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Hidde Hendriksen wint Lorentz Afstudeerprijs voor onderzoek naar kleinste bouwsteentjes van materie27 November 2017
Chris van den Broeck appointed Professor by special appointment in gravitational waves at the Van Swinderen Institute17 October 2017
New director for the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity07 September 2017
Five Veni grants of 250,000 euros28 July 2017
Van Leersum grant for international comparative study of medicine use in children with ADHD24 July 2017
Young Scientist Medal for astronomer Pratika Dayal21 July 2017
Lung Foundation supports research on lung tissue repair20 July 2017
Groningen Astronomers solve the mystery of cold gas in hot quasars03 July 2017
Two Vidi grants awarded worth €800,00030 May 2017
Award for outstanding PhD abroad granted to He18 May 2017
Dutch researchers join forces to build synthetic cell09 May 2017
Nobel laureate wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry prize09 May 2017
Harutyunyan wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry award09 May 2017
NWO grant for Prof. Amina Helmi02 May 2017
Caputi member of new Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN)20 April 2017
Major grant for the effects of a misregulated biological clock on sleep23 March 2017
Strong warming leads to increases in Arctic rainfall13 March 2017
EUR1.5 million for greener medicines17 February 2017
Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) grant for Dömling15 February 2017
Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND grant for DSSC!13 February 2017
Efficient demand and supply matching by incentivizing end-users in buildings (MatchIT)01 February 2017
Nieuwe naam voor bèta-faculteit Groningen01 February 2017
First image with Apertif: a new life for the Westerbork radio telescope31 January 2017
EU awards FET-Proactive grant to Wouter Roos and seven other European groups21 December 2016
Prof. Ben Feringa wins the 2016 Tetrahedron Prize09 September 2016
PhD student creates recyclable rubber (video)16 December 2015
First look at protein complex regulating cell division08 December 2015
New massive dataset of bacterial proteins08 December 2015
National research centre for chemical building blocks07 December 2015
New technique measures leaks in underground CO 2 storage sites24 November 2015
The anatomy of flower colours24 November 2015
3D printed objects that kill microbes11 November 2015
New insights into antibiotic resistance development30 October 2015
Saving energy and money with smart systems05 October 2015
Tata Steel to fund scholarships for University of Groningen nanoscience master29 September 2015
Astronomers stumble upon mysterious filaments17 September 2015
‘Wave’ sends information through magnet14 September 2015
Variation among individual animals: a bit of genetics, a bit of environment, and fifty shades of grey02 September 2015
University of Groningen moves up again in prestigious Shanghai Ranking list15 August 2015
New research institute GELIFES focuses on adaptive capacity of living systems22 April 2015
Video Unifocus: one million for Serengeti research18 March 2015
Unifocus video: Debunking the myths of left and right-handedness04 March 2015
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants13 January 2015
Mow even later to save the godwit06 January 2015
ERC Starting Grant for top researchers Thorben Cordes, Lude Franke and Mladen Popović17 December 2014
Prestigious ERC Starting Grant for Mladen Popović11 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: Suzanne Täuber, Mindfulness for informal carers and Spying on animals03 December 2014
Jan-Willem Veening and Martijn Wieling members of the Young Academy25 November 2014
Rachel Carsonprijs naar Groningen voor onderzoek naar verstening van tuinen24 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: harvesting energy from waves; the birth of the plastic solar cell; a special beadle's staff19 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: Deafblindness, succes for protein researcher Slotboom and Tomorrow's Home05 November 2014
Honorary memberships for Meurs and Visser (GRIP)14 September 2014
IBM, ASTRON and the University of Groningen Launch Exascale Computing Center to Address Big Data Challenges27 June 2014
Robotic fish, cruise control and Johann Bernoulli24 June 2014
Onderzoeksubsidies voor vijf Groningse onderzoeksprojecten24 June 2014
ZonMw Parel voor toxicoloog Geny Groothuis23 June 2014
ZonMw Pearl for toxicologist Geny Groothuis20 June 2014
From washing powder to cancer research19 June 2014
New Unifocus: Spinoza Prize for Piersma; an app to eat healthily; and the oldest seeds in the world18 June 2014
The Universe, life and everything12 June 2014
Het mysterie van Antikythera12 June 2014
Students win Green Mind Award: pavement garden for the University Library11 June 2014
Congratulatory words for winner of the Spinoza Prize11 June 2014
University of Groningen offers resit training on 14 and 15 June11 June 2014
RUG400 celebrations rounded off in style with festivities for everyone10 June 2014
More health risks among young people10 June 2014
Theunis Piersma awarded Spinoza Prize06 June 2014
Progressief chronisch nierfalen eerder vast te stellen en te behandelen06 June 2014
Spinoza Prize winner: ‘I embrace the fuzzy nature of ecology’06 June 2014
Research on therapy for loved ones of missing persons05 June 2014
Educatieve kinderdag op vliegveld Eelde in Pinksterweekend05 June 2014
Countries must prevent genocide earlier05 June 2014
National Student Survey results: University of Groningen student satisfaction grows04 June 2014
Voorkomen van depressie door verbeeldingskracht04 June 2014
Planet orbiting Kapteyn’s star could support life03 June 2014
Testing anti-bacterial materials for braces and prostheses03 June 2014
University of Groningen purchases Public Library building for the Faculty of Law03 June 2014
Six hundred children step into a church time capsule02 June 2014
Jihadist videos throw light on suicide attacks02 June 2014
Walk for Infinity: Following in the footsteps of Ubbo Emmius28 May 2014
Empathy can be trained28 May 2014
Top quality accommodation for University College Groningen students28 May 2014
Radboud and UMCG awarded major European grant for rare children’s disease27 May 2014
Intensive counselling programme for pre-university and senior general secondary school pupils26 May 2014
Multinational closes a subsidiary: higher salaries for former employees26 May 2014
FutureLearn signs the University of Groningen as its first Dutch partner25 May 2014
Physical education important for academic achievement in special primary education23 May 2014
Infoversum podium voor publiekslezingen RUG-toppers23 May 2014
A road map for suicide research22 May 2014
University of Groningen gauges opinion on gas extraction22 May 2014
The smartest cells come from Groningen22 May 2014
Culture and Academia reign supreme this weekend in Groningen21 May 2014
Groningen slime mould wins Dicty World Race21 May 2014
University election results for 201421 May 2014
New Zernikeborg building will probably resemble a WV shape21 May 2014
From sugar to coke bottle20 May 2014
Two grants for Polar research20 May 2014
In Memoriam: Wubbo Ockels19 May 2014
Largest Dutch student gala successful19 May 2014
Seven Vidi grants for top researchers from the University of Groningen and UMCG19 May 2014
Team met Jan Komdeur wint eerste Bio Art & Design Award19 May 2014
Royal opening of RUG40015 May 2014
The ultimate microscope: a computer14 May 2014
NWO grant for sea turtle research in the Caribbean13 May 2014
Academieplein closed to cyclists from 13 to 26 May13 May 2014
Prof. Carl Djerassi, father of oral contraception, to visit University of Groningen12 May 2014
Inaugural lecture Jos de Keijser: 'Complex grieving is treatable'09 May 2014
Vijf keer raak voor Groningse chemici08 May 2014
Healthy fats protect babies against obesity in later life08 May 2014
Hoeveel ijsjes kun je maken van al het Noordpoolijs?08 May 2014
NWO grants awarded to six University of Groningen researchers08 May 2014
Sweet surprise for scientists06 May 2014
Bacteria populations hedge their bets06 May 2014
Ambassador of Mongolia to deliver keynote speech at CEASG Launch Conference01 May 2014
New project on the integration of clinical and toxicological data to develop non-animal based risk assessment22 April 2014
Large family shortens lives of jackdaw parents14 April 2014
Risk of failure of wireless equipment in health care and industry underestimated14 April 2014
Prof. Ed Noort leads national investigation into the future of theology and religious studies14 April 2014
Some commonly used antibiotics accelerate resistance10 April 2014
Magazine and timeline for 400 years of the University of Groningen09 April 2014
Research into carbohydrates shows promising results for healthy food and BioBased Economy09 April 2014
Nieuwe Broerstraat 5, thema: Viering 400 jaar RUG ‘For Infinity’09 April 2014
Successor to flash memory lasts much longer08 April 2014
King Willem-Alexander to open 400th anniversary celebrations at the University of Groningen04 April 2014
400 primary schoolchildren to open For Infinity: 400 years of Academic Science in Groningen exhibition03 April 2014
Two young Groningen researchers win NWO Rubicon travel grants01 April 2014
Gripping answers to 400 questions from the public31 March 2014
AG Architecten to design the renovations for the University of Groningen Library27 March 2014
Young children’s performance in science and technology depends on the context27 March 2014
Wanted: 1,000 volunteers27 March 2014
Increase in municipal housing costs the smallest ever27 March 2014
Space research institute SRON, Province and University of Groningen sign ‘Deal of the North’26 March 2014
Running shoes will not prevent running-related injuries26 March 2014
Voorronde internationale FameLab wedstrijd in Groningen25 March 2014
KNAW and University of Groningen ratify continuation of NIDI knowledge institute19 March 2014
Harald Hendrix appointed Director of KNIR17 March 2014
Oxbridge rowing teams in RUG400 boat race14 March 2014
Inschrijving examentraining VWO en HAVO loopt storm13 March 2014
Professors and porters go ‘on the road’ together to visit schools13 March 2014
Too little competition when contracting out reintegration services12 March 2014
New Physics and Chemistry building named after Nobel Prizewinner Zernike12 March 2014
Research Insitute NIDI continues12 March 2014
University researchers develop new teaching method for culture education12 March 2014
GPs should use a dermatoscope to examine suspicious skin lesions10 March 2014
University of Groningen and Deusto University found Tuning Academy06 March 2014
Diabetes patients with renal disease: just a little less salt leads to huge health benefits05 March 2014
University College Groningen preparing for the first batch of students03 March 2014
Discover exoplanets during the National Stargazing Days on March 7 & 803 March 2014
In Memoriam: honorary doctor Leo Vroman27 February 2014
Hedy d’Ancona prepares the way for international Aletta Jacobs prize giving ceremony27 February 2014
University Colloquium (March 3): Why do we wage war?24 February 2014
Educational institutes in Groningen to work together on deep underground, earthquake-resistant construction and infrastructure20 February 2014
Publieksmiddag ‘Brein in beweging’ over hersenonderzoek (op 12 maart)19 February 2014
Dangerous bacteria thrive with concentration of care19 February 2014
400 years of Town and Gown19 February 2014
Bluebirds struggle on island paradise19 February 2014
Master's in Nanoscience best university Master's degree programme18 February 2014
University of Groningen College Tour event with Dr. Noeleen Heyzer (on 6 March)17 February 2014
University and UMCG working on continued employability of older staff17 February 2014
Sentinel node procedure increases survival chances of skin cancer patients14 February 2014
RUG babies win SURF security award13 February 2014
Alumna Nonhlanhla Dube wins Dutch Master’s thesis prize13 February 2014
Arab universities visit Groningen12 February 2014
Western Europe had no trouble keeping East Germany in isolation12 February 2014
New methods for treating severe jaundice in newborn babies and adults10 February 2014
Revolutionary new view on heritability in plants07 February 2014
Extra advertising during the Winter Olympics has little effect on sales figures05 February 2014
Success of smart grids depends on connecting domains05 February 2014
Honorary doctorate for Unilever top man Paul Polman04 February 2014
Fish swim more efficiently in schools03 February 2014
Study shows independent association between diabetes and depression and impulse control disorders including binge-eating and bulimia31 January 2014
Christian Zuidema Lecturer of the Year29 January 2014
Open Day at the University of Groningen: thorough introduction to up to four degree programmes28 January 2014
Renovation plan for University Library creates more workstations and makes building future-proof28 January 2014
Millions worth of grants for four Groningen top researchers27 January 2014
Spinning skyrmions show way to new electronics27 January 2014
Groningen economists predict medal table for Sochi: 6 gold medals for the Netherlands24 January 2014
Fear of earthquakes risen sharply among inhabitants of earthquake zone24 January 2014
Royal decoration for Professor of Social Psychiatry Hans Ormel23 January 2014
Three out of every ten students still live in Groningen ten to fifteen years later22 January 2014
A troubled childhood can have its advantages21 January 2014
University of Groningen wants to predict unrest17 January 2014
Problem solving based Intervention increases awareness of employability among ageing workers17 January 2014
Teacher Education University of Groningen is training educational administrators in Kenya16 January 2014
Eating too much salt increases risk of heart attack15 January 2014
Microbes can evolve into savvy traders15 January 2014
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2014 for UN Under-Secretary-General Noeleen Heyzer13 January 2014
Nieuw type spraakklep biedt perspectief voor patiënten zonder strottenhoofd13 January 2014
Prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for Melinda Mills09 January 2014
PLOS One article: What cues do ungulates use to assess predation risk in dense temperate forests?07 January 2014
€1.1 million in funding for UMCG research into cancer and depression07 January 2014
Registration for University of Groningen VWO and HAVO exam training now open!06 January 2014
’s Heeren Loo Zorggroep and University of Groningen cooperate in academic workplace03 January 2014
TOP NWO grant for Prof. Feringa03 June 2013
Millions for GBB in synthetic biology and biotechnology31 May 2013
Junior Presentation Award 2012 for Vos10 April 2012
Picchioni wins RUG Audience and Web Awards06 February 2012
STW grants for antibiotics research21 November 2011
NWO Grant for Graduate School of Science01 September 2011
Innovative inhaler: the Novolizer18 April 2010
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