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Centre of expertise HRM&OB
Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of expertise Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour About us

Our experts

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Prof. Floor Rink – Diversity
Dr Thom de Vries – Collaboration within and between teams
Prof. Eric Molleman – Collaboration within and between teams

On this page, you will find the scientists in the Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour domain who are associated with us:


Fields of expertise

Janssen , Prof. Onne

Leadership, Work motivation, Creativity and innovation in employees

Jordan , Dr Jennifer

Ethical issues, Moral attitude, Leadership, Power, Socially desirable behaviour

Meer, Dr                           Peter van der

Employment market, Education and the employment market, Replacement and displacement, Flexibility and employment (market)

Molleman , Prof. Eric

Team-oriented work systems: Design, Development and performance, Self-organisation, Human factors in production and service management, Work design

Mulder , Dr   Laetitia

Morality, Sanctions, Norms, Ethical issues, Social dilemmas

Nijstad , Prof. Bernard

Decision-making, Indecisiveness, Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork

Rink , Prof. Floor

Diversity, Newcomers, Identity processes, Team innovation, Team performance

Ryan , Prof. Michelle

Diversity, Leadership, Gender discrimination, Glass ceiling, Ambition

Stoker , Prof. Janka

Leadership, Changes within organisations, Self-management within teams, Competence development, Middle management

Täuber , Dr Susanne

Morality negotiations, Deviance and conformity in groups, Strategic outgroup helping, Social identity processes, Self-regulation and social regulation

Vegt, Prof. Gerben van der

Knowledge sharing, (Multidisciplinary) Team effectiveness, Team member socialisation, Interpersonal relationships, Team development

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