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Dutch universities launch first Student Cabinet

29 March 2021
The cabinet

No government agreement for four years, but a long-term plan based on science. Universities in the Netherlands have presented their own government agreement, soon after the elections and during the new Cabinet formation process. Fourteen students will form the first Dutch Student Cabinet and will each represent their own Cabinet minister position with a fitting plan for the future of the Netherlands.

‘We won’t be able to solve all of the issues within four years. What will our country, even our world, look like in 30 years’ time? Or in 50 years’ time? Which choices do we need to make now to ensure that we will be able to continue living healthily, satisfactorily and sustainably? The Student Cabinet will help with these issues’, explains Timon Metz, Master’s student at the University of Twente and first Prime Minister of the Dutch Student Cabinet.

Plans based on science

The Student Cabinet ministers have laid out sustainable plans for the future in a policy paper. They have illustrated their vision on societal themes in which innovation, technology, science and universities play a crucial role. The plans are not based on politics, swayed by daily agendas, or on the interests of voters but on thorough research and science.

New Cabinet minister positions

The Cabinet minister positions show that the alternative Cabinet is looking to the future with a fresh perspective. For example, the students have introduced minister positions in Data & Privacy, Healthy Living, Innovation, New Data Work, Inclusion, Sustainable Economics, and Agriculture, Environment, Food & Energy.

Groningen’s student minister

Each university is providing their own Student Cabinet minister. The UG has nominated Terence Wagelaar for the position of Minister of Sustainable Energy. Wagelaar studies Business & Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business. In his policy plan, the stimulation of end-users and producers to become more sustainable is key: ‘This way, the goal can be achieved at the lowest cost.’

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