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Nieuws van, uit en over Lab Kindergeneeskunde UMCG
Nieuws van, uit en over Lab Kindergeneeskunde UMCG

Symposium ‘ Cellular Metabolism in Disease: Friend or foe ’20 december 2017
New key publication:Interplay of host genetics and gut microbiota underlying the onset and clinical presentation of inflammatory bowel disease12 december 2017
New key publication: Running-wheel activity delays mitochondrial respiratory flux decline in aging mouse muscle via a post-transcriptional mechanism09 november 2017
PhD degree: Marcela Doktorova01 november 2017
Prestigious TSC Research Award from the German TS Foundation for Kathrin Thedieck25 oktober 2017
Research Award 2017, Jaap Mulder17 oktober 2017
PhD degree: Federico Oldoni16 oktober 2017
Alliance for Healthy Aging Conference25 augustus 2017
Letter to Editor AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism10 augustus 2017
Archibald Garrod Award for Terry Derks26 juli 2017
KNAW Ter Meulen Beurs 2017: Lori van der Schoor19 juli 2017
Nature Medicine: News and Views11 juli 2017
Prestigious PhD scholarship for Marcel Vieira Lara04 juli 2017
Vier consortia aan de slag binnen Complexity in Health & Nutrition27 juni 2017
Vidi- Beurs: Maaike Oosterveer:"Suiker: een kickstart voor kanker"30 mei 2017
Interview Kathrin Thedieck ,Biozentrum Basel29 mei 2017
PhD degree:Vera Nies24 mei 2017
PhD degree:Nicoline Kuiken08 mei 2017
Daniel Steinberg Early Career Investigator Award and the Irvine Page Award for Marit Westerterp06 mei 2017
Oratie dhr. J.A. Kuivenhoven.02 mei 2017
Eelke Brandsma winning a POSTER AWARD at the 85th EAS Congress26 april 2017
Leren in het Emma, Interview met Eline van der Beek12 april 2017
Gezondheidsraad adviseert injectie vitamine K bij baby direct na geboorte11 april 2017
Thinking differently, the Center of Innovation series of Unexpected Conversations - Folkert Kuipers "Healthy Ageing, from bench to bedside and beyond"30 maart 2017
PhD degree: Brenda Hijmans22 februari 2017
Award: Young Investigator :Ivo van de Peppel 201717 februari 2017
Marit Westerterp PhD was interviewed by Circulation Research02 februari 2017
Inaugural lecture Ms Prof E.M. van der Beek: Nutritional programming: the role of nutrient quality in growth, development and later life health 31-01-201731 januari 2017
UMCG Press Release: Targeting pathogen metabolism without collateral damage to the host13 januari 2017
New key publication:A liver-specific long non-coding RNA with a role in cell viability is elevated in human non-alcoholic steatohepatitis11 januari 2017
New key publication:Intestinal Farnesoid X Receptor Controls Transintestinal Cholesterol Excretion in Mice.06 januari 2017
New key publication:Malnutrition-associated liver steatosis and ATP depletion is caused by peroxisomal and mitochondrial dysfunction.03 december 2016
New key publication: A systems study reveals concurrent activation of AMPK and mTOR by amino acids.21 november 2016
New key publication:Transintestinal Cholesterol Transport Is Active in Mice and Humans and Controls Ezetimibe-Induced Fecal Neutral Sterol Excretion.04 november 2016
Award:Melinde Wijers; Spier 201628 oktober 2016
PhD degree: Arne Dikkers26 oktober 2016
PhD degree: Weilin Liu19 oktober 2016
Nature Reviews Best Abstract prize: Vera Nies20 september 2016
PhD degree : Alina Fedoseienko19 september 2016
PhD degree: Marleen Schonewille14 september 2016
Healthy Life Alliance leerstoel voor Folkert Kuipers05 april 2016
PhD degree: Maurien Pruis09 december 2015
PhD degree: Marije Boesjes04 november 2015
PHD degree: Nanda Gruben13 mei 2015
PhD degree: Fareeba Sheedfar12 januari 2015
PhD degree: Carolien Out26 november 2014
PhD degree: Nienke Volker-Touw20 oktober 2014
PhD degree:Gijs den Besten23 juni 2014
PhD degree: Frank Bodewes19 maart 2014
PhD degree: Andrea Schreuder12 februari 2014
PhD degree: Jan Freark de Boer11 december 2013
Inaugural Speech Barbara Bakker22 oktober 2013
PhD degree: Wijtske Annema17 juni 2013
Oratie Dirk-Jan Reijngoud12 maart 2013
PhD degree:Mariette van der Wulp03 december 2012
PhD degree: Margot Fijlstra21 november 2012
VIDI-subsidie van NWO voor UMCG-onderzoeker Hans Jonker23 mei 2012