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The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW: Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen) is the oldest ‘Learned Society’ in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1752 under the name Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen with the aim to promote science in the widest possible sense. Ever since its establishment, the KHMW has been involved in promoting science and building bridges between academia and society. More information about the KHMW can be found on

KHMW membership list

Prof. dr. C.W.A.M. Aarts

Prof. E.A. Bergshoeff

Prof. K. van Berkel

Prof. J.N. Bremmer

Prof. G.C.G. Dehue

Prof. R.A.J.O. Dierckx

Prof. D. Draaisma

prof. dr. B.L. Feringa

Prof. dr. L.H. Franke

Prof. H.W. Frijlink

Prof. dr. J.H. Garretsen

Prof. H.J. Heeres

Prof. A. Helmi

Prof. P. Hendriks

Prof. dr. C.J.I.M. Henkens

Prof. dr. F.a. Hindriks

Prof. G. Holstege

Prof. dr. L.H. Hoogduin

Prof. J.T.M. de Hosson

Prof. A.H. Huussen

Prof. L.P.B.M. Janssen

Prof. dr. M. Joëls

Prof. dr. N.H. Katsonis

Prof. M.G. Kemperink

Prof. dr. P. Kleingeld

Prof. E.M. Kneppers-Hijnert

Prof. dr. K.H.W. Knot

Prof. E. J. Korthals Altes

Prof. N.W.F. Kossen

Prof. T.A.F. Kuipers

Prof. dr. A.S. Lehmann

Prof. dr. A. C. Liefbroer

Prof. D.K.F. Meijer

Prof. J.J.A. Mooij

Prof. C.H. Mulder

prof. dr. L.W. Nauta

Prof. E. Noort

Prof. T.T.M. Palstra

Prof. T. Piersma

Prof. M. Popovic

Prof. W.J. Quax

Prof. J.W. Romeijn

Prof. J.M.A. Scherpen

Prof. dr. I.E.C. Sommer

Prof. dr. J.I. Stoker

Prof. dr. D.R. Veenstra

Prof. L.C. Verbrugge

Prof. J.P. Vet

Prof. J.G.H. Wessels

Prof. T.N. Wijmenga

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