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How to find us M. (Mikołaj) Malinowski, PhD MSc

M. (Mikołaj) Malinowski, PhD MSc

M. (Mikołaj) Malinowski, PhD MSc



I am an economic historian specialised in long-term, historical, macroeconomic and political processes with a focus on Eastern-Central Europe. Currently, I am one of the editors of ‘How was Life’, a landmark publication discussing global well-being indicators since the 1820s commissioned by the OECD. I am also the principal investigator of the ‘Parliaments and Prosperity. The Impact of State Capacity on Economic Growth in pre-1800 Europe’ project. In 2013, I co-founded WEast - The Eastern European Economic History Network (

Long-term economic growth
Economic and social inequality
State capaciy
Eastern Europe
Institutional Economics
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