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Research news

TitlePosted on
2020 NVBMB prize awarded to Dr. Paulino27 February 2020
Spin-off to develop new antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria17 February 2020
Piezo testing ground in Zuidhorn generates energy14 February 2020
Two top professors appointed at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry23 January 2020
UPB awards honorary doctorate to Professor Siewert Jan Marrink17 January 2020
Molecular motors and switches16 December 2019
Prof. Roelfes receives NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 304,00013 December 2019
NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 350,000 for Dr. Guskov13 December 2019
ERC grants help two UG scientists to aim for the top10 December 2019
Stefany Moreno Gamez wins third prize in ‘For Women in Science’ Rising Talents09 December 2019
EU ITN granted to MANIC06 December 2019
Materials NL Challenges grant awarded to Professor Loi05 December 2019
Materials NL Challenges grant for Dr. Maresca05 December 2019
Professor Katja Loos wins Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation29 November 2019
Red deer hardly react to wolf urine in the Netherlands and Poland28 November 2019
Master’s student Remi Brandt wins KNVI Thesis Prize for Computing Science and Engineering26 November 2019
NWO awards € 4 million to DIGITAL TWIN programme07 November 2019
Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the Universe07 November 2019
NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 304,000 for Prof. Fraternali05 November 2019
Prof. Faraji elected to Q-Chem board of directors05 November 2019
Ramping up to divide: An unstable protein is master switch for cell division04 November 2019
Migratory birds are worse off in West Africa29 October 2019
Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds24 October 2019
Zoology 2019: International meeting on Zoology and Behavioral Biology in Groningen23 October 2019
Demonstrating that it can be done14 October 2019
Down Under with Top Dutch (update)11 October 2019
Kick-off Young Science and Engineering Network (YSEN)11 October 2019
Lecture by Nobel Laureate Christopher Pissarides03 October 2019
Amina Helmi presents plans for Spinoza prize02 October 2019
Prof. Daniël Boer elected Fellow of American Physical Society26 September 2019
UMCG and UG aim to functionally accommodate particle accelerator at UMCG26 September 2019
Start of MOSAiC – the Greatest Arctic Research Expedition of All Time20 September 2019
Imagining Science20 September 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
When the wind blows from the wrong direction17 September 2019
Getting to the roots of Parkinson’s disease17 September 2019
1.5 million euros for imaging functionality of nanomaterials04 September 2019
1.5 million euros for computational modeling from super-fast MRI03 September 2019
Gravitation Grant for designing Hybrid Intelligence30 August 2019
University of Groningen in two of the six Gravitation grants for groundbreaking research30 August 2019
Data Science: a breath of fresh air for physics, genetics and history19 August 2019
Cold winters not caused by Arctic climate change12 August 2019
Amina Helmi appointed as Deputy Scientific Director NOVA07 August 2019
NWO START-UP Grant Marcos Guimarães02 August 2019
Closing the door: breaking new ground related to a potential anticancer drug target31 July 2019
The University of Noorderzon30 July 2019
Migrating Great Knots top up at different ‘service stations’ than previously thought18 July 2019
Wageningen and Groningen scientists research nature-inclusive agriculture in Northern Netherlands17 July 2019
Thirteen Veni grants for young Groningen researchers16 July 2019
UG to build new observatory in dark Lauwersmeer Region11 July 2019
Spinoza Prize 2019 for astronomer Amina Helmi21 June 2019
Small steps, big leaps – how marram grass builds dunes14 June 2019
61 million euros for social and scientific breakthroughs13 June 2019
Photos and video Night of Arts and Science12 June 2019
Pastoor Schmeitsprijs voor de Sterrenkunde voor dr. Selma de Mink27 May 2019
Nederlandse Astronomenclub is nu Koninklijk27 May 2019
Three UG researchers win Vidi grants24 May 2019
The North of the Netherlands goes down under during Solar Challenge22 May 2019
"Worms man" Dr. Jeroen Onrust wins Science Prize Campus Fryslân 201917 May 2019
Grote spiraalstelsels maken zeer efficiënt sterren16 May 2019
From paperclip to patent23 April 2019
Why lightning often strikes twice17 April 2019
Still going strong after four decades16 April 2019
EU awards COFUND grant for 18 Post-docs working on the Origin and Evolution of Life03 April 2019
Staatssecretaris Keijzer bezoekt RUG-robots op Hannover Messe02 April 2019
Royal Decoration for Prof. Jeff De Hosson29 March 2019
Introducing..... Sahar El Aidy25 March 2019
Melgert, Gosens and Salvati receive ZonMW grant to study the effects of microplastic fibres on the lungs25 March 2019
Getting help with the kids slows down ageing in female birds21 March 2019
Molecular motors run in unison in a metal-organic framework18 March 2019
Amina Helmi to receive Suffrage Science award08 March 2019
First research outcomes08 March 2019
Manure injection detrimental to meadow birds08 March 2019
Amina Helmi to receive Suffrage Science award08 March 2019
Wadden Mosaic project starts underwater sampling25 February 2019
UG to construct Feringa Building with Ballast Nedam22 February 2019
The unusual heredity of telomere length20 February 2019
Nanopores make portable mass spectrometer for peptides a reality19 February 2019
Maarten Loonen’s climate change grief12 February 2019
Green alternative to PET could be even greener30 January 2019
Faculty of Science and Engineering wins NNV Diversity Award 201822 January 2019
Two young researchers head to top institutes with Rubicon grant16 January 2019
Smoking gun09 January 2019
Yeast makes ethanol to prevent metabolic overload08 January 2019
Toekenning ECHO subsidie aan Wouter Roos19 December 2018
North Sea fisheries show a preference for unusual habitats18 December 2018
Pollution poses threat to Arctic goose12 December 2018
NTU Singapore and UG sign Double Doctorate agreement30 November 2018
Suspicious genes, fast legs27 November 2018
Anouk Goossens receives Shell Award for researching building blocks of the electronic brain26 November 2018
Large Wadden Fund grant for researching underwater nature in Wadden Sea23 November 2018
Support from the Government for the development of sustainable, nature-inclusive agriculture in the Northern Netherlands16 November 2018
The lift between life and death14 November 2018
Honorary professor Van Roon awarded Senior Jan Glerum Education Prize09 November 2018
Celebrating Excellence in Research: 100 Women of Chemistry08 November 2018
Grants awarded call Data Science 201806 November 2018
TOP NWO grant for Prof. Slotboom05 November 2018
Astronomers discover the giant that shaped the early days of our Milky Way31 October 2018
Eric de Vries wins NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize30 October 2018
New generation of smart computers inspired by our brains26 October 2018
Photo report: the Ocean Grazer18 October 2018
Temperate Wadden Sea helps bar-tailed godwit adapt to climate change in the Arctic15 October 2018
Opening Symposium of Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence on 1 Nov04 October 2018
4 Million Euro for EU-funded MARIE CURIE INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK04 October 2018
Gosens wins the Prix Galien Research Award 201803 October 2018
Young Academy Groningen welcomes eight new members02 October 2018
Zpannend Zernike: Backstage in the wondrous world of science and technology27 September 2018
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes chair and Rudi Drent chair for Groningen professors21 September 2018
Small galaxy caused ‘snail shell’ structure in our part of the Milky Way19 September 2018
UG Students help young students with logistics19 September 2018
Thousands of deaths prevented by vaccinations21 August 2018
University of Groningen and MEYER WERFT sign collaboration agreement25 July 2018
Nature has the answer24 July 2018
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants23 July 2018
Super-telescope bring astronomers closer to understanding dark matter18 July 2018
Dr Marthe Walvoort wins Gratama Prize06 July 2018
Feringa honoured with bronze bust and book08 June 2018
Nine UG researchers win Vidi grants01 June 2018
SRON in finals with successor to Herschel satellite30 May 2018
Nanoscience student Eleveld wins audience award national Famelab14 May 2018
Petra Rudolf next EPS President-elect09 May 2018
Sijbren Otto wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award08 May 2018
Photo report: in Oscar Kuipers' lab03 May 2018
Spotlight on engineering in Groningen21 March 2018
‘ZAP biobased research will be changing society’13 March 2018
Practical spin wave transistor one step closer02 March 2018
Artificial intelligence selects best candidate30 January 2018
ERC grants help three UG scientists head to the top28 November 2017
UG and Northern Online Entrepreneurs launch Groningen Digital Business Centre25 November 2017
Birds without own brood help other birds with parenting, but not selflessly23 October 2017
Doctors and pharmacists work together to reduce the use of medication at nursing homes10 October 2017
Five Veni grants of 250,000 euros28 July 2017
Lung Foundation supports research on lung tissue repair20 July 2017
Mudflats are the solar panels of the Wadden Sea05 July 2017
Countering the effects of sleep deprivation by resetting the molecular clock?05 July 2017
Astronomers see mysterious nitrogen area in a butterfly-shaped star formation disk15 June 2017
Two Vidi grants awarded worth €800,00030 May 2017
Ben Feringa delivers Nobel lecture in De Oosterpoort04 April 2017
Hightech onderneming DEMCON opent vestiging op Zernike Campus14 March 2017
Researchers create a high-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing24 February 2017
Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND grant for DSSC!13 February 2017
Prize for Fraaije's video on enzyme research03 February 2017
Efficient demand and supply matching by incentivizing end-users in buildings (MatchIT)01 February 2017
Two young UG science talents will go abroad with NWO Rubicon grants24 January 2017
How carbohydrates make infant formula more like human breast milk18 January 2017
Joint knowledge helps to control conflicts in the Wadden Sea region11 January 2017
DTEC grant awarded for Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data21 December 2016
University of Groningen strengthens technological profile with new centre21 October 2016
Veni grants awarded15 July 2016
PhD Rozema Dutch candidate for ECCOMAS award14 April 2016
PhD student creates recyclable rubber (video)16 December 2015
New technique reveals causes of ageing in yeast01 December 2015
Better steel thanks to nanotechnology17 November 2015
Saving energy and money with smart systems05 October 2015
Follow the expedition!18 August 2015
Darwin's finches have reached their limits on the Galápagos23 June 2015
Sustainable Buildings spin-off wins Pioneers prize03 June 2015
Unifocus video: Debunking the myths of left and right-handedness04 March 2015
Astronomers use MUSE to see into the deep Universe like never before26 February 2015
Virtual spring keeps robots in formation16 February 2015
Breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices10 February 2015
University of Groningen Nerdalize start-up receives Ministerial funding14 January 2015
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants13 January 2015
Mow even later to save the godwit06 January 2015
Ocean Grazer – Catching waves18 December 2014
ERC Starting Grant for top researchers Thorben Cordes, Lude Franke and Mladen Popović17 December 2014
Has car manufacturer taken the corner too fast with the boxfish design?17 December 2014
Jan-Willem Veening and Martijn Wieling members of the Young Academy25 November 2014
Gronings succes van E.coli met koperbindend 21e aminozuur05 November 2014
1,5 million Euro for effect exercising on Alzheimer03 November 2014
Lack of winter food threat to Dutch skylark20 August 2014
NWO awards Nikhef 15 milion for LHC upgrade01 July 2014
'FOM Projectruimte' for Prof. Bart van Wees27 June 2014
Robotic fish, cruise control and Johann Bernoulli24 June 2014
ZonMw Parel voor toxicoloog Geny Groothuis23 June 2014
Spectacular inauguration of the Infoversum19 June 2014
Funding for 'Playing with Urban Complexity'11 June 2014
University of Groningen offers resit training on 14 and 15 June11 June 2014
Theunis Piersma awarded Spinoza Prize06 June 2014
Research on therapy for loved ones of missing persons05 June 2014
Order of the Star of Italy for Prof. Morganti03 June 2014
Production of radioactive isotopes for medical application02 June 2014
Culture and Academia reign supreme this weekend in Groningen21 May 2014
Nieuwe prijs voor jong talent in de sterrenkunde15 May 2014
The ultimate microscope: a computer14 May 2014
NWO grants awarded to six University of Groningen researchers08 May 2014
Sweet surprise for scientists06 May 2014
Large family shortens lives of jackdaw parents14 April 2014
Some commonly used antibiotics accelerate resistance10 April 2014
Inschrijving examentraining VWO en HAVO loopt storm13 March 2014
Professors and porters go ‘on the road’ together to visit schools13 March 2014
University researchers develop new teaching method for culture education12 March 2014
More micro-grids expertise for Groningen07 March 2014
Hedy d’Ancona prepares the way for international Aletta Jacobs prize giving ceremony27 February 2014
Groningen Centre of Energy Law awarded two NWO projects for research on Smart Grids12 February 2014
Study shows independent association between diabetes and depression and impulse control disorders including binge-eating and bulimia31 January 2014
Teacher Education University of Groningen is training educational administrators in Kenya16 January 2014
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2014 for UN Under-Secretary-General Noeleen Heyzer13 January 2014
Professor Renata Kallosh01 July 2013
ERC Advanced Grant for astronomer Rafaella Morganti17 October 2012
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