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How do I spark cooperation between team members, teams and organisational structures so that they are able to achieve their goals better in a concerted manner and perform in the best possible way?

Using practical expertise and specific measuring instruments, we are instrumental in optimising team performance and collaborative connections, while recognising the interests of individual team members.

Organisations frequently ask us how they can improve team performance and create greater cooperation between individual team members. Another practical issue is the effectiveness of new working methods: do selected interventions actually lead to positive results? Do the costs incurred by time and complexity outweigh the benefits, such as greater market competitiveness and innovation?

Team Monitor

We offer a solution in the shape of our ‘Team Monitor’. This tool has been designed based on fundamental knowledge of how teams perform. It provides insight into teams which perform properly as well as those which require improving. In the process of being monitored, the teams themselves learn what their challenges are.

We link the data produced by the Team Monitor to performance data by observing how performance changes over time (time-series analyses), which provides insight into the effectiveness of changes or interventions. We use data which the organisation usually has available already, such as regular performance indicators.

Examples are:

  • weekly output
  • monthly sales
  • customer orders received
  • client lead time
  • number of complaints received
  • monthly staff costs
  • monthly absence

This type of research can be classified under ‘Big Data analyses’. For more information on this subject, please contact our experts.

Our experts share our scientific insights about cooperation within and between teams via our blogs .

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Are you interested in scientific advice regarding improved cooperation within your team? Please contact us.

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