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University of Groningen awards

Lecturer of the Year

Lecturers who have demonstrated significant involvement with their teaching and their students, have provided excellent teaching and/or have shown extraordinary commitment to curriculum development and educational innovation can be nominated for the Lecturer of the Year Award.

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UG Impact Award (2020- )

Every year, the University of Groningen presents the UG Impact Award to UG researchers and students who have made outstanding achievements in the field of knowledge utilization, i.e. who have connected their research to the professional (non-academic) world and/or societal (including economic) practice. The award will demonstrate the University’s appreciation for their exceptional contribution to knowledge utilization.

The prize will be awarded in two categories: one for researchers and one for students. There will be one prizewinner or prizewinning team of a maximum of 4 people and two honourable mentions per category. The winning student will receive a prize of € 2,500 to be spent as they please. The winning researcher will receive a prize of € 5,000 to be spent on further knowledge utilization. The prizes will be presented during the annual impact lecture.

Aletta Jacobs Prize

Since 1990, the University of Groningen awards a biannual prize to women who have distinguished themselves in the field of emancipation. The prize aims to profile women who serve as an example to others.

Year Winner
2020 Khadija Arib (President of the Dutch House of Representatives), for her relentless campaign for the position of Moroccan women in the Netherlands in particular, her exemplary role as the first female President of the House of Representatives with a migration background and for the way in which she highlighted the celebration of 100 years of suffrage in the Netherlands as a celebration of universal suffrage for men and women.
2018 Lilianne Ploumen (politician), for her commitment to and successful endeavours for the rights of women and girls all over the world.
2016 Petra Stienen (Arabist and publicist), on account of her ability to ensure that women’s voices are heard loudly and clearly, both in and outside the Netherlands. She creates room for ‘the other voice’ of women and men in the Dutch and Arab worlds.
2014 Dr Noeleen Heyzer (Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), for her efforts to improve the treatment of women, particularly in Asia.
2012 Dr Els Borst-Eilers (former Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport) (she died in 2014).
2010 Neelie Kroes ( European Commissioner for Digital Agenda), for the major social impact of her work and the clear exemplary role she plays in positions that are sometimes unique and often powerful.

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Alumnus of the Year

The University of Groningen is proud of its alumni. They are the ambassadors of the University, which would like to affirm this bond by presenting an award to an alumnus who has reached an exceptional achievement in society. The Alumnus of the Year is nominated by the alumni community itself.

To qualify for the title of ‘Alumnus of the Year’, a candidate must meet the following criteria. We are looking for people who:

  • Have made an exceptional contribution to society, research, culture or sports
  • Are an inspiration to others
  • And are a promise for the future
Year Winner
2020 Laurien Meuter: alumna Economics and Corporate Finance. She is awarded the prize for the impressive way in which she supports women and their families in the poorest slums of Mumbai.
2019 Sander de Hosson: alumnus Medicine. He is receiving the award for the incisive way in which he calls for attention for the emotional side of palliative care and for making death a topic for discussion amongst medical staff, starting during their training.
2018 Christiaan Triebert: alumnus International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies and Political Philosophy. He is awarded the prize for his contribution to innovative investigative journalism. ‘His work pushes the boundaries of traditional journalism, opens new doors, gives new insights, uncovers corruption and inspires others’.
2017 Carolien de Bruin: alumna Business and Finance. With her small consultancy, C-Change, she wants to draw organizations, investors and business into the dream that the UN has projected on the year 2030.
2016 Merel Rumping: The alumna in International Relations and International Organization was awarded this prize for her work as founder and project leader of LegBank, a social enterprise that aims to provide affordable comfortable prosthetic sockets to vulnerable people in low-income countries who miss a lower leg.
2015 Luuk van Middelaar: graudated in History and Philosophy. The UG commends Van Middelaar on his critical and original thinking, on his versatility and his skill in combining academia and practice.

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Van Swinderen Prize

The Van Swinderen Prize of the Royal Physics Society in Groningen is awarded every year to the best summary of a PhD thesis published at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (formerly known as the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences) or the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen in that academic year.

The summary should be an accurate representation of the contents of the PhD thesis and should be accessible to non-experts. The prize consists of a certificate and € 2250.

Year Winner
2020 Dr Tom Buurke. Proefschrift 'Adaptive control of dynamic balance in human walking'
2019 Dr Floris Imhann, 'The gut microbiome in intestinal disesases - and the infrastructure to investigate it'
2018 Dr Ymkje de Vries. Dissertation: 'Evidence-b(i)ased psychiatry'
2017 Dr A.M. (Ahmad) Al-Jallad.
2016 Dr C. A. Keyzer. Dissertation: 'Clinical implications of the cross-talk between renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and vitamin D-FGF23-klotho axis'
2015 Dr G. (Gergo) Popping. Dissertation: 'The evolution of the atomic and molecular interstellar medium in star-forming galaxies'

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Guf-100 Prize

On the occasion of the centenary of the Groningen University Fund in 1993, the GUF-100 prizes were established. They are awarded at each 5-year anniversary celebration. The prizes consist of ten scholarships for study or research for students from all University of Groningen faculties.

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Gratama Science Award

The Gratama Science Award is a prize to encourage young scientists who distinguish themselves by their innovative, socially relevant, and challenging research. The award is granted to members of the research communities of the universities of Leiden and Groningen, on the basis of their published research results during a period of maximally 5 years after obtaining the PhD degree.  

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Guyot Prize

The Guyot Prize is the oldest scientific prize awarded by the University of Groningen. It is awarded for outstanding achievements in auditory science and otology. The prize is named after Henri Daniël Guyot who founded the first institute for the deaf in the Netherlands in 1790, the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Guyot’s grandson, H.D. Guyot, made a bequest to the University of Groningen aiming ‘to use its interest to award a grant once every five years to any Dutchman or foreigner who in that period has made the most important discovery in the field of otology’.

Year Winner
2019 Professor Tobias Moser
2014 Professor Karen Steel (awarded during Opening Academic Year)
2010 Professor A. James Hudspeth
2004 Professor P. Dallos
1999 Professor A.N. Salt
1994 Professor D. Lim

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The Ubbo Emmius Medal

The Ubbo Emmius Medal was established in 1964 by the Groningen University Fund on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the University of Groningen. There are two versions of the medal: one for academic merit and one for social merit. Both medals are awarded once every five years.

Year Winner
2018 Annemarie Heite
2016 M. J. van den Berg
2014 Professor U. Beisiegel
2011 H. Finkers
2008 Professor D. Breimer
2003 Professor E. Tov

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Wierenga-Rengerink PhD Prize

The Wieringa-Rengerink PhD prize is an annual prize awarded to the writer of the best University of Groningen dissertation. The prize was first awarded in 2015. Every faculty nominates a dissertation and the jury of former rectors chooses one overall winner. Only exceptionally good dissertations qualify - they have to be credited at least with cum laude.

Year Winner
2021 Isti Hidayati
2020 Dr Arpi Karapetian
2019 Dr Michael Lerch
2018 Dr Alain Dekker
2017 Dr Nigel Hamilton and Dr. Jordi van Gestel
2016 Dr Hanna van Loo
2015 Dr Namkje Koudenburg

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Nicolaas Mulerius Stipendium

Every five years, the University of Groningen awards the Nicolaas Mulerius Stipendium, a grant worth €25,000, to a researcher who has demonstrated outstanding achievements.

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The Academy Plaque

The Academy Plaque was created in 1909 for the inauguration of this building. The Board of the University has decided to award copies of this plaque to staff members who leave the UG after many years of employment, both as a token of appreciation and a memento of their days at the University of Groningen. The General Manager of the Office of the University will assess applications for the plaques. Before a plaque is presented, it will be engraved with the name of the staff member, any titles, as well as the start and end dates of their employment. Plaque administration lies with the secretary to the General Manager. Plaque applications must include an explanation and must be submitted at least one month before presentation of the plaque. A silver plaque can be awarded to departing members of the Board of the University, members of the Committee of Deans or staff members with at least 40 years of employment or an exceptional track record. In special cases, at the discretion of the General Manager of the Office of the University, plaques can also be presented to other persons than those described above.

The Academy Plaque
The Academy Plaque
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