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How to find us prof. dr. ir. J.M.A. (Jacquelien) Scherpen


Adaptive Control for Flow and Volume Regulation in Multi-Producer District Heating Systems

H2 model reduction for diffusively coupled second-order networks by convex-optimization

Robust output regulation for voltage control in DC networks with time-varying loads

Trajectory Tracking for Robotic Arms with Input Saturation and Only Position Measurements (I)

A Method for Networks Generation with Pre-scribed Spectrum of Laplacian Matrix

An energy-based approach for viscous damping identification

Angle based formation with bearing and velocity information

Angle Formation of Double Integrator with Bearing and Velocity Information

Differentiation and Passivity for Control of Brayton-Moser Systems

Distributed Control for Distribution Network-Constrained Prosumers in Real-time market

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Vrouwelijke wetenschappers krijgen hoge onderscheidingen

Elkaar versterken in Smart Industry

Drachten 'Universiteitsstad' dankzij het Innovatiecluster

Buitenlandse interesse in Drachtster RUG-studie

UG-Drachten with masters in Mechanical Engineering

Drachten tweede Friese universiteitsplek

Technical students and interesting jobs side by side

Formules die robots laten werken

Interview with Prof Scherpen in the column "People in Control" of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine

Goedkoper is geen optie

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