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Practical matters How to find us M.I. (Mónica Isela) Acuautla Meneses, PhD

Research interests

The research of Asst. Prof. Dr. Mónica Acuautla Meneses focuses in the development of engineering systems exploring the potential of piezoelectric materials. We process, tailor, and characterize piezoelectric materials (as rigid ceramics, thin films and polymers) to enhance their properties for their implementation in mechatronic, aerospace and biomedical devices. Our research follows a multidisciplinary approach integrating material science and engineering for the design and fabrication of sensors, actuators, and piezoelectric energy harvesters, micro-nanofabrication, MEMS/NEMS, flexible electronics, among others.


Fabrication of poly (vinylidene fluoride) films by ultrasonic spray coating; uniformity and piezoelectric properties

Low-toxicity chemical solution deposition of ferroelectric Ca:HfO2

High pixel number deformable mirror concept utilizing piezoelectric hysteresis for stable shape configurations

Piezoelectric properties of PZT by an ethylene glycol-based chemical solution synthesis

Ozone flexible sensor fabricated by photolithography and laser ablation process based on ZnO nanoparticles

Characterization of BaZrO3 doped - KNLNS ceramics

Lead-free KNN-based thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition

Towards simpler, greener, and more economic fabrication methods for HfO2 ferroelectric devices

Arbitrary-curved waveguiding and broadband attenuation in additively manufactured lattice phononic media

Dissipative Dynamics of Polymer Phononic Materials

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TKI Top sector HTSM grant for Mónica Acuautla Meneses

Smart Hysteretic Piezoelectric Actuator for Set and Forget wafer table

Film Production via Ultrasonic Spray Coating: Fabrication, Uniformity and Piezoelectric Properties

Mónica Isela Acuautla Meneses. En busca de nuevos materiales

Mónica Acuautla Meneses - Esto es Cinvestav, Soy Cinvestav

Conexión Cinvestav - Mónica Acuautla Meneses

Academic Transfer - Mónica Acuautla

Mecatrónica en México - Mónica creates a power plant under your feet

Mónica creates a power plant under your feet

Piëzo-elektrische proeftuin in Zuidhorn wekt energie op

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