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How to find us prof. dr. ir. M. (Ming) Cao

Research interests

multi-agent systems, complex systems and networks, distributed decision-making and coordination, cooperative control, adaptive control, human/robot interaction dynamics, robotic teams, brain and neural networks, electric power systems, traffic networks

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Applications of the Poincare-Hopf Theorem: Epidemic Models and Lotka-Volterra Systems

Human Decision-Making in Multi-Agent Systems

Learning enables adaptation in cooperation for multi-player stochastic games

Design of Privacy-Preserving Dynamic Controllers: Special Issue of "Security and Privacy of Distributed Algorithms and Network Systems"

Networks of conforming or nonconforming individuals tend to reach satisfactory decisions

Event-triggered Synchronization of Multi-agent Systems with Partial Input Saturation

Geometric analysis of oscillations in the Frzilator model

Global Convergence for Replicator Dynamics of Repeated Snowdrift Games

Maneuvering formations of mobile agents using designed mismatched angles

Partial Phase Cohesiveness in Networks of Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators

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Natuur weet antwoord

Bij robots staat de functie voorop


2016 European Control Award for Ming Cao

Sensorruis stuurt flexibele robots

Sensor noise guides flexible robots

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