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Adjasi, dr. C.K.D. (Charles)Development Finance
Alessie, prof. dr. R.J.M. (Rob)Professor Micro-econometrics Micro-econometrics, Consumer economics, Household saving behavior, Economics of ageing,  Labor economics
Allers, prof. dr. M.A. (Maarten)Professor of Economics of Sub-National government Public finance, local government economics, fiscal federalism, political economy
Angelini, prof. dr. V. (Viola)Associate Professor
Berk, prof. dr. J.M. (Jan Marc)Full professor money and bankingMonetary theory, monetary economics, monetary policy, central banking. Economic policy, financial stability.
Beute, K. (Kim)Secretary
Bolt, dr. J. (Jutta)Associate Professor
Boot, dr. T. (Tom)Assistant ProfessorMy research focuses on developing econometric theory to improve macroeconomic forecasting and make effective use of high-dimensional data.

Personal webpage
Brock, prof. dr. E.O. (Bert) deProfessor Business Information Modelling
Bruin, prof. dr. B.P. (Boudewijn) deProfessor Financial Ethics
Brunia, dr. ing. N. (Nanne)LecturerBussiness valuation, Asset pricing
Chatzikonstanti, V. (Vasiliki), PhDAssistant ProfessorTime Series Econometrics, Financial Econometrics
Chilosi, D. (David)Economic and Social History, Long Term Economic Growth and Development
Claassen, B.F.C. (Bart)PhD Candidate Macro-Finance, (Continuous-time) Asset Pricing, Computational Economics, Financial Frictions in Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Theory.
Dalò, dr. A. (Ambrogio)Assistant ProfessorAsset Pricing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Investments.
Dam, dr. L. (Lammertjan)Associate Professor
Dijk, H.H. (Hermien), MScHealth Economics
Elayan, S.Y.I. (Saif), M
Elhorst, prof. dr. J.P. (Paul)Professor of Spatial Econometrics Go to 
for Matlab software of spatial panels and spatial econometric models.

Eriksen, S.S.H. (Steffen)Assistant ProfessorImpact evaluation, non-experimental methods, and stock market participation
Freriks, R.D. (Roel), MScPhD candidateHealth Economics, Education Economics, Policy Evaluation
Fromell, dr. H.C. (Hanna)Postdoctoral ResearcherDevelopment Economics, Behavioral & Experimental Economics
Gangopadhyay, prof. dr. S.Professor Emerging Markets Finance
Gao, Y. (Ya)PhD studentFamily economics, Household behaviour
Garcia, A. (Adriana), MAPhD studentMicrofinance; Impact Evaluations; Field Experiments in Developing Countries
Geerlings-Koolman, M.A. (Martine)Secretary
Gonenc, dr. H. (Halit)Associate ProfessorCorporate Finance; Corporate Governance; International Financial Management
Gracia Piña, O.M., MSc
Grohmann, T. (Tobias)PhD studentMigration Economics
Groneck, dr. M. (Max)Assistant ProfessorDynamic macroeconomics, household and demographic economics, behavioral macroeconomics, applied public economics
Haan, prof. dr. M.A. (Marco)Hoogleraar Industrial Organization Industrial Organization.
Han, M.PhD student
Heijdra, prof. dr. B.J. (Ben)Professor of Macroeconomics Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics
Heijnen, dr. P.Associate professorEnvironmental economics, industrial organization, (applied) game theory
Helmantel, drs. M.E. (Mark)Academic Lecturer
Hermes, prof. dr. C.L.M. (Niels)Professor corporate governance, microfinance, international finance, financial systems and economic growth 
Herrmann, O.M. (Oliver), MScPhD candidate
Hoeben, dr. C. (Corine)Research AssociateLocal government taxes
Homroy, dr. S.Assistant ProfessorCorporate Finance, Political Economy, Corporate Governance
Hoogduin, prof. dr. L.H. (Lex)Professor Economics of Complexity and Uncertainty in Financial Markets and Financial Institutions / manager / supervisor/entrepreneur
Hulshof, D. (Daan)PhD CandidateEnergy economics
Iftime, dr. O.V. (Orest)Associate Professor (Applied Mathematics)
Jacobs, dr. J.P.A.M. (Jan)Associate Professor Macroeconomic modelling, business cycles, financial crises, quantitative economic history, health economics
Jelsema, E.T. (Ellie)Secretary
Jong, prof. dr. H.J. (Herman) deProfessor of Economic History Economic and Social History, Long Term Economic Growth and Development
Jong A Pin, dr. R.M. (Richard)Associate ProfessorPolitical Economy, Macroeconomics, Applied econometrics, Statistics
Kaat, D.M. te, PhDInternational Finance, Empirical Banking, Monetary Policy
Kate, F. (Fabian) tenLecturerMacroeconomics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics
Katz, M.D.B. (Matthijs), BAPhD candidateMacroeconomic theory, monetary economics, macro-finance.
Kesina, M. (Michaela), PhDMicroeconometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Frequentist Econometrics, Bayesian Econometrics, Applications in International Economics, Regional and Urban Economics, and Industrial and Firm Economics
Knot, prof. dr. K.H.W. (Klaas)Honorary professor Economics of Central Banking
Koning, N.W. (Nick), MScPhD CandidateRegularization, high-dimensional testing
Koning, prof. dr. R.H. (Ruud)Professor Applied microeconometrics, Insurance economics, Non-life insurance models, Economics and econometrics of sports
Kramer, dr. E.L. (Bert)Asset Liability Managment and Risk Management for insurance companies, pension funds, private individuals and social housing corporations. The impact of climate change on financial markets.
Kramer, dr. M.M. (Marc)Senior Lecturer/ResearcherInvestor Behavior, Behavioral Finance
Kuper, dr. G.H. (Gerard)Associate Professor Macroeconometric Modelling, Financial Markets, Natural Gas Markets, Sports and Statistics
Kwaak, dr. C.G.F. (Christiaan) van derAssistant ProfessorMy research focuses on the macroeconomic effects of monetary and fiscal policies in Southern Europe during the recent sovereign debt crisis. In this research, I employ state-of-the-art theoretical macroeconomic (DSGE) models. A key ingredient of these models is commercial banks that own large amounts of risky sovereign debt. These models provide policymakers with answers to questions such as whether a financially weak government should provide public funds to support a weak banking sector, how effective fiscal stimuli are in such an environment, and whether recent unconventional monetary policies of the European Central Bank were effective in stimulating economic growth.

Keywords: Macroeconomics, Financial Intermediation, Financial Fragility, Unconventional Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy
Laureti, dr. C. (Carolina)LecturerHousehold finance, behavioral economics, banking, microfinance
Lecce, G. (Giampaolo), PhDPolitical Economics, Economic History, Long Term Economic Growth, Institutions.
Leeuwen, B.J. (Bart) van, MScPostdocHousehold Economics
Lensink, prof. dr. B.W. (Robert)Professor Microfinance; Gender Studies; Finance and Development; Impact Analyses; Experimental Economics; Development Economics; External Finance; Capital market imperfections
Li, W. (Wentao), MPhD student Corporate Governance, Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (India, China, United Kingdom) 
Lisciandra, dr. C. (Chiara)Assistant ProfessorEconomic Methodology
Methodology of (Interdisciplinary) Science
Scientific Method
Norms and Norm Change
Made, dr. A. (Allard) van derlecturer/researcherGame Theory, Industrial Organization, Information Economics
Megen, M.J.W. (Mart) van, MScPhD CandidateIndustrial Organization
Mierau, prof. dr. J.O. (Jochen)Tenure Track Professor Public Health Economics & Scientific Director AJSPH
Milionis, dr. P. (Petros)Assistant Professor Economic Growth and Development , International Economics, Regional Economics, Economic History
Moraga González, prof. dr. J.L. (Jose Luis)Professor Industrial Organization
Mueller, dr. A.M. (Annika Maxine)Assistant Professor of Economics Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Development Economics
Mulder, prof. dr. M. (Machiel)Professor of Regulation of Energy MarketsEconomics of regulation of energy markets
Natris, J.G. (Joes) de, MSc
Nelemans, S.D. (Samuël)PhD StudentConsumption-based asset pricing; Macrofinance; Financial econometrics
Niccodemi, G. (Gianmaria)PhD studentHealth Economics, Microeconometrics
Nusse, dr. H.E. (Helena)Associate Professor
Offerein, J. (Jos)PhD candidateInstitutional investors, investor time horizon, corporate tax avoidance, corporate governance
Oldeniel, M.M. (Mark) van, MSc Interests: Behavioural economics, Experimental economics

Supervisors:  Adriaan Soetevent, Noemi Peter
Ooijen, R. (Raun) van, PhDAssistant professorSaving/consumption behavior, Household Portfolios, Economics of Ageing, Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics.
Peng, Y. (David), MScPhD researcherFinancial development, economic growth, international finance
Perey, P.L. (Peter), MScResearcher at CEEREnergy markets; Economics
Péter, dr. A.N. (Noémi)Assistant Professor Interests: Experimental and behavioral economics, Gender, Education, Labor

Personal website:
Plaat, M.T. (Mark) van derPhD studentInterests: Banking, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics
Supervisors: Laura Spierdijk, Jakob de Haan
Plantinga, dr. A. (Auke)Associate ProfessorBehavioral Finance, Household Finance, ESG, Performance evaluation of investment portfolios, Asset-liability management, Mutual Funds, Retirement savings.
Pohl, W.E., PhDAssociate ProfessorMachine learning
Pol, G. (Grietje)Secretary
Postepska, A. (Agnieszka), PhDApplied microeconometrics, Labor Economics
Praagman, dr. C. (Kees)Associate Professor
Rao, Z. (Ziwei), MScFamily and intergenerational transfers
Rauf, A., MSc
Rehman, A.PhD student
Rienks, H.L. (Harm), MScResearcher
Romensen, G.J. (Gert-Jan), MScPhD candidateApplied microeconomics and behavioral economics
Roszbach, prof. dr. K.F. (Kasper)Professor of Banking and Finance Empirical banking, financial intermediation, household finance, central bank governance
Salomons, prof. dr. R.M. (Roelof)ProfessorAsset allocation, equity markets, hedge funds, strategy, macroeconomics, and valuation
Sandberg, prof. J. (Joakim)Professor of Economics and Finance from a Humanist PerspectiveEconomic Ethics, Financial Ethics, Business Ethics
Schans, dr. J. (Jurjen) van derPostdoctoral researcherVan der Schans has a background in medical pharmaceutical sciences with a focus on global health, epidemiology, (health) economics, and pharmacotherapy. He worked as a visiting researcher at the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, and as a lecturer at the Department of Health Technology and Services Research, University of Twente.
Schippers, A.L. (Anouk)PhD Candidate
Scholtens, prof. dr. L.J.R. (Bert)Professor Corporate Social Responsibility, Socially Responsible Investing, Banking, Energy Finance, Financial institutions (banks, pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, etc.), International finance, Financial intermediation, Financial systems, Environmental economics, Ethical Finance.
Schoonbeek, prof. dr. L. (Bert)Professor Applied Game Theory, Contest Theory, Industrial Organization
See, S.G. (Sarah Grace), PhDEducation, Household, Labor, Demography, Time use
Selmane, dr. N.Assistant ProfessorCorporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Governance.
Smid, dr. P.P.M. (Peter)Associate dean for educationFinance, Derivative Instruments
Soetevent, prof. dr. A.R. (Adriaan)Full professor of Microeconomicsindustrial economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics, social interactions, charitable giving
Souropanis, dr. I.Assistant Professor Financial Econometrics and Forecasting
Sovago, S. (Sándor)Assistant ProfessorApplied Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Market Design
Spierdijk, prof. dr. L. (Laura )Professor Econometrics of Pensions, Insurance and Finance
Stangenberg, L. (Lennart)PhD student Interests: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics
Supervisors: Adriaan Soetevent, Noemi Peter
Sterken, prof. dr. E. (Elmer)Professor of Monetary Economics Monetary Economics.
Stoffers, N.E. (Nannette)PhD Candidate
Tan, C., MScSpatial Econometrics
Tinang Nzesseu, J.V., M
Toolsema-Veldman, dr. L.A. (Linda)Researcher (COELO) Industrial organization, public finance
Tsvetkov, dr. A.A.DocentDerivative Instruments
Vrooman, A.C.E. (Arlinde)PhD studentColonialism, Health, Health Inequalities, Africa
Vudinh, K.M. (Kimberley)Secretary
Vullings, D. (Daniel), MScLecturer
Wang, J. (Jiyuan (Jerry)), PhDPhDLabour Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics, Health Economics
Wansbeek, prof. dr. T.J. (Tom)Professor
Wessels, prof. dr. R.E. (Roberto)ProfessorInvestments, Corporate finance
Westerman, dr. W. (Wim)Assistant ProfessorCapital budgeting, corporate finance, working capital, energy finance
Wiersma, J.T.E. (Jasmira), MScPhD Candidate
Wit, J.R. (Juliette) de, MScPh.D. candidateInterdisciplinary work combining philosophy, sociology and economics; social norm (change); culture; values; identity
Yu, S. (Shuye)PhD studentResearch Interests: Health economics, Socioeconomic factors and health, Evaluation of health policy
Zaal, dr. R.O.S. (Raymond)Assistant ProfessorBusiness Ethics
Integrity Management
Financial Management
Zwart, dr. G.T.J. (Gijsbert)Associate Professortheory of industrial organization, real options, contract theory
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