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Scientists in focus

Several scientists from the Faculty of Science and Engineering are listed on this page.

Feringa, Prof. Ben
Nanotechnology, synthetic organic chemistry
Helmi, Prof. Amina
Astronomy, astro-archaeology, formation of the Milky Way
Hummelen, Prof. Kees
Plastic solar cells, organic energy and fuels, sustainable energy, materials science
Kuipers, Prof. Oscar
Molecular genetics, synthetic biology
Meijer, Prof. Harro
Climate change, greenhouse gases, isotope physics
Piersma, Prof. Theunis
Migratory birds, godwits, animal ecology
Poolman, Prof. Bert

Synthetic biology, enzymology, membrane biology

Taatgen, Prof. Niels
Multitasking, human behaviour
Cao, Prof. Ming

Autonomous robots, multi-agent systems

Frijlink, Prof. Erik

Dosage forms and biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs

Loi, Prof. Maria Antonietta

Solar cells, interaction of light with matter

Loonen, Dr Maarten

Polar research, Arctic ecology

Loos, Prof. Katja

Polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, multidisciplinary materials science

Noheda Pinagua, Prof. Beatriz

Material science, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials

Olff, Prof. Han

ecology, biodiversity, nature management, nature protection, sustainable landscapes

Otto, Prof. Sijbren

Systems chemistry, origins of life, catalysis, supramolecular chemistry

Schomaker, Prof. Lambert

Automatic handwriting analysis, robotics, learning software

Stamhuis, Dr Eize

Biomimetics (technological applications based on examples taken from nature)

Walvoort, Prof. Marthe

Carbohydrate molecules, carbohydrate chains, chemistry

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