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Creativity & Innovation

How do I encourage creativity and innovation?

Using scientific tools, we bring your organisation's creative and innovative level to the surface, expose any bottlenecks and make recommendations about targeted interventions and training.

With the help of field research we can:

  • help executives to foster creativity and innovation among their staff;
  • offer support to work teams in strengthening their creative and innovative capacities, helping them to operate in a more effective manner;
  • advise management regarding the ways in which they can secure creative leadership and a strong innovative climate within their organisation.

For more information on this subject, please contact Onne Janssen .

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Using Creativity

Our centre of expertise has started a special research project called Using Creativity. A team led by Bernard Nijstad will focus their attention on a couple of research questions. Organisations which would like to take part in the research will have the opportunity to invest in creativity within their organisation using the results.


What can science do for you?

By conducting scientific research, we are able to answer your practical questions about creativity and innovation. In carrying out field research, we studied the impact of job structures and leadership on work motivation and creativity in workers. For this purpose, we documented the working practices of 135 work teams from various organisations and branches, including schools, banks, retailers, municipal bodies and manufacturing companies. Consequently, we have been able to give managers customised advice about how to optimise their work teams.

Our experts share our scientific insights about (stimulating) creativity and innovation within organisational structures on our blogs .

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Please feel free to contact us for more information on fostering creativity and innovation within your organisation.

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