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Research interests

The research program of the Jayawardhana group focuses on (i). the design and development of novel opto-mechatronic systems with high performance in extreme environment, applied to advanced instrumentations, high-tech systems and medical devices; and on (ii). the study of advanced nonlinear control theories to achieve high control performance with guaranteed safety and robustness.  
Opto-mechatronics is the synergistic integration of optical-electro-mechanical systems, sensors & actuator systems and information & control systems (digital twinning). It is a key technology for high-tech systems and autonomous systems, with application area in renewable energy systems, process industry, biotechnology, medical technology, robotics, smart manufacturing and advanced instrumentation. The resulting complex engineering systems are typically modeled by high-order nonlinear differential equations and analytical tools from nonlinear control theory are essential.   

Recent research projects in the Jayawardhana group include the integration of AI and model-based engineering methods (TTW Perspectief program, program leader), the integration of data-driven and model-based control (NWO Smart Industry), modeling and control of multi robotic systems (Region of Smart Factories), localization and control of indoor mobile robots and drones with 5G technology (NWO Smart Industry), the design, modeling and analysis of high-density piezoactuator arrays (EU COFUND, TKI), digital twin for energy optimization in process industries (RVO-MOOI), modeling and control of ocean energy systems (NWO), digital twin of biological waste water treatment plant (Wetsus), modeling and control of cryogenic 2D chopper for METIS instrument in E-ELT, modeling and control of ultra-high vacuum CVD reactors, analysis of atmospheric dispersion control of MICADO instrument in E-ELT.

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Characterizations of global transversal exponential stability

On the Characterization of Butterfly and Multiloop Hysteresis Behavior

Source Seeking Control of Unicycle Robots with 3-D-Printed Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors

Angle-Constrained Formation Control for Circular Mobile Robots

Secure Formation Control via Edge Computing Enabled by Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Mixed Uniform-Logarithmic Quantization

Taming Mismatches in Inter-agent Distances for the Formation-Motion Control of Second-Order Agents

Simultaneous allocation and scheduling of quay cranes, yard cranes, and trucks in dynamical integrated container terminal operations

Biomimetic Soft Polymer Microstructures and Piezoresistive Graphene MEMS Sensors using Sacrificial Metal 3D Printing

Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Lur'e Systems With Butterfly Hysteresis Nonlinearities

Distributed rotational and translational maneuvering of rigid formations and its applications

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