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Colloquium: Self-serving motivation and ethical blind-spots

Datum:22 september 2016
Auteur:Secretariaat HRM & OB
Colloquium: Self-serving motivation and ethical blind-spots
Colloquium: Self-serving motivation and ethical blind-spots



University of Groningen - Faculty of Behavioral Sciences -

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time: 15:30 - 17:00

Location: 5419.0107 - Kapteynborg, Landleven 12 (Zernike)


To some extent, people’s unethical behavior can result from ethical blindspots, that is, the inability to pay sufficient attention to ethical standards. In this talk I will present an overview of some of the factors that can shape ethical blind-spots. Using different methodologies, such as eye tracking techniques and laboratory experiments, I will show that 1) ambiguity, 2) the presence of temptations, 3) loss aversion, and 4) individual differences in motivational orientations can significantly affect people's attention to ethical standards. Finally, drawing upon recent real world ethical scandals, I will discuss some issues about blind-spots in the workplace, and the potential avenues to curb people’s dishonesty.

For information: HRM & OB, 050 - 363 4288

Tags: Colloquium