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Management and Administration

Keijzer, dr. F.A.Associate professor
Nauta, prof. dr. L.W.Dean of the Faculty, Professor in the History of Philosophy

Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Evers, dr. H.W.A.Assistant Professor
Govindarajan, S.PhD student
Gregory, M.L., MA
Hajjar, C., MAPhD candidate
Herzog, prof. dr. L.M.
Hindriks, prof. dr. F.A.Professor in Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
Jacobi, S.PhD student
Kassenberg, E.P.PhD student
Kleingeld, prof. dr. P.Professor of Philosophy (Ethics and its History)
Knowles, dr. C.E.Assistant Professor
Maheshwari, K.PhD student
Mast, S.M., M
Moggia, J.PhD student
Pauly, dr. M.Researcher and lecturer
Schmidt, dr. A.T.Assistant Professor
Serrano Zamora, dr. J.postdoctoral researcher
Stahl, dr. U.T.R.Assistant Professor
Streumer, prof. dr. B.Professor and Chair of the Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
Vega, dr. J.A.Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy
Veluwenkamp, H.M.
Wals, F.R., MA MScPhD researcher

Department of History of Philosophy

Adriaenssen, dr. H.T.Assistant Professor
Boer, dr. L. denLecturer
Bos, A. van derPhD student
Braaksma, Y.PhD student
Chadwick, dr. A.A.F.Postdoctoral researcher
Donker, S.J., MA
Evink, dr. C.E.Lecturer in the History of Modern Philosophy
Georgescu, dr. L.
Griffioen, S.L.V.
Grootenhuis, H.
Henkel, C.K.R., MSc
Hogenbirk, H.D., MScPhD-Candidate
Lenz, prof. dr. M.Department Chair & Professor of History of Philosophy
Mazijk, dr. C.M.A. vanUniversity Lecturer
Mazzini, S., PhD
Nauta, prof. dr. L.W.Dean of the Faculty, Professor in the History of Philosophy
Nawar, dr. T.M.Assistant Professor
Reigosa Soler, C.PhD student
Rusu, dr. D.Postdoctoral Researcher
Sangiacomo, dr. A.Assistant Professor
Tanasescu, R.A., PhD
Wolf, drs. L.B.PhD Student

Department of Theoretical Philosophy

Bodlovic, P.PhD student
Castro Amenábar, D.R.PhD student
Friederich, dr. S.M.Associate professor
Gaszczyk, G.PhD student
Gebharter, dr. A.
Grayot, J.D., PhD
Gryb, S.B.PhD student
Heesen, dr. R.D.
Henderson, dr. L.Associate professor
Kooi, prof. dr. B.P.Professor (by special appointment) Logic and Argumentation Theory
Laar, dr. J.A. vanUniversity lecturer
Maier, dr. E.Assistant Professor
Romeijn, prof. dr. J.W.Professor of Philosophy of Science
Romero, dr. C.F.Assistant Professor
Schreuder, J., MA
Semeijn, M.PhD student
Siebe, H.
Sleeuw, S.L.PhD student
Su, X.PhD student
Sznajder, M., PhD
Verbrugge, prof. dr. L.C.Professor

Graduate School


Faculty Office

Blom, S.onderwijsadministratie
Boer, dr. ing. S.W. dePolicy advisor
Grefte, J.A.M. de
Have, H.A. ten, MAPrivacy and Security Coordinator
Labberté, mr. A.
Moorrees, F.C.Webmaster, Communications Officer
Veenkamp, drs. A.A.Educational manager
Ven, T.A. van dePhilosophical Skills teacher
Vorrink, M.secretary of the board
Vries, H. deICT Front Office
Wansbeek, C.C., BAAlumni Officer
Weeting, J.C., MScGraduate School Coordinator and Study Advisor Philosophy



Krabbe, prof.dr.em. E.C.W. Professor emeritus of Logic and Philosophical Theory of Argumentation
Kuipers, prof.dr.em. T.A.F. Professor emeritus of Philosophy of Science
Pätzold, prof.dr.em. D.H.K. Professor emeritus of the History of Modern Philosophy
Peijnenburg, prof.dr.em. A.J.M. Professor emeritus of Theoretical Philosophy
Vanderjagt, prof.dr.em. A.J. Professor emeritus of the History of Ideas
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