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Centre of expertise HRM&OB
Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of expertise Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour Joint research

Collaboration opportunities

Having a partnership with our centre of expertise is mutually benefitting: you will gain access to the wide perspective which science provides and we will have an opportunity to work on the boundaries of our knowledge. No matter the scale of our recommendations and/or research, we have a scientific approach available for any working practice. In cooperation with you, we investigate the circumstances within your organisation, document your issue and conduct various HRM measurements. That is how we provide you with a correct diagnosis of your situation as well as scientifically substantiated advice for the future of your organisation.

Are there any issues within your organisation which could benefit from the knowledge and skills of our experts? Make use of our skills and expertise. We make our scientific insights suitable for use in your working practice and ensure that your strategic decisions are scientifically substantiated. That is how we take your organisation to the next level together.

Collaboration opportunities

  • Investigating new circumstances
  • Giving advice about what works and what doesn't
  • Supporting improvements and innovations
  • Providing information using seminars and courses
  • Working together with partners in national and international research
  • Sharing knowledge with the help of an on-line knowledge database
  • Organising network events, seminars, workshops and/or masterclasses customized to your needs

Would you like any further details? We are happy to further explain what we have to offer. Don't hesitate to contact us .

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