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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. ir. J.M.A. (Jacquelien) Scherpen


An integrated human-cyber-physical framework for control of microgrids

A real-time balancing market optimization with personalized prices: From bilevel to convex

Balancing for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Systems

Clustering-based average state observer design for large-scale network systems

Control-oriented modeling and passivity analysis of thermal dynamics in a multi-producer district heating system

Data-Based Model Reduction for Non-Linear Systems Based on Differential Balancing (I)

Decentralized Temperature and Storage Volume Control in Multiproducer District Heating

Dissipativity-Preserving Reduced-Order Modeling from Data

Extended balancing of continuous LTI systems: A structure-preserving approach

From Data to Reduced-order Models via Generalized Balanced Truncation

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'Ingenieur van het Jaar' Scherpen: data bepaalt kwaliteit AI

Vrouwelijk talent in techniek negeren wordt steeds moeilijker

Met wiskunde snap je dingen beter

RUG-hoogleraar Jacquelien Scherpen behoort tot wereldwijde top

Meet- en regeltechnicus Jacquelien Scherpen wint Kivi Ingenieursprijs 2023

Scherpen verkozen tot Ingenieur van het Jaar 2023

Jacquelien Scherpen wint Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs 2023

RTV Noord, radiointerview met Jacquelien Scherpen

Jacquelien Scherpen nieuw wetenschapsboegbeeld HTSM

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