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Podcast: Ben Feringa on his research & winning the Nobel Prize

05 October 2021
Ben Feringa during the recording of the podcast
Ben Feringa during the recording of the podcast

Today, on 5 October, it’s exactly five years since Professor Ben Feringa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. A very special moment for him personally, his research group, and everybody at the University. In this episode, Arjen, Tina, and Wim, together with Ben Feringa, look back on this unique day. How did he experience this day? What did winning the Nobel Prize mean for him and his group? Anouk Lubbe (member of the Feringa group), Elmer Sterken (Rector Magnificus of the UG at that moment in time), and Ben’s youngest daughter Emma will also tell us how they experienced this exceptional moment.

This is a two-part podcast. The first part is in Dutch, in which we look back on the winning of the Nobel Prize, together with Ben Feringa and others who were closely involved. The second part is in English, in which we focus on Feringa’s research and his group. We will look at how Feringa’s research has developed over the last five years and what projects the group is currently working on.

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