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About us Faculty of Law Organization Departments Transboundary Legal Studies


Akdogan, S.E., LLM+31 50 36 32440
Bas Seyyar, M., MSc
Beyer, M.A.PhD student
Broekhuizen, mr. J.P.PhD student
Brus, prof. dr. M.M.T.A.+31 50 36 35706Professor of Public International Law
Cannataci, prof. dr. J.A.+31 50 36 35689Chair in European Information Policy & Technology Law
Dawson, G.M.P.PhD student
Elrick, L.E., LLMLecturer/PhD Researcher
Fino, A.M.M.Lecturer
Florea, M.O., LLM
Fortuna, M., LLMPhD researcher
Fteiha, B.A.M., LLM
Gorobets, K.V., PhDLecturer in international law
Greco, M., B
Hallo de Wolf, dr. mr. A.G.+31 50 36 37446Assistant Professor International Law and Human Rights
Hartkamp, dr. mr. S.F.+31 50 36 35695
Hesselman, M.M.E., LLM+31 50 36 35667Lecturer International Law / PhD candidate
Hoepman, dr. J.H.Associate professor
Hoogh, dr. mr. A.J.J. de+31 50 36 35702Associate Professor in International Law
Jellema, mr. drs. H.PhD Employee
Juwita, R.PhD student
Kalsi, M., LLM
Kamphorst, A.+31 50 36 32614PhD student
Kaplan, V.
Khyzhniak, Y.PhD student
Klingenberg, mr. dr. A.M.+31 50 36 36893Associate Professor IT-law
Koolhoven, mr. R.+31 50 36 35651assistant professor (dr.iur. LLM.)
Koulierakis, E.
Lane, dr. C.L.Assistant Professor of Public International Law; Postdoctoral Researcher EU non-discrimination law
Lekkas, S.I., PhDPostdoctoral Researcher
Mackor, prof. mr. dr. A.R.+31 50 36 35698Professor of Professional Ethics, in particular legal professions
Melkadze, N.PhD student
Merkouris, prof. dr. P.+31 50 36 38258
Mifsud Bonnici, prof. dr. G.P.+31 50 36 37700Professor in European Technology Law and Human Rights
Milaj-Weishaar, J., PhD+31 50 36 38074Assistant Professor
Mileva, N., LLM
Molè, M., LLMPhD Researcher/Lecturer in Labour law
Morijn, prof. dr. J.+31 50 36 35689Chair in law and politics in international relations // Assistant professor of European human rights law
Moyakine, dr. E.V., LLM+31 50 36 33443Assistant Professor
Mulder, mr. T.+31 50 36 35680PhD Researcher
Narouz-Bruining, drs. E.D.+31 50 36 35695Management-assistent/Internationaliseringsmedewerker
Nelissen, prof. mr. dr. F.A.+31 50 36 36882Director of Research
Neppelenbroek, mr. dr. E.D.C.363 5774 (only works from the Netherlands) Assistant Professor
Nowak, dr. T.+31 50 36 35645Assistant Professor of Political Science
Onderdelinden, drs. C.B.External Collaboration Coordinator 4
Paapst, mr. dr. M.H.Assistant professor
Patterson, D.W.PhD student
Prakken, prof. mr. dr. H.+31 50 36 35696Professor Legal Informatics and Legal Argumentation
Rachovitsa, A., PhD+31 50 36 35667
Ritsema van Eck, drs. G.J.+31 50 36 32593Assistant professor in IT-law, PhD researcher
Roithmaier, K.T., LLMPhD Candidate
Rusman, dr. mr. P.C.J.H.M.+31 50 36 35695Assistant Professor of Political Science
Schip, mr. M. van 'tJunior Researcher
Schuck, N.S., LLMPhD student
Soer, mr. N.C.
Stoykova, R.PhD student
Toebes, prof. mr. dr. B.C.A.+31 50 36 35676Professor, Health Law in a Global Context
Tsampi, A., PhD+31 50 36 33295Assistant Professor of Public International Law
Tudorica, M., LLM+31 50 36 34574PhD Researcher
Tukker, mr. P.F.T.+31 50 36 32704Lecturer IT Law
Vellinga, N.E., LLMPostdoctoral researcher
Vermeer, Z.J., PhD
Verstappen, mr. J.
Voorde, prof. mr. dr. J.M. ten+31 50 36 35695
Vries-Zou, I.T. de, LLMPhD International Law
Waerdt, P.J. van de, LLM+31 50 36 35527PhD student
Warthon Ocsa, M.A., LLM
Wesselius, P.S., LLMPhD
Westerman, prof. dr. P.C.+31 50 36 35637Professor Philosophy of Law
Weyers, dr. H.A.M.Assistant Professor Theory of Law
Zeegers, dr. N.E.H.M.+31 50 36 35647Assistent Professor Political Science
Zuijlen, mr. T. van+31 50 36 33171Lecturer / PhD Candidate
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