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Economics, Econometrics & Finance

Address:Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands


Alessie, prof. dr. R.J.M.
Professor Micro-econometrics
Allers, prof. dr. M.A.
Professor of Economics of Sub-National government
Angelini, V., Prof Dr
Professor, Aletta Jacobs Chair
Berk, prof. dr. J.M.
Full professor money and banking
Boot, dr. T.
Associate Professor
Brock, prof. dr. E.O. de
Professor Business Information Modelling
Chau, K.W., Dr
Assistant professor
Dalò, A., Dr
Assistant Professor of Finance
Dam, dr. L.
Associate Professor
Dijk, H.H., PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Economics
Eije, dr. J.H. von
Associate Professor
Elhorst, prof. dr. J.P.
Professor of Spatial Econometrics
Eriksen, S.S.H., Dr
Assistant Professor
Freriks, dr. R.D.
Assistant Professor
Geerlings-Koolman, M.A.
Management/Office Assistant
Gonenc, H., Dr
Associate Professor
Grefte, J.A.M. de
Philosophical skills lecturer
Groneck, M., Dr
Associate Professor
Haan, prof. dr. M.A.
Professor Industrial Organization
Heijdra, prof. dr. B.J.
Professor of Macroeconomics
Heijnen, dr. P.
Associate professor
Hoeben, dr. C.
Research Associate
Homroy, S., Dr
Associate Professor of Finance
Hoogduin, prof. dr. L.H.
Professor Economics of Complexity and Uncertainty in Financial Markets and Financial Institutions / manager / supervisor/entrepreneur
Hulshof, D., Dr
Assistant professor
Iftime, O.V., Dr
Associate Professor (Applied Mathematics)
Jelsema, E.T.
Jong, A. de, Prof Dr
Professor of Corporate Finance
Jong, D.M.O., PhD
Postdoctoral researcher
Jong, prof. dr. H.J. de
Professor of Economic History
Kesina, M., PhD
Associate Professor
Kong, dr. L.
Assistant Professor of Econometrics
Kramer, dr. M.M.
Program Director BSc E&BE, Senior Lecturer
Kuper, dr. G.H.
Associate Professor
Lei, H.
Management-/Office-assistent section Economics and Econometrics
Lensink, prof. dr. B.W.
Professor; Vice dean research
Mierau, J.O., Prof Dr
Professor Public Health Economics & Academic Director UGBS - Health
Milionis, P., Dr
Assistant Professor
Mueller, A.M., Dr
Associate Professor
Mulder, prof. dr. M.
Professor of Energy Economics
Natris, J.G. de, MSc
PhD Candidate/Junior Researcher
Osterhaus, M.K., Dr
Assistant Professor
Peng, Y., PhD
Assistant professor; Programme coordinator BSc E&BE (BE) and Minor Finance
Péter, A.N., Dr
Associate Professor
Pichler, S., PhD
Associate Professor
Plantinga, dr. A.
Associate Professor
Pohl, W.E.
Associate Professor
Pol, G.
Management Assistant
Postepska, A., PhD
Associate Professor
Praagman, C.
Associate Professor
Romensen, G.J., Dr
Lecturer and postdoctoral researcher
Roszbach, prof. dr. K.F.
Professor of Banking and Finance
Sandberg, prof. J.
Professor of Economics and Finance from a Humanist Perspective
Schans, dr. J. van der
Postdoctoral researcher
Schippers, A.L.
PhD Candidate and Lecturer
See, S.G., PhD
Assistant Professor
Soetevent, prof. dr. A.R.
Full professor of Microeconomics
Souropanis, dr. I.
Assistant Professor in Finance
Sovago, S., PhD
Assistant Professor
Sterken, prof. dr. E.
Professor of Monetary Economics
Treurniet, dr. M.
Assistant Professor
Viluma, L., PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Economics
Vullings, dr. D.
Assistant professor
Vuuren, prof. dr. A.P. van
Professor in Econometrics
Westerman, dr. W.
Assistant Professor
Wiersma, J.T.E., MSc
PhD Candidate, Lecturer
Zaal, dr. R.O.S.
Assistant Professor
Zwart, dr. G.T.J.
Associate Professor
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