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How to find us prof. dr. ir. B. (Bayu) Jayawardhana

prof. dr. ir. B. (Bayu) Jayawardhana

Professor in Mechatronics and Control of Nonlinear Systems
prof. dr. ir. B. (Bayu) Jayawardhana
Tel (+31503637156)

Research interests

Our group is interested in the two, closely related, main research topics: mechatronics and nonlinear control systems theory. Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of multi-domain physical systems, electronics and information processing. This integration results in the so-called mechatronic systems. Nonlinear control systems theory is a subfield within the broad mathematical discipline of systems and control theory that studies the dynamical behavior and control design of systems described by nonlinear differential or difference equations.

Applications of the aforementioned research line can be found in areas as diverse as aerospace, automotive, chemical processes, biological systems, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and information technology.


Characterizations of global transversal exponential stability

Discrete-event systems modeling and model predictive allocation algorithm for integrated berth and quay crane allocation

Robustness analysis of systems' safety through a new notion of input-to-state safety

Some Results on Exponential Synchronization of Nonlinear Systems

Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Lur’e Systems with Butterfly Hysteresis Nonlinearities

Taming Mismatches in Inter-agent Distances for the Formation-Motion Control of Second-Order Agents

Transverse exponential stability and applications

Stabilization with guaranteed safety using Control Lyapunov–Barrier Function

Distributed rotational and translational maneuvering of rigid formations and its applications

Controlling rigid formations of mobile agents under inconsistent measurements

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