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EU awards COFUND grant for 18 Post-docs working on the Origin and Evolution of Life03 April 2019
Staatssecretaris Keijzer bezoekt RUG-robots op Hannover Messe02 April 2019
Melgert, Gosens and Salvati receive ZonMW grant to study the effects of microplastic fibres on the lungs25 March 2019
Amina Helmi to receive Suffrage Science award08 March 2019
Faculty of Science and Engineering wins NNV Diversity Award 201822 January 2019
Toekenning ECHO subsidie aan Wouter Roos19 December 2018
North Sea fisheries show a preference for unusual habitats18 December 2018
Pollution poses threat to Arctic goose12 December 2018
NTU Singapore and UG sign Double Doctorate agreement30 November 2018
Suspicious genes, fast legs27 November 2018
Anouk Goossens receives Shell Award for researching building blocks of the electronic brain26 November 2018
Large Wadden Fund grant for researching underwater nature in Wadden Sea23 November 2018
The lift between life and death14 November 2018
Honorary professor Van Roon awarded Senior Jan Glerum Education Prize09 November 2018
Celebrating Excellence in Research: 100 Women of Chemistry08 November 2018
Grants awarded call Data Science 201806 November 2018
TOP NWO grant for Prof. Slotboom05 November 2018
Astronomers discover the giant that shaped the early days of our Milky Way31 October 2018
Eric de Vries wins NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize30 October 2018
New generation of smart computers inspired by our brains26 October 2018
Photo report: the Ocean Grazer18 October 2018
Opening Symposium of Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence on 1 Nov04 October 2018
4 Million Euro for EU-funded MARIE CURIE INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK04 October 2018
Gosens wins the Prix Galien Research Award 201803 October 2018
Young Academy Groningen welcomes eight new members02 October 2018
Zpannend Zernike: Backstage in the wondrous world of science and technology27 September 2018
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes chair and Rudi Drent chair for Groningen professors21 September 2018
UG Students help young students with logistics19 September 2018
Thousands of deaths prevented by vaccinations21 August 2018
Nature has the answer24 July 2018
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants23 July 2018
Super-telescope bring astronomers closer to understanding dark matter18 July 2018
Dr Marthe Walvoort wins Gratama Prize06 July 2018
Feringa honoured with bronze bust and book08 June 2018
Nine UG researchers win Vidi grants01 June 2018
New all round research institute for mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence: Bernoulli Institute01 June 2018
SRON in finals with successor to Herschel satellite30 May 2018
Why we need algae16 May 2018
Nanoscience student Eleveld wins audience award national Famelab14 May 2018
Petra Rudolf next EPS President-elect09 May 2018
Sijbren Otto wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award08 May 2018
Photo report: in Oscar Kuipers' lab03 May 2018
Professor Maria Antonietta Loi receives Physics Prize 201813 April 2018
Millions for new Groningen Target programme06 April 2018
UG researchers roll up their sleeves on NICO Expedition to the Atlantic Ocean04 April 2018
Blackbirds in the city: Bad health, longer life21 March 2018
Shedding light on the mystery of the superconducting dome20 March 2018
Drier soil leads to more extreme heat waves19 March 2018
‘ZAP biobased research will be changing society’13 March 2018
Groningen school pupils tackle urban distribution05 March 2018
Practical spin wave transistor one step closer02 March 2018
Millions worth of grants for four Groningen top researchers23 February 2018
UG and Province take on sustainable agriculture together21 February 2018
Emergent properties of bio-physical self-organization in streams20 February 2018
Princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel to attend 4th Prince Friso Engineering Award ceremony in Groningen19 February 2018
Popular science blogger shares spintronics video15 February 2018
Islands in yeast membrane revealed by extreme microscopy05 February 2018
Artificial intelligence selects best candidate30 January 2018
Anton Scheurink: ‘Being active is better than being slim’  23 January 2018
New method makes the most of biomass23 January 2018
New metal-semiconductor interface for brain-inspired computing22 January 2018
Slow 'hot electrons' could improve solar cell efficiency16 January 2018
New model brings spintronic transistor a step closer09 January 2018
Rough farmyard manure good for meadow birds and farmers12 December 2017
How ribosomes shape the proteome06 December 2017
Sucking up electrons with acid30 November 2017
Making robots (and humans) cooperate30 November 2017
ERC grants help three UG scientists head to the top28 November 2017
Hidde Hendriksen wint Lorentz Afstudeerprijs voor onderzoek naar kleinste bouwsteentjes van materie27 November 2017
First proper motions measured for stars in a small galaxy outside Milky Way27 November 2017
UG and Northern Online Entrepreneurs launch Groningen Digital Business Centre25 November 2017
Marine life changes as a result of melting Antarctic ice23 November 2017
Birds without own brood help other birds with parenting, but not selflessly23 October 2017
Theunis Piersma wins top British ornithology award19 October 2017
Newly described process in Parkinson’s protein as a potential new therapy route18 October 2017
Chris van den Broeck appointed Professor by special appointment in gravitational waves at the Van Swinderen Institute17 October 2017
Major advance in nanopore detection of peptides and proteins17 October 2017
Doctors and pharmacists work together to reduce the use of medication at nursing homes10 October 2017
Inflammatory protein also present in lungs of ex-smokers03 October 2017
Daydreams in a computer model02 October 2017
New director for the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity07 September 2017
Five Veni grants of 250,000 euros28 July 2017
Van Leersum grant for international comparative study of medicine use in children with ADHD24 July 2017
Lung Foundation supports research on lung tissue repair20 July 2017
Countering the effects of sleep deprivation by resetting the molecular clock?05 July 2017
Astronomers see mysterious nitrogen area in a butterfly-shaped star formation disk15 June 2017
Award for outstanding PhD abroad granted to He18 May 2017
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal chaos in electron transport10 May 2017
New research centre on the origins of life, the universe and everything12 April 2017
‘Heroic’ songbirds rescue each other07 April 2017
Ben Feringa delivers Nobel lecture in De Oosterpoort04 April 2017
Two ERC Advanced Grants for UG scientists29 March 2017
Hightech onderneming DEMCON opent vestiging op Zernike Campus14 March 2017
Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND grant for DSSC!13 February 2017
Efficient demand and supply matching by incentivizing end-users in buildings (MatchIT)01 February 2017
Astronomers over the moon with ‘a box full of chocolates’30 January 2017
Two young UG science talents will go abroad with NWO Rubicon grants24 January 2017
Prof. Gerard Dijkema obituary, June 25 1962 – January 10 201723 January 2017
How carbohydrates make infant formula more like human breast milk18 January 2017
Joint knowledge helps to control conflicts in the Wadden Sea region11 January 2017
DTEC grant awarded for Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data21 December 2016
University of Groningen strengthens technological profile with new centre21 October 2016
Prof. Ben Feringa wins the 2016 Tetrahedron Prize09 September 2016
Veni grants awarded15 July 2016
European Control Award for Ming Cao30 June 2016
PhD Rozema Dutch candidate for ECCOMAS award14 April 2016
PhD student creates recyclable rubber (video)16 December 2015
National research centre for chemical building blocks07 December 2015
3D printed objects that kill microbes11 November 2015
New insights into antibiotic resistance development30 October 2015
Saving energy and money with smart systems05 October 2015
Tata Steel to fund scholarships for University of Groningen nanoscience master29 September 2015
Astronomers stumble upon mysterious filaments17 September 2015
Variation among individual animals: a bit of genetics, a bit of environment, and fifty shades of grey02 September 2015
Follow the expedition!18 August 2015
University of Groningen moves up again in prestigious Shanghai Ranking list15 August 2015
‘In-the-box’ idea awarded €2M in NWO-TOP programme05 June 2015
Godwits turn 2013's extremely cold spring into a success01 June 2015
Largest Dutch polar expedition in history19 May 2015
Scientists obtain precise estimates of the epigenetic mutation rate12 May 2015
New research institute GELIFES focuses on adaptive capacity of living systems22 April 2015
Shrinking sea ice forces polar bears to eat eggs24 March 2015
Video Unifocus: one million for Serengeti research18 March 2015
Unifocus video: Debunking the myths of left and right-handedness04 March 2015
Effectiveness of antipsychotic drug and associated weight gain may be predictable02 March 2015
Astronomers use MUSE to see into the deep Universe like never before26 February 2015
Substantial European grants for University of Groningen Researchers26 February 2015
2.1 million euros for extent of Higgs boson20 February 2015
FOM grant for observing the Big Bang20 February 2015
Focus on the success of others leads to selfish behaviour18 February 2015
Virtual spring keeps robots in formation16 February 2015
Breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices10 February 2015
Molecular machines move to a new level22 January 2015
University of Groningen Nerdalize start-up receives Ministerial funding14 January 2015
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants13 January 2015
Mow even later to save the godwit06 January 2015
Ocean Grazer – Catching waves18 December 2014
ERC Starting Grant for top researchers Thorben Cordes, Lude Franke and Mladen Popović17 December 2014
Prof. Bart van Wees elected APS Fellow11 December 2014
Prestigious ERC Starting Grant for Mladen Popović11 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: Suzanne Täuber, Mindfulness for informal carers and Spying on animals03 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: harvesting energy from waves; the birth of the plastic solar cell; a special beadle's staff19 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: Deafblindness, succes for protein researcher Slotboom and Tomorrow's Home05 November 2014
Gronings succes van E.coli met koperbindend 21e aminozuur05 November 2014
Unilever Research Prize for Top Master student Machteld Kamminga30 October 2014
Honorary memberships for Meurs and Visser (GRIP)14 September 2014
King Willem-Alexander attends NWO Spinoza Prizegiving ceremony for Theunis Piersma (update: photo’s)11 September 2014
Colloquium Mathematics, Professor Rafael Ortega01 July 2014
IBM, ASTRON and the University of Groningen Launch Exascale Computing Center to Address Big Data Challenges27 June 2014
ZonMw Parel voor toxicoloog Geny Groothuis23 June 2014
ZonMw Pearl for toxicologist Geny Groothuis20 June 2014
New Unifocus: Spinoza Prize for Piersma; an app to eat healthily; and the oldest seeds in the world18 June 2014
The Universe, life and everything12 June 2014
University of Groningen offers resit training on 14 and 15 June11 June 2014
Theunis Piersma awarded Spinoza Prize06 June 2014
Research on therapy for loved ones of missing persons05 June 2014
Countries must prevent genocide earlier05 June 2014
National Student Survey results: University of Groningen student satisfaction grows04 June 2014
Planet orbiting Kapteyn’s star could support life03 June 2014
Intensive counselling programme for pre-university and senior general secondary school pupils26 May 2014
FutureLearn signs the University of Groningen as its first Dutch partner25 May 2014
University of Groningen gauges opinion on gas extraction22 May 2014
Culture and Academia reign supreme this weekend in Groningen21 May 2014
Groningen slime mould wins Dicty World Race21 May 2014
From sugar to coke bottle20 May 2014
Colloquium Computer Science, Professor Roberto Battiti, University of Trento19 May 2014
The ultimate microscope: a computer14 May 2014
Canceled!!!Colloquium Computer Science, Professor Jan Sijbers (University Antwerpen)13 May 2014
NWO grants awarded to six University of Groningen researchers08 May 2014
Hoeveel ijsjes kun je maken van al het Noordpoolijs?08 May 2014
Sweet surprise for scientists06 May 2014
Ambassador of Mongolia to deliver keynote speech at CEASG Launch Conference01 May 2014
Large family shortens lives of jackdaw parents14 April 2014
Risk of failure of wireless equipment in health care and industry underestimated14 April 2014
Some commonly used antibiotics accelerate resistance10 April 2014
Magazine and timeline for 400 years of the University of Groningen09 April 2014
400 primary schoolchildren to open For Infinity: 400 years of Academic Science in Groningen exhibition03 April 2014
Young children’s performance in science and technology depends on the context27 March 2014
Increase in municipal housing costs the smallest ever27 March 2014
Space research institute SRON, Province and University of Groningen sign ‘Deal of the North’26 March 2014
Voorronde internationale FameLab wedstrijd in Groningen25 March 2014
KNAW and University of Groningen ratify continuation of NIDI knowledge institute19 March 2014
Oxbridge rowing teams in RUG400 boat race14 March 2014
Inschrijving examentraining VWO en HAVO loopt storm13 March 2014
Research Insitute NIDI continues12 March 2014
University of Groningen and Deusto University found Tuning Academy06 March 2014
Hedy d’Ancona prepares the way for international Aletta Jacobs prize giving ceremony27 February 2014
Educational institutes in Groningen to work together on deep underground, earthquake-resistant construction and infrastructure20 February 2014
University of Groningen College Tour event with Dr. Noeleen Heyzer (on 6 March)17 February 2014
Arab universities visit Groningen12 February 2014
Revolutionary new view on heritability in plants07 February 2014
Honorary doctorate for Unilever top man Paul Polman04 February 2014
Study shows independent association between diabetes and depression and impulse control disorders including binge-eating and bulimia31 January 2014
Chinese-Dutch Energy Services Dialogue at JBI29 January 2014
Renovation plan for University Library creates more workstations and makes building future-proof28 January 2014
Groningen economists predict medal table for Sochi: 6 gold medals for the Netherlands24 January 2014
Registration for University of Groningen VWO and HAVO exam training now open!06 January 2014
Professor Renata Kallosh01 July 2013
TOP NWO grant for Prof. Feringa03 June 2013
Innovative inhaler: the Novolizer18 April 2010
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