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How do I get the best out of a diversified team?

Society is characterised by diversity and so is the shop floor. People often think that diversity is helpful for organisations because individuals with different backgrounds bring different types of knowledge and skills with them. Nevertheless, actually achieving this economic advantage in practice has proved to be difficult. We would like to show you how you can maximise the benefits of diversity, counter the ‘we-them’ mentality and minimise mutual conflicts and counterproductivity.

How can organisations increase the number of women and minorities in senior positions?

While diversity - the occurrence of differences between people as far as demographic characteristics are concerned - is exemplary for our society, the senior management in many organisations is still rather homogeneous. As a centre of expertise, we research whether minorities, such as women or employees with a different ethnic background, are struggling with prejudice at work and how this struggle affects their performance and career prospects. Our expertise in this area supports organisations in preventing unconscious forms of stereotyping and social exclusion and improves their understanding of how to facilitate the advancement of minorities.

Looking at diversity together

Our centre of expertise studies questions from practice in a scientific manner. For example, we regularly conduct elaborate field research within organisations, where we ask questions about diversity to staff members as well as team executives. Besides that, we dispose of the skills and expertise required to analyse complex and objective archive data in organisations for the purpose of determining whether there are, for instance, (unfair) differences between minorities and majorities as regards job level, salary and team participation. We help to clarify our findings for organisations by giving training courses and seminars and providing reports from practice, offering them concrete tools to deal with diversity in the best possible way.

For more information:

Our experts share our scientific insights about (stimulating) creativity and innovation within organisational structures on our blogs .

A selection of our blog articles:

Natural talent and hard work

How do we value natural talent and hard work in others?

Date:12 April 2016
Author:Elena Martinescu

Organizations in all professional fields strive to identify people who can reach highest levels of achievement. Achievement in a certain domain may come from two distinct sources: perseverance and hard work (striving) or from natural talent, a predisposition...

Nederlandse vrouwen zijn wereldkampioen deeltijd werken.


Date:29 March 2016
Author:Peter van der Meer

Nederlandse vrouwen zijn wereldkampioen deeltijd werken. Het percentage Nederlandse vrouwen dat in deeltijd (tussen 15-30 uur per week) werkt steekt met kop en schouders uit boven dat van elk ander land. Telkens komt de vraag weer terug of dit nu goed is of...


Sociale status en stress: de impact van “statusinconsistentie”

Date:28 January 2016
Author:Joost van de Brake

In 2006 is de Nationale Postcode Loterij aangeklaagd door een buurtbewoonster die als enige geen straatprijs kreeg uitgekeerd. De gedachte plotseling miljoenen euro’s armer te zijn dan haar buren veroorzaakte zoveel psychische stress dat ze naar de rechter...

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