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Colloquium: Prof.Dr. John Mathieu (University of Connecticut, USA)

Datum:08 oktober 2018
Auteur:Secretariaat HRM & OB
Colloquium: Prof.Dr. John Mathieu (University of Connecticut, USA)
Colloquium: Prof.Dr. John Mathieu (University of Connecticut, USA)

Speaker: Prof.Dr. John Mathieu (University of Connecticut, USA) 

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time: 14:30

Location: 5419-0007 (Kapteynborg)

Title: Understanding and Enhancing Dynamic Team and MTS Phenomena


Teams are dynamic entities that are often interrelated, co-evolve, and change over time in respond to environmental challenges. Yet relatively little research models them as such. In this talk I’ll share some of my work that attempts to do so. First, I will present a conceptual framework that draws from episodic and event-based theories of temporal relationships. I will describe how features of environmental events can trigger team and multi-team system (MTS) processes and states, and how such dynamics relate to their effectiveness. Second, I will share work from a program of research devoted to understanding NASA crew resilience - performance relationships. That work runs the gamut from low- to high-fidelity simulations run for hours or weeks, and explores dynamic team relationships as impacted by situational factors and a debriefing intervention. Third, I’ll feature some work that we are currently doing the models the effectiveness of an Army Tactical Operations Center conducting a 10-day high-fidelity field simulation. I’ll discuss these findings in terms of their theoretical importance, applied implications, and directions for future research.

Tags: Colloquium