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News archive 2021

TitlePosted on
RUG neemt afscheid van beiaardier Auke de Boer22 December 2021
Veni grants for seven Groningen researchers16 December 2021
Iris Sommer elected Distinguished Lorentz Fellow15 December 2021
UG is third on world list of sustainable universities14 December 2021
Bonus episode In Science: Ben Feringa on his research & winning the Nobel Prize10 December 2021
First Ben Feringa Impact Award awarded09 December 2021
In Science podcast: Vikings in the Americas 1000 years ago08 December 2021
Purple Friday: a pleasant and safe university environment for everyone06 December 2021
Dr Marie-José van Tol new chair of De Jonge Akademie06 December 2021
Marthe Walvoort receives NWO Athena Award03 December 2021
Launch Online Course AIProHealth29 November 2021
Orange the World lights up the Academy Building in orange25 November 2021
Universiteiten van Nederland presenteren platform voor Leven Lang Ontwikkelen23 November 2021
The Massive Open Online Courses of the University of Groningen keep achieving good results!05 November 2021
Limited growth in the number of UG students04 November 2021
Unveiling of portrait series of professors02 November 2021
Lawyer and professor of personal injury? Arvin Kolder does it, and it brings him much satisfaction26 October 2021
National Forest Service and University of Groningen launch Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer Telescope26 October 2021
Humans of RUG: podcasts on the people behind the University25 October 2021
Van Old noar Jong: met het Gronings de dorpsgemeenschap versterken21 October 2021
Celebrating openness: The Open Research Award event21 October 2021
Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago20 October 2021
Equality at the surgery12 October 2021
Young Academy Groningen publishes report on harassment in academia08 October 2021
VR-bril zorgt voor flinke stressafname bij IC-verpleegkundigen07 October 2021
Biomembrane to clear up oil spills wins KIJK People’s Choice Award06 October 2021
Podcast: Ben Feringa on his research & winning the Nobel Prize05 October 2021
How do anorexia patients resist hunger?05 October 2021
Rebecca Gomperts awarded Aletta Jacobs Prize 202228 September 2021
What’s the difference between urban spiders and rural spiders?27 September 2021
Sijbren Otto receives James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry27 September 2021
Teachers can also be bullies: LGBT youth at school16 September 2021
Blowing holes in economic ideologies13 September 2021
Mobile phones continue to cause privacy issues09 September 2021
Tesse Stek new Scientific Director of KNIR07 September 2021
Meld je aan voor de CurioUs meetactie01 September 2021
UMCG and UG to take part in European project on accelerating vaccine development01 September 2021
Sense or nonsense? Young researchers are putting twenty proverbs to the test01 September 2021
Update corona13 August 2021
AIHACKCOVID | Outcomes and winning team19 July 2021
UG economists predict: 'Netherlands to experience most successful Games ever in Tokyo'19 July 2021
Five UG/UMCG researchers awarded Vidi grants14 July 2021
Vakis and Jayawardhana (Ocean Grazer) nominated for Huibregtsen Prize02 July 2021
Ondansetron prescribed by General Practitioners effective in children with stomach flu30 June 2021
Health economist Mierau on the ENLIGHT collaboration: ‘UG can become even bigger motor in the region’30 June 2021
Isti Hidayati wins 2020 Wierenga-Rengerink Thesis Prize29 June 2021
KEI-week 202128 June 2021
Dutch Universities shine a light on essential Design Engineering Sciences sector24 June 2021
150th ‘birthday’ of Tine Tammes, the University of Groningen’s first female professor23 June 2021
Dark matter: ‘real stuff’ or gravity misunderstood?22 June 2021
GPs offer UMCG’s expanded carrier screening successfully after targeted training21 June 2021
Success & failure of right-wing populism – Léonie de Jonge – In Science #28 – UG Podcast18 June 2021
Doe mee aan lezingen en werkcolleges met gastschrijver RUG Mathijs Deen16 June 2021
From the Board of the University: UG signs Diversity Charter11 June 2021
UG history book now available11 June 2021
Better health for elderly aged 75+ with their natural teeth10 June 2021
Anne Beaulieu appointed Aletta Jacobs professor of Knowledge Infrastructures at University of Groningen / Campus Fryslân10 June 2021
Corona crisis has lasting effects on news consumption09 June 2021
Mathijs Deen is the 2021-2022 Guest Writer of the University of Groningen08 June 2021
‘Take a close look at the content of diversity training courses’07 June 2021
UG launches free city walking tour guide as part of Aletta Year03 June 2021
Partial solar eclipse on 10 June can be seen with free eclipse glasses02 June 2021
Why do we believe misleading advertisements and ‘fake’ news?25 May 2021
‘Don’t underestimate older employees!’25 May 2021
Zeven fellowships toegekend voor onderzoek bij Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study21 May 2021
Schrijf je collegegeld terug met de Gerrit Krolprijs!20 May 2021
Grazing management of salt marshes contributes to coastal defense18 May 2021
Mapping favouritism at the Eurovision Song Contest: does it impact the results?17 May 2021
New website for lonely people17 May 2021
‘Give people with dementia more freedom to organize their own social lives’10 May 2021
Wreath placement by the Board of the University to remember WWII04 May 2021
Nieuwe database geeft aan welke kinderen met ADHD goed reageren op gedragstherapie29 April 2021
KNAW appoints two UG professors as members28 April 2021
UG academic teams receive recognition for their structural efforts in science communication22 April 2021
De Europese Nacht van de Onderzoeker komt naar Groningen21 April 2021
UMCG studies cannabis oil for liver cancer patients with no further treatment options21 April 2021
University community to honour Aletta Jacobs with Aletta Year19 April 2021
Baanbreeksters by Marian Joëls tells the story of ‘twelve first women’19 April 2021
In de Wetenschap: Special podcast on women in academia (in Dutch)19 April 2021
Taking part in Lifelines can help to prevent cardiovascular disease16 April 2021
Een op de tien jonge kinderen speelde niet met vriendjes tijdens sluiting basisscholen15 April 2021
CIT opent deuren voor meisjes tijdens Girlsday 202115 April 2021
Blog: “Investeerders in groene energie maken veel winst door subsidies”15 April 2021
Vici grants for a total of four Groningen-based researchers14 April 2021
Black holes like to eat, but have a variety of table manners13 April 2021
Investeringen uit Groeifonds geven economie in Noord-Nederland forse impuls10 April 2021
Honorary Doctor Feike Sijbesma: ‘I know about the problem, and so does the rest of the world’06 April 2021
Martijn Eickhoff to become new director of NIOD06 April 2021
Bi+ in the Netherlands: Hidden and stereotyped30 March 2021
Dutch universities launch first Student Cabinet29 March 2021
The Groningen Confucius Institute26 March 2021
College Tour: Koen Schuiling interviewt Max van den Berg22 March 2021
Symposium: ‘Reinventing Chemistry Together’ with Ben Feringa and others21 March 2021
Nulmeting Nationaal Programma Groningen is huzarenstukje toegepaste wetenschap18 March 2021
Lifelines: een jaar verder!16 March 2021
Groningen invests in digital skills16 March 2021
Fascinated by serotonin15 March 2021
Catching up on COVID-19 - Alex Friedrich - In Science #25 - UG Podcast11 March 2021
Patients who test positive for COVID-19 should postpone operations to reduce the risk of mortality10 March 2021
Lisa Herzog wins Ammodo Science Award 202109 March 2021
Religious heritage: age-old culture in contemporary communities09 March 2021
Meet the new Aletta Jacobs professors and Rosalind Franklin fellows08 March 2021
DeepNL grant for Dr. Miocic05 March 2021
The untold story of Crustumerium: 3D exploration of an archaeological mound near Rome (video)04 March 2021
RUG digitizes 100,000 objects from its academic heritage23 February 2021
The Commandos: Who has got what it takes?23 February 2021
New way of displaying UG research output22 February 2021
New mobile Spraaklab to study dialects and articulation17 February 2021
Link between bullying and drug, alcohol, tobacco use in later life17 February 2021
Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen: van inzicht naar impact11 February 2021
Video lecture on obelisks in Rome by Bettina Reitz-Joosse (as part of the Universiteit van Nederland)11 February 2021
Noorden Digitaal Talent Award-winners for research into artificial art and safe devices10 February 2021
UG signs cooperation agreement for IT Hub10 February 2021
ENLIGHT: transforming European higher education together with other universities10 February 2021
25 heldere sterren, geboren buiten de Melkweg, te zien met verrekijker10 February 2021
Earthquake issues creating victims of the system09 February 2021
UG involved in national Nederland Digitaal conference on digitization02 February 2021
Magical belief in IT systems02 February 2021
Thighbone in church not from James the Apostle01 February 2021
Opening of the Expertise Centre for Families with Multiple Complex Needs01 February 2021
Wim van Saarloos appointed member of Supervisory Board25 January 2021
Education on climate adaptation governance ready to impact millions around the world25 January 2021
UG honorary doctorate awarded to Feike Sijbesma in Martinikerk22 January 2021
BSA threshold to be lowered for first-year students 2020-202121 January 2021
Coffee gives an extra boost!19 January 2021
Getting the energy transition done together19 January 2021
Digitale tool helpt mantelzorgers die zorgen voor ongeneeslijk zieke naaste19 January 2021
UG to award honorary doctorate to Feike Sijbesma in Martinikerk on 22 January18 January 2021
Professionals dealing with consequences of earthquakes discuss the complex system18 January 2021
Researchers should pay more attention to children’s needs and wishes18 January 2021
UG and Hanze University of Applied Sciences start pilot rapid testing centre with help from Noorderpoort students13 January 2021
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