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Invoices, Claims and Travel

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Invoice requirements

The Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) hosts the UG's complete accounts payable department. For an efficient and correct processing of your invoice, it's important that your invoice contains several specific criteria.

Invoices not meeting the requirements as mentioned below, will not be processed and will be returned to sender.

In addition to the legal requirements, it is essential that specific information is stated on the invoice, namely:

  • (Purchase) ordernumber, job number or reference (mandatory, 9-character or 6-character)
  • VAT-number of the UG: NL001932706B01 (if business abroad)

The (purchase) order number can be found on the purchase order that you have received from us. If you received no order number or job number, always ask the buyer for a reference (cost center 9-character or project number 6-character) and state this clearly on the invoice.

"In addition, we request that you anonymize medical and/or confidential information on the invoice. For example, you can ask the Creditor to have a P number on the invoice instead of a name."

In the heading of the invoice, the address should be stated as following:

University of Groningen FSSC
<name of faculty or service>
Postbus 3
9700 AA Groningen


University of Groningen FSSC
<name of faculty or service>
Blauwborgje 10
9747 AC Groningen

We would like to receive your invoice in the following way:

* E-invoicing with Peppol

What is PEPPOL? Our Peppol ID: 0106:01179037.

* E-mail

Each individual invoice including any attachments should be sent to in one of the following formats:

  • one PDF file
  • one file in UBL 2.1 SI (Simpler Invoicing) format, consisting of an XML file with an embedded PDF file
  • two files: one PDF file and one XML file (according to the format UBL 2.1 SI)

Contact details FSSC

With any accounting-related questions you might have, such as unsettled invoices or claims, the employees of the servicedesk FSSC are happy to help you. The Servicedesk can be reached on working days between 9am-12am and 1pm-4pm via fssc, or by phone on number +3150-3634000.

Contact details FSSC
Telephone FSSC
+31 50 3634000
Invoice requirements
Claim costs (external)
Postal address
University of Groningen (FSSC)
[insert name faculty or service department]
PO Box 3
NL-9700 AA Groningen
The Netherlands
Visiting address
University of Groningen (FSSC)
Blauwborgje 10
NL-9747 AC Groningen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
VAT number

Self-employed or freelance?

Are you self-employed or a freelancer? In case you were hired via Jellow (only in Dutch), you should put the hiring number on the invoice.

Guest teacher / Guest lecture

There are two ways to receive a reimbursement if you provided a lecture as a guest teacher.

Claim costs

You are not working for the UG but are still owed money by the University and have permission to claim costs? For example, because you are an emeritus professor, student or external staff member? In this case, you can submit your expense claims via the external UG Claims portal.

There are two types of expense claims:

  • Those affiliated with a P number: travel expenses, other costs
  • Those not affiliated with a P number: guest lecturer, applicant, other. If you do not have a P number but want to submit multiple expense claims, then you may also make a personal account for this via the portal.

Expense claims are verified by the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC). Compensation is paid out once a week.

Travel bookings

You are a foreign guest of the UG / you are not working for the UG and you have to book a trip? Please contact your contact within the UG (often this is the secretariat of the relevant faculty or service) so you can book your trip.

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