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Practical matters How to find us M.I. (Mónica Isela) Acuautla Meneses, PhD


Fabrication of poly (vinylidene fluoride) films by ultrasonic spray coating; uniformity and piezoelectric properties

Piezoelectric properties of PZT by an ethylene glycol-based chemical solution synthesis

High pixel number deformable mirror concept utilizing piezoelectric hysteresis for stable shape configurations

Electroactive materials with tunable response based on block copolymer self-assembly

Ozone flexible sensor fabricated by photolithography and laser ablation process based on ZnO nanoparticles

Enhanced performance of flexible Piezoelectric PVDF sensors by ultrasonic spray coating method

Arbitrary-curved waveguiding and broadband attenuation in additively manufactured lattice phononic media

Dissipative Dynamics of Polymer Phononic Materials

Phononic crystal with free-form waveguiding and broadband attenuation

Synthesis of doped hafnia by Metal-Organic Decomposition of low-toxicity chemical solutions for energy harvesting applications (Oral presentation)

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TKI Top sector HTSM grant for Mónica Acuautla Meneses