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Research ENTEG Discrete Technology & Production Automation Research Projects

Archived Projects

Swarm and formation control of satellites using passivity

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen / A.J. van der Schaft / Ningbo Li


repository: J.M.A. Scherpen and Juan Eduardo Machado Martinez

Stochastic network dynamics

repository : J.M.A. Scherpen and Lorenzo Zino

Controlling rigid formations for multi-agent systems

repository : M.Cao / Liangming Chen

Tailor-made model reduction methods for integrated energy systems

repository: M.K. Camlibel / J.M.A. Scherpen / B. Besselink / Azka Muji Burohman

Control of multi-robotic systems

repository: M. Cao//Yuri Kapitanyuk

Advanced control design for Ultra-high Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition reactors

repository: B. Jayawardhana/ J.M.A. Scherpen/ B.J. Kooi/M. Dresscher

Evolution of Opinions on Social Networks

repository: M. Cao / Mengbin Ye

Control of DC Micro - Grid: a Passivity-based approach  

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen / Krishna Chaitanya Kosaraju

Moment matching model reduction for network systems

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen / Lanlin Yu

Model predictive control for nonlinear systems

repository: M. Cao / Zhongqi Sun

Embracing constraints in complex control systems design

repository: Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen/B. Jayawardhana/Muhammad Zakiyullah Romdlony

Modeling and control of hysteretic deformable mirrors for high-contrast imaging systems

repository: B. Jayawardhana/ Prof P.F. Peletier/dr. R. Huisman/ Marco Vasquez Beltran

Cooperative control of robotic multi-agent systems

repository: M. Cao/ H.J. Garcia de Marina Peinado

Controller design for robots in ship inspection

repository: J.M.A.Scherpen/M. Cao/B. Jayawardhana/H.J. Garcia de Marina Peinado

Synchronization in complex networks

repository: M. Cao/ A.V. Proskurnikov

Evolutionary Games in Multiagent Systems

repostitory: M. Cao/J. Zhang

Energy-efficient design and control of mobile robotic sensor networks

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen/ A.J. van der Schaft/ S. Stramigioli (UTwente)/ E. Vos and D. Dresscher(UTwente)

Distributed Coordination and Model Reduction of Multi-Agent Networks

repository: Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen/Harry L. Trentelman/Fan Zhang

Modeling and analysis of energy metabolism in mouse

repository: B. Jayawardhana/A.J. van der Schaft/S. Rao

Formation swimming of robotic fish

repository: M. Cao/C. Wang

Distributed control of a network of households with micro CHP systems

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen/ N.D. van Foreest and  G. K. Holst Larsen

Analysis and control design for hysteretic systems

repository: B. Jayawardhana/R. Ouyang

Structure preserving model reduction for port-Hamiltonian systems

repository:  J.M.A. Scherpen/  A.J. van der Schaft and M. Seslija

Passivity-Based Control of port-Hamiltonian mechanical systems

repository:  J.M.A. Scherpen and D.A. Dirksz

Modeling and Control of inflatable space structures

repository:  J.M.A. Scherpen and  T. Voss

Balanced Truncation for Disipative and Symetric Nonlinear Systems

repository:  J.M.A. Scherpen and T. Ionescu

Modeling and control of a wobble yoke Sterling engine for micro CHP applications

repository:  J.M.A. Scherpen and E. Garcia-Canseco

Reactive power control

repository: J.M.A. Scherpen and D. del Puerto Flores

Contactless micromanipulation by magnetic levitation

repository: B. Jayawardhana and R. Ouyang  

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