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Lustrum: Making Connections

The University of Groningen will turn 410 this year! A celebration is in place from 21-25 May 2024 with a diverse programme based on the theme 'Making Connections'. The lustrum is an excellent opportunity for our alumni to meet, connect and celebrate together.

As part of the lustrum, an Alumni Day is planned on Saturday 25 May which will include the Alumnus of the Year award, an Alumni lunch in the Academy square (Broerplein) and an afternoon program in the city center. Activities will start at 10:30 and end at 17:00.

Improve your professional network

Stay in touch with your former fellow students and lecturers, share ideas, knowledge, job opportunities, and keep each other informed about philosophical activities through our closed LinkedIn Alumni Community Faculty of Philosophy.


Please find the alumni newsletter of March 2024.

Keep your knowledge up to date

As a member of our group you can attend events and symposia for free. Faculty events are published on the events calendar. There are also Winter and Summer schools on offer such as the upcoming Two is One Summer school: Nondualism in Metaphysics, Aesthetics, and Society: a cross-cultural perspective.

The job market

Tell us about your experiences

We would very much like to know about your experiences on the job market. How well do you feel the programme you followed with us prepared you for your job? Did you acquire adequate skills during your studies and is your knowledge sufficient and do you have points of improvement for the curriculum?

You are also very much welcome to share your experiences as a speaker during an Alumni event or during the annual Career Day for faculty students. Please reach out to us.

Tell our students about your experiences

Although you come across philosophers everywhere in society, a recurring question from our students (and their parents) is: what jobs are there for me? Of course, our alumni are the ones to best answer this question. By sharing your knowledge about this, you will not only be of enormous help to our students, you’ll also gain contacts you might profit from later on.

Ask a philosopher: let us do research for your employer

Our Philosophy Knowledge Centre (in Dutch: KCF) connects professional philosophers and philosophy in practice by helping companies and organizations with a philosophical research question in various ways. For example, we can do this through interviews, research, an internship or by giving workshops.

Does your employer have a research question with a philosophical component or can they perhaps offer one of our students an internship?

Contact the Philosophy Knowledge Centre.

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