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Parking at the UG

To park your car, you can find several parking lots close to UG buildings. We distinguish between the Zernike Campus and UG locations in the City Centre. Charging stations for electric cars are available at several parking lots.

Charging stations

One of the aspects of the Climate Agreement is the promotion of electric transport. For a few years now, the government has been encouraging this by rewarding company car drivers who use partly or fully electric vehicles with lower additional tax liability. Parallel to the increase in electric cars, the range of charging facilities must also be increased. As from 2021, companies will be encouraged to make charging facilities that are primarily intended for their ‘own’ use also available to external parties.

The UG recognizes its societal responsibility and will therefore, partly as a result of the new regulations, make its charging facilities at various locations accessible for general use as well. Teaching and research are among the core tasks of the UG. Providing energy and offering charging facilities explicitly do not count amongst our core business. To expel market forces, the fees will conform to market conditions. For 2021, the fee will be set at €0.40 per kWh (excluding provider costs).

Zernike Campus

At the Zernike Camps there are several parking lots. At P1 and P2, there are charging stations for electric cars, provided by 'New Motion.'

City centre

Within the city centre there are three larger parking lots:

  • Academy Building, Broerstraat
  • Harmony Building, De Laan
  • Faculty GMW, Grote Kruisstraat and Nieuwe Kijk in 't Jatstraat

At the parking lots at the Broerstraat and the Grote Kruisstraat, charging stations are available.

(Sustainable) alternatives

Should there not be a parking lot close to the UG locations you need to be, or are you looking for a more sustainable alternative? Consider the P+R (Park plus Ride) locations. From these locations on the outskirts of the city, you can use public transportation to get to UG locations in the city. You can find the different P+R locations here. At P+R Reitdiep, campus bikes are available.

Last modified:02 June 2022 10.42 a.m.
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