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New website for lonely people

17 May 2021

The website was launched this month. It has around 40 video clips in which 42 people from India, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria and Austria share their personal knowledge about loneliness - about its definition, reasons, and remedies. This website can help you understand your own or others’ loneliness better, make you realize that occasionally feeling lonely is as normal as occasionally feeling sad, and show you that you are never alone with your loneliness. They can also read information about a new research project to examine people’s own and their perception of others’ feelings, including loneliness.

Sustainable Society

The website has been developed by social psychologist Luzia Heu. She took her PhD from the University of Groningen in February 2021 and is currently a researcher at Utrecht University. The website has been financed by means of the Sustainable Society PhD Grant she was awarded by the UG last year. Two international students assisted in taking of the some of the interviews with participants from their own country, Heu present in the background.


Scientific backgrounds are available in Heu’s dissertation and a recent article: Heu, L., Hansen, N., van Zomeren, M., Levy, A., Ivanova, T., Gangadhar, A., & Radwan, M. (2021): ‘Loneliness across cultures with different levels of social embeddedness: A qualitative study. Personal Relationships.’


- Luzia Heu

- Sustainable Society PhD Grant

- Interview in the UG Magazine

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