer, dr. K.
Molema, prof. dr. G.Life Sciences, in particular the study of the Endothelium in Normal and Pathological Circumstances
Moshage, prof. dr. A.J.Experimental Hepatology and Gastroenterology
Mourits, prof. dr. M.J.E.Gynaecological Oncology, in particular the Endogenous and Exogenous Predisposition
Naalt, prof. dr. J. van der
Navis, prof. dr. G.J.Experimentele Nefrology
Niesters, prof. dr. H.G.M.Medical Microbiology, in particular Molecular Virological Diagnostics
Nijman, prof. dr. H.W.Gynaecological Oncology, in particular Immunotherapy
Nolen, prof. dr. W.A. (honorary)Psychiatry, in particular Emotional Disorders
Nollen, prof. dr. ir. E.A.A.Molecular Biology of Ageing
Oldehinkel, prof. dr. A.J.Lifecourse Epidemiology of Common Mental Disorders
Oude Voshaar, prof. dr. R.C.Old age Psychiatry
Pierie, prof. dr. J.P.E.N. (honorary)Endoscopic Surgery, in particular Teaching and Education
Ploeg, prof. dr. R.J.Transplantation Medicine, in particular Clinical Transplantation Surgery
Porte, prof. dr. R.J.Surgery, in particular Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation
Postma, prof. dr. M.J.Pharmacoeconomics
Pruim, prof. dr. J.
Rabouille, prof. dr. C.
Raghoebar, prof. dr. G.M.Implantology and Reconstructive Preprosthetic Surgery
Ranchor, prof. dr. A.V.Health Psychology, in particular Individual Differences in the Adaptation to Chronic Illness
Ravenswaaij-Arts, prof. dr. C.M.A. vanClinical dysmorphology and the use of genome analysis
Reggiori, prof. dr. F.M.Cellbiology in particular on the molecular mechanism of autophagy
Reijneveld, prof. dr. S.A.Social Medicine
Ren, prof. dr. Y.Orthodontics
Reneman, prof. dr. M.F.Rehabilitation Medicine, in particular Pain Rehabilitation and Work Participation
Reyners, prof. dr. A.K.L.Palliative Medicine
Rooij, prof. dr. S.E.J.A. de
Rots, prof. dr. M.G.Molecular Epigenetics
Sanderman, prof. dr. R.Health Psychology, in particular Psychological and Social Adaptation to Somatic Illnesses
Scheeren, prof. dr. T.W.L.Anesthetic and Cardiovascular Physiology
Scherder, prof. dr. E.J.A. (honorary)Movement, Health and Aging
Schoevers, prof. dr. R.A.Psychiatry
Schuringa, prof. dr. J.J.Experimental Hematology
Schuuring, prof. dr. E.M.D.Molecular Oncological Pathology
Sibon, prof. dr. O.C.M.Cell Biology
Sijmons, prof. dr. R.H.Medical Translational Genetics
Sinha, prof. dr. B.N.M.
Sinke, prof. dr. R.J.Genome Analysis
Slaets, prof. dr. J.P.J.Clinical Geriatrics
Sluis, prof. dr. C.K. van derRehabilitation Medicine, in particular Rehabilitation of upper limb disorders
Sluis, dr. L.W.M. van der
Snieder, prof. dr. H.Genetic Epidemiology
Sommer, prof. dr. I.E.C.
Spijkervet, prof. dr. F.K.L.
Spronsen, prof. dr. F.J. vanPaediatrics, especially Defects in the Amino Acid Metabolism
Stegeman, prof. dr. C.A.Nephrology, in particular Renal Aspects of System Diseases
Stienstra, prof. Y.Infectious diseases, especially tropical and proverty-related infections
Stolk, prof. dr. R.P. (honorary)Clinical Epidemiology
Struys, prof. dr. M.M.R.F.Anesthesiology
Suurmeijer, prof. dr. A.J.H.Pathology, in particular Diagnostics of Soft Tissue Tumors and Cardiovascular Disorders
Timens, prof. dr. W.Immunopathology
Touw, prof. dr. D.J.Bioanalysis, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring en Clinical Toxicology
Tulleken, prof. dr. J.E.Teaching and Training in Intensive Care Medicine
Veldhuisen, prof. dr. D.J. vanCardiology
Verhagen, prof. dr. A.A.E.
Verkade, prof. dr. H.J.Paediatrics, in particular Paediatric Gastroenterology
Verkerk, prof. dr. M.A.Care Ethics
Verkerke, prof. dr. ir. G.J.Biomedical Product Development
Vissink, prof. dr. A.Oral Medicine
Voors, prof. dr. A.A.Cardiology, in particular D rug Therapy of Heart Failure
Vos, prof. dr. P. de
Vries, prof. dr. E.G.E. deMedical Oncology
Vugt, prof. dr. M.A.T.M. vanMolecular Oncology
Weersma, prof. dr. R.K.
Werf, prof. dr. T.S. van derInternal Medicine, in particular Infectious Diseases
Werker, prof. dr. P.M.N.Plastic Surgery
Wichers, prof. dr. M.C.
Wiel, prof. dr. H.B.M. van deHealth Psychology, in particular Communication
Wietasch, prof. dr. J.K.G.
Wijkstra, prof. dr. P.J.Pulmonology and tuberculosis, especially chronic respiratory support
Wilffert, prof. dr. B.Pharmaco Therapy and Clinical Pharmacy
Wolff, prof. dr. A.P.Anesthesiology, especially pain medicine
Wolffenbuttel, prof. dr. B.H.R.Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
Woude, prof. dr. L.H.V. van derMovement and Rehabilitation
Zee, prof. dr. A.G.J. van derGynaecological Oncology
Zeebregts, prof. dr. J.A.M.Vascular Surgery, in particular Etiology, Imaging and Treatment of Vascular Damage
Zuidema, prof. dr. S.U.

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Bremer, prof. dr. E.
Brouwer, prof. dr. S.
Calkhoven, prof. dr. C.F.Gene regulation in aging diseases
Dijk, prof. dr. J.M.C. vanNeurosurgery of the Ageing Brain
Eggen, prof. dr. B.J.L.
Foijer, prof. dr. ir. F.Aneuploidy in Cancer and Ageing
Franke, prof. dr. L.H.
Guryev, prof. dr. V.
Heijink, prof. dr. H.I.Medical Biology
Kocer, prof. dr. A.Neurosciences in particular the Neurobiology of Ion Channels
Rossen, prof. dr. J.W.A.
Swertz, prof. dr. M.A.
Thedieck, prof. dr. K.Metabolic Signaling
Veling, dr. W.A.
Vliegenthart, prof. dr. R.
Zhernakova, prof. dr. A.P.Human genome and exposome

Professors by special appointment

Reijngoud, prof. dr. D.J.Laboratory Medicine, in particular the Inborn Variation in Metabolism, endowed by Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
Roodbol, prof. dr. P.F.Nursing Science, especially in the Field of Innovation and Education, endowed by Jan Cornelis de Cock-Stichting
Smit, prof. dr. A.J.
Stekelenburg, prof. dr. J. , endowed by Nederlandse Vereniging voor Tropische Geneeskunde en internationale Gezonheidszorg

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

NameField / Discipline
Akker-Scheek, dr. I. van denSport Sciences
Baron, dr. W.Cell Biology
Beek, dr. A. van
Birnie, dr. E.
Bongers, dr. R.M.Psychology, Experimental
Psychology, Developmental
Broens, dr. P.M.A.
Brouwer, dr. E.
Chang, M.
Corpeleijn, dr. ir. E.Nutrition & Dietetics
Sport Sciences
Statistics & Probability
Dekker, prof. dr. R.Rehabilitation
Dijk, mr. dr. J.P. vanPublic, Environmental & Occupational Health
Dullaart, dr. R.P.F.
Elferink-Gemser, dr. M.T.Sport Sciences
Faas, dr. M.M.Immunology
Giepmans, dr. B.N.G.
Glaudemans, dr. A.W.J.M.Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging
Hacken, dr. N.H.T. ten
Harmsen, dr. ir. H.J.M.Microbiology
Infectious Diseases
Hartman, dr. C.A.
Hartman, dr. E.Sport Sciences
Behavioural Sciences
Horvath, dr. B.
Hylkema, dr. M.N.Respiratory System
Jong, dr. B.M. de
Jong, dr. K.P. de
Knopf, A.C.
Kooy, dr. A.Endocrinology & Metabolism
Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Krabbe, dr. P.F.M.Psychometrics
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Health Policy & Services
Lamoth, dr. C.J.C.Rehabilitation
Behavioural Sciences
Geriatrics & Gerontology
Sport Sciences
Lub-de Hooge, dr. M.N.Pharmacy
Maeckelberghe, dr. E.L.M.Ethics
Medical Ethics
Nawijn, dr. ir. M.C.Immunology
Genetics & Heredity
Respiratory System
Nijsten, dr. M.W.N.
Ooijen, dr. ir. P.M.A. vanMedical Informatics
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Rheenen, dr. P.F. vanPediatrics
Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Tropical Medicine
Schoemaker, dr. M.M.Rehabilitation
Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, Experimental
Schroder, dr. C.P.
Schroevers, dr. M.J.Behavioural Sciences
Psychology, Clinical
Sillje, dr. H.H.W.
Slart, prof. dr. R.H.J.A.Medicine, Research & Experimental
Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging
Smidt, dr. N.Geriatrics & Gerontology
Behavioural Sciences
Medicine, General & Internal
Stevens, dr. M.
Tissing, prof. dr. W.J.E.
Veenhoff, dr. L.M.Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Vries, dr. E.F.J. deRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging
Walenkamp, dr. A.M.E.Oncology
Medicine, General & Internal
Winter, dr. A.F. dePublic, Environmental & Occupational Health
Health Care Sciences & Services
Withoff, dr. S.Genetics & Heredity
Witjes, dr. M.J.H.
Zaal, dr. ir. F.T.J.M.Psychology, Experimental
Sport Sciences
Zuhorn, dr. I.S.Cell Biology
Engineering, Biomedical
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
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