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Transboundary Legal Studies

Address:Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands


Brus, prof. dr. M.M.T.A.
Professor of Public International Law
Cannataci, prof. dr. J.A.
Chair in European Information Policy & Technology Law
Elrick, L.E., LLM
Lecturer/PhD Researcher
Fino, A.M.M.
Fortuna, M., LLM
PhD researcher
Gorobets, K.V., PhD
Lecturer in international law
Hallo de Wolf, dr. mr. A.G.
Assistant Professor International Law and Human Rights
Hesselman, M.M.E., LLM
Lecturer International Law / PhD candidate
Hoepman, dr. J.H.
Associate professor
Hoogh, dr. mr. A.J.J. de
Associate Professor in International Law
Klingenberg, mr. dr. A.M.
Associate Professor IT-law
Koolhoven, mr. R.
assistant professor (dr.iur. LLM.)
Lane, dr. C.L.
Assistant Professor of Public International Law; Postdoctoral Researcher EU non-discrimination law
Lekkas, S.I., PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Mackor, prof. mr. dr. A.R.
Professor of Professional Ethics, in particular legal professions
Meulen, mr. D.H. van der
PhD Candidate / Lecturer
Mifsud Bonnici, prof. dr. G.P.
Professor in European Technology Law and Human Rights
Molè, M., LLM
PhD Researcher in Labour Law
Morijn, prof. dr. J.
Chair in law and politics in international relations // Assistant professor of European human rights law
Narouz-Bruining, drs. E.D.
Management support / translator
Nowak, dr. T.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Onderdelinden, drs. C.B.
External Collaboration Coordinator 4
Paapst, mr. dr. M.H.
Assistant professor
Prakken, prof. mr. dr. H.
Professor Legal Informatics and Legal Argumentation
Ritsema van Eck, dr. G.J.
Assistant professor in IT-law
Roithmaier, K.T., LLM
PhD Candidate
Rusman, dr. mr. P.C.J.H.M.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Toebes, prof. mr. dr. B.C.A.
Professor, Health Law in a Global Context
Tsampi, A., PhD
Assistant Professor of Public International Law
Vellinga, N.E., LLM
Postdoctoral researcher
Vries-Zou, I.T. de, LLM
PhD International Law
Waerdt, P.J. van de, LLM
Lecturer Technology Law
Westerman, prof. dr. P.C.
Professor Philosophy of Law
Weyers, dr. H.A.M.
Assistant Professor Theory of Law
Zeegers, dr. N.E.H.M.
Assistent Professor Political Science
Zuijlen, mr. T. van
Lecturer / PhD Candidate

PhD students

Beyer, M.A.
PhD student
Dawson, G.M.P.
PhD student
Juwita, R.
PhD student
Khyzhniak, Y.
PhD student
Melkadze, N.
PhD student
Mollet, S.D.
PhD student
Patterson, D.W.
PhD student
Schuck, N.S., LLM
PhD student
Stoykova, R.
PhD student
Vries, G.M. de
PhD student
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