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Prof. John Morijn benoemd tot lid Adviescommissie voor Vreemdelingenzaken
Posted on:20 January 2021

Prof. dr. John Morijn en dr. Katja Rusinovic zijn door de ministerraad benoemd tot nieuwe commissieleden van de Adviescommissie voor Vreemdelingenzaken (ACVZ).

Daphne Penna awarded by Academy of Athens
Posted on:06 January 2021

Assistant professor and researcher in Byzantine Law Daphne Penna was honoured by the Academy of Athens with the annual ‘Nikolaou Karolou’ award for 2020, and a prize of 3000 euros. The Academy of Athens is recognized as the most reputable scientific institution in Greece.

Prof. Leon Verstappen steps down as chairman of Land Portal
Posted on:17 December 2020

After 11 years of involvement with the Land Portal, Prof. Leon Verstappen stepped back on September 4 this year due to the expiry of the maximum term of office.

Ramses Wessel new vice-dean Faculty of Law
Posted on:15 December 2020

The Executive Board has appointed prof. Ramses Wessel as of January 1 as vice-dean of the Faculty of Law.

Computer predicts court decisions
Posted on:08 December 2020

Researchers from the University of Groningen will launch the online application Juri Says at the virtual JURIX 2020 conference, on 10 December. Using artificial intelligence, Juri predicts judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Over the past year, Juri predicted 73% of the verdicts correctly. Every month Juri learns from its mistakes and tries to improve its performance.

Michel Vols nieuw lid De Jonge Akademie
Posted on:08 December 2020

Hoogleraar openbare-orderecht Michel Vols is toegelaten tot De Jonge Akademie.

European Sustainable Society PhD grant for Tim van Zuijlen
Posted on:07 December 2020

Tim van Zuijlen, a PhD student at the Department of Private Law and Notary Law, has received a European Sustainable Society PhD grant for his research proposal on the legal admissibility of the ‘planned obsolescence’ of products.

Ian Varela Santos Fernández has been awarded the 2020 EASE Student Award
Posted on:30 November 2020

On 16 November 2020 Ian Varela Santos Fernández has been granted the fifth European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) Student Award.

Hanna Tolsma and Sofia Ranchordás appointed as professors via Aletta Jacobs Chairs
Posted on:30 November 2020

The Board of the University of Groningen has appointed Hanna Tolsma and Sofia Ranchordás as professors at the Faculty of Law.

Subsidie uit Nationale Wetenschapsagenda voor onderzoek naar juridische bescherming van ouderen
Posted on:26 November 2020

Hoogleraar notarieel recht Leon Verstappen maakt deel uit van een consortium dat 1,9 miljoen subsidie toegekend heeft gekregen uit de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda.

Fair sharing in the new economy
Posted on:09 November 2020

Lending out tools through Peerby, renting out your home through Airbnb, lending out your scooter through Felyx – all these are examples of the sharing economy. We share our possessions so that we can produce less, which is good for the environment – and for your pocket. But the sharing economy also raises a lot of questions about rights, obligations and liability. UG legal expert Rosalie Koolhoven aims to shed light on these aspects.

Ocean Grazer and Ivy One winners of first Ben Feringa Impact Award
Posted on:09 November 2020

The University of Groningen established the Ben Feringa Impact Award to highlight the exceptional achievements of researchers and students in the field of knowledge utilization.

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