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Practical matters How to find us A. (Antonis) Vakis, Prof Dr

Research interests

My research interests lie in the field of mechanical engineering: tribology, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and biomechanics. Since joining the University of Groningen in January 2013, I have been supervising postdoctoral researchers, PhD, Master and Bachelor students working on various research projects such as molecularly thin lubricant films, functional coatings, thermally reversible polymers, manufacturing processes, as well as a novel renewable energy harvesting and storage technologies.


Modelling of a wave energy converter array with a nonlinear power take-off system in the frequency domain

Frequency-Domain Hydrodynamic Modelling of Dense and Sparse Arrays of Wave Energy Converters

Modeling and Simulation in Tribology Across Scales: an Overview

Meeting the Contact-Mechanics Challenge

Statistical model of rough surface contact accounting for size-dependent plasticity and asperity interaction

Surface roughness of gold substrates at the nanoscale: An atomistic simulation study

Investigating the adaptability of the multi-pump multi-piston power take-off system for a novel wave energy converter

Continuum mechanics at the atomic scale: Insights into non-adhesive contacts using molecular dynamics simulations

Mechanical design and modeling of a single-piston pump for the novel power take-off system of a wave energy converter

Definition and detection of contact in atomistic simulations

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Ocean Grazer-project van RUG genomineerd voor Huibregtsenprijs: altijd schone (golf)energie voorhanden

Ocean Grazer-project van RUG genomineerd voor Huibregtsenprijs: altijd schone (golf)energie voorhanden

Groningers catch electricity from the sea

Schone energie, onuitputtelijke en altijd beschikbaar: Ocean Grazer-project van RUG genomineerd voor Huibregtsenprijs

Ben Feringa Impact Award: Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer and IvyONe winners of first Ben Feringa Impact Awards

Ocean Grazer en IvyONe winnaars eerste Ben Feringa Impact Award. Schone energie en medisch hulpmiddel in de schijnwerper

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