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Anger displays and integrative behavior among work dyads in teams: A regulatory fit approach

To be (creative), or not to be (creative)? A sensemaking perspective to creative role expectations

Transformational Leadership and Voice: When Does Felt Obligation to the Leader Matter?

Health Self-Management Applications in the Work Environment: The Effects on Employee Autonomy

The Dark Side of Relational Leadership: Positive and Negative Reciprocity as Fundamental Drivers of Follower's Intended Pro-leader and Pro-self Unethical Behavior

Gossip and Emotion

Gossip as a resource: How and why power relationships shape gossip behavior

Self-Evaluative and Other-Directed Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Gossip About the Self

Leader-member exchange and follower creativity: the moderating roles of leader and follower expectations for creativity

Hard or Easy? Difficulty of Entrepreneurial Startups in 107 Climato-Economic Environments

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We missen het roddelen op kantoor: 'Hoeft niet altijd negatief te zijn'

Would you lie for your boss?